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  1. There was a fight, and then there was another fight, and another fight. Stallone’s acting was the works in filling his supporting character with his characters retirement. The relationship hits strongest when they are in the bedroom and her hair is great! I didn’t like any of the fights and I’ve only seen Creed I and gave it a B+. This one missed with me. It was just another lost chapter of sports action from Rocky. There is a heightened sense of fear and war from the film that will likely be reloaded. B- 82/100
  2. A private war, where do you even start? Syria and Libya in civil war, America at war on terror, and both Middle East countries might not want America in their war. Muslim extremist cells are decaying in the fallen cities, starving themselves, the opponents are scattered like 20-30 hens just waiting in abandoned facilities in the ruins. After 2003 and restoring Iraq, America invades parts of Syria and Libya to assist with the dying, and negotiate with peace. As stray bullets fly, the Middle East regimes act like there is no war on terror and that they might not want us prepping to go over there. They claim to go after terrorist gangs, but don’t seem to mind our airstrikes. They don’t want our cameras and our stories documenting the effects of the bombs. They say it is no war. The main character in the movie is a war correspondent from America who ventures to the Middle East as a freelance photographer and documents the war. She went from Syria in 1986 to then currently reporting on the stories of bombings from Libya and Syria in 2012. She invades these countries and works tirelessly to take control of the truth. All that is left of these families in 2012 at the site of the bombings is trauma and waiting for rescue. The empty warzones became flooded with cameras and stories that should keep the guns from firing bullets. There is torture, mental asylum, and the story of our path toward human redemption by preventing further bombings. Muslims like to have fun and be extreme, and they like to be right. There are free guns in civil war, and the people are pumped on god. The movie does not do a good job at being fun. There is not much revealed about the war other than the after effects. It is a boring long documentary that connects us to a piece in history, but because it is a very heavy piece of a documentary, I’ll give it a B. (this review is probably pretty shaky) 83/100
  3. do you resist gatherings or placement (push back the power out of personal control), intentionally break the law, and stay up all night with nowhere to go? one of the worst behaviors is to go on strike
  4. are we signing up/paying to see a real movie here or just a simulation of a movie? if they release more then one version, do we know about it?
  5. Rather then a flat and stale drama, this black and white film plays more like a video game simulation to the viewer, but it is still very boring and sappy. The tale is set in the 1950s in Poland and the setting makes the Europeans friendly rivals with the Soviet-Communists during this period of the Cold War. The musical dance show celebrates women’s desires in relationships and the existential journey of who you come out to be on the other side of the relationship. The social theme is strong, it an intimate love somber, boring, but going in every direction. The writing is not strong enough to make me want to give this more then a B, but maybe it just had to do with the leak I was watching. 83-84/100.
  6. my brain hurts from depression and i dont feel well. I've been up all night and after i sleep 9 hours i'm afraid of having to do anything tomorrow. hey its 7:23
  7. Here is a dumb fictional play surrounding the death of Stalin in 1953 with cartoonish characters that are joking around like they are in a civil war against each other with everyone dead and executions resetting the system. There are “lists”, maybe hit lists, Stalin’s list of enemies during his final moments. There is a constant struggle for the government to reset their watches as the union squeezes itself into stability during Stalin’s rebuild. During the best of all the dry moments, Jason Isaacs grills it with his own ham from the depths of movie archives. Women are caught in the middle of the chaos, tending to dogs and cats, or black and white, prisoners of society, with new beliefs always being up in the air. The ‘lists’ are in the public conscience, likely the highest level of knowledge the Kremlin gives out in 1953-1964. Change is always happening as the NKVD fails at keeping people alive. Are those acting against the party representing an anarchy terrorist group that the Soviet government is trying to prevent by adding them to their own lists of future political prisoners? What is this goofy stage play? Where are the ones on America? I can’t get near Shakespeare, movies like Shakespeare challenge me to enjoy them. Its like forcing yourself to write about a painting. As Stalin lies dead on the floor, the cast scrounges together in a big mansion in tense existential moments at the highest levels of power to see who is going to succeed Stalin’s sudden collapse. Crowd control planning, war planning, everyone wanting to be on a good list of role charts where ranks can circle around and there can be re-bugging. The union are the prisoners, they treat it as comedy, wits overcome the existential pitfalls of accepting assassination. Everyone is unsure of what direction their society will take them in this retelling. It is outrageous just enough for me to give this a B, but thinking myself through these 2-hour skits makes my brain too anxious. Maybe if I was a novelist I would appreciate these kinds of films more and grow stronger from watching them. 83/100.
  8. watch out!, the trees fall!! now's your chance, get in there Jenny, go Jen go go go go!!! jump Jar-Jar jump!!!
  9. It was nice. There was some mild digs and good setup for a few action scenes, but it never reached the heights or thrust of the “Brothers in Arms” track from Mad Max: Fury Road. For me, it was boring. The subplot of the children trying to trap Santa helps bring The Grinch franchise to new levels. The narration of The Grinch’s existential turmoil towards Christmas kept me focused, and the movie is comprehensible, but its hard to keep me engaged with Grinch animation. Some of the gags like with the alarm clock were just too much. I’d give it a B because it doesn’t bore me too much with Dr. Seuss and stays on par with the 2000 Jim Carrey version, and the animation eye candy will sucker me back in for re-watches when convenient 84/100.
  10. does anyone know if the Kardashians were the first big reality show to star 'bitchy and bossy'? 'bitchy and bossy' characters like that can be subject to bullying and can get ganged up on does anyone know if they were created to support and give those kinds of characters a voice? was bitchy and bossy mainstream before them? Paris Hilton and co. were pretty airheaded, but i remember most of them and people like that in the 90s and 00s really get shit on by tools like us, so were the Kardashians spinoff an answer to that to give women with baggage issues a voice to overcome the extra baggage gained from not being perfect? anyone know what kinds of shows compare to this (or movies)? i'm drawing blanks other then the 'Real World' and the suffocating movies made before visual effects and the newest generations
  11. mamma wants to make deepfried childrens toes cut from little boys
  12. I don't like anything because it is all unscientific
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