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  1. I think First Man looks great, but unfortunately I don't live inside a 4DK theater to watch it.
  2. H20 JLC could say the reason why they did not do new Halloween differently and more like H20 is because "...it would sound like fun"
  3. gravestonedt

    Film Piracy (opinions and box office effect)

    the original thing I am pointing at is film piracy has created an ongoing battle to where movies online almost seem like a free market. I think whatever anyone thinks, says, or does with film piracy is at like free game because those laws would be too movable and changeable. starving people can take off after the movies, cable is almost free, but living is not. also, life can suck.
  4. why do I get the feeling this movie is running off the same veins that Breaking In, Unsane, Acrimony, Nobody's Fool, Unfriended 2, Hereditary and Halloween are running from. also... Winchester.
  5. gravestonedt

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    does anyone have a clue if Thom Yorke goes deep with most of the movies/Hollywood productions in today's climate? my idea is he would cater to the 'only hipster' crowd/scene, and likely turn down large offers with anything else unless it is like a documentary or something... do musicians ever go quiet and invade cinema? British musicians invade British cinema, etc.? do Production crews just invest in a movie to put a foot in the movie and overwrite a certain scene with their version to provide like a minute-long subliminal message? basically raping a movie and then collecting royalties from it?
  6. Nolan movies like Dark Knight + Rises have tons of CGI, thousands of CGI artists in the credits, despite live shoots with real props
  7. I think either Tyler Perry's Acrimony, Nobody's Fool, or Breaking In, Halloween, Hereditary and Unsane all had shoots that lasted under 30 days. I figured those needed a lot of VFX too??
  8. SJW's are needed. not everyone is that sensitive. they will always be endangered. there seems to be a struggle to find numbness to be happy...
  9. should have released this over Christmas. it could have gotten 3,600 theaters and booted out whatever opened in early December/November. First Man is going to drop more now because new movies are opening in the coming weeks. If those movies can be stopped, First Man will stay in 3,000 screens for a few more weeks.
  10. a lot of people including myself like to see phoned in performances by familiar faces in the new pictures. however, Disney did do a good job with casting randoms at Moana and Jungle Book and brought out SHITLOADS of people opening weekend that came out in force to see a bunch of no-names and the WOM was great
  11. cannot believe Jumanji made 400 against The Last Jedi. hmmm... can any other simple movies be put against Jumanji 2 and Star Wars 3 that are predetermined to make in excess of 300 million?
  12. IMO there is a lot to be mad about. I think some people are just numb to it and want to be in the center and pull everyone towards the center to be 'happy'... but the sensitive on the outside are critiquing what needs to be critiqued
  13. It seems like Christopher Nolan and James Cameron see their movies through to the end before getting started, I feel like the rest of the ones who make movies don't do this. They just make a big mess, cast as they go, and build to make. Maybe some of the more abstract ones like Birdman and mother! or the hipster crap like Isle of Dogs can go full circle just because they put a pretty little bow on the picture.... (then you get another forgetful film like Halloween) and whatever bullshit Blumhouse takes over with. but if you were to make a fist with one hand, and grip onto your fist with the other hand, it feels like this grip only works with Nolan and JC films for the moment.... can't think of any others. MCU is Disney now so it will always be 'storybooked' down to the storybook-land kingdom.

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