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  1. does anyone here think The Dark Knight Trilogy ended either after scarecrow set Batman on fire or the beginning of the second fire in the mansion right before Liam Nesson reappears? but they still buy the entire trilogy box set anyways and wear the merchandise?
  2. social media is an evolution of creating your own Yellow Pages or White Pages and the risk of exposing your timeline in embarrassing or extreme ways as a child. you make yourself vulnerable to potentially anyone and fools are exposed and left with a choice. Privacy is in the bedroom. Screen sharing is the most we are physically capable of building for ourselves tech-wise.
  3. are the movies in theaters the same as the ones we get on the leaks and on demand?
  4. First Reformed, another church in a city representing God, that people can attend for free. In this movie, the Reverend counsels the aftermath of the clueless, the unstable, and the lonely who need answers. They are just dragging anchors as they walk around. I loved the pregnant girl in the movie, I thought her performance was an honest look at autism. 👽 I liked how the script covered like 23 geopolitical issues being brought up in the movie, but it also seemed like there was 23 unexpected turns and 23 deeper views on the meaning of life that people will have to seek therapy for. Like why the number 23 always appears will have people paying to find the meaning like washed up UFO cultists. The unexpected turns made the movie artsy and cerebral. The environment with the interactions was hospitable enough for me to give this a B, but First Reformed was not fun enough for me to raise the grade despite all of the realism of culture put on camera. 84/100
  5. Beirut, Lebanon, 1982. This was a very slow moving movie. Most of the plot happens in Lebanon. Syria is scratching them from the East, Israel is pushing from the South. Lebanon is divided between the Christians and Muslims with civil unrest and terrorist attacks. The looming presence of Israel’s invasion made hostages out of some of the anxious Lebanese hiding from termination, and which provokes missionaries from around the world. America responds, and Lebanon becomes part of the American agency as an existential threat, which requires America to provide constant resources for their cause and employment to Americans to spy and assist with decades of Lebanese migration. I'm awarding this movie a C+ because it is supposed to take place in the Middle East which made it fun. The 80s tech retelling on a low budget is sometimes hard to connect with when you watch sweating actors re-imagine these revolutionary events of neighboring countries hostages. Historical movies show the outcome, there are connectivity issues. C+ 79/100
  6. Get to know conversion therapy in this boring movie. Our human trial as we learn to re-direct our appetites and starve our habits so we can die with a healthy soul on our way to heaven. Running a person is running a business and self-destruction shouldn’t be an option for teenagers. Surviving sex seems to be a form of self-destruction in teens. The problem with this being a religious based gay conversion movie, is that in this boot-camp, the strength comes from God. The teenage boy is enrolled in a behavior rehab program where they re-develop his personality to make him self-sustainable in the real world. One of the camp counselors was from prison and looked like he had a tattoo that was older then he was. The educational lessons are based around folding chairs, a bunch of crazy people who get into groups and live together, speeches, and holding your hands for prayer. I liked most of the movie, but it is just speech and talk therapy. I’d give it a C+ because I liked it, but I might fall asleep if I watch it again. 79/100
  7. it's about time they get a tongue ring on Jasmine or one of the female characters in these live actions. Which one would it look best on?
  8. too bad i dont think J-Law cares that this is gonna flop. did she abandon her fans or did her fans abandon her? was this written with the Mockingjay collapse?
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