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  1. I keep having dreams analyzing history. and the potential for changes towards the end of the world and then when I wake up i'm hoping nothing heard me
  2. Lethal Weapon 5 doesn't even seem fun to make. it seems like everyone would want to be an editor to make their movies move certain ways.
  3. Hillary Clinton to 2020 Democratic voters: pick a winner https://news.yahoo.com/hillary-clinton-2020-democratic-voters-175657888.html
  4. best not to look up at these numbers. what do you feel are the real numbers for those? including Avengers Endgame?
  5. are the crowd reports for Bad Boys even close to what the actual numbers say? I rewatched some of the first two and I don't see any hype for this compared to other movies that came out the last two years
  6. still though, Uncut Gems, The Night Before. just really get in there with Tank
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