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  1. 2003 seems like a corporate decision. if you are 'it' in high school, it would have made it better for everyone else. the world is not ruled with relationships though
  2. this shirt could be a good match to run in and go to the mall with. they smashed up my pod in the last race
  3. why they whiney little bitch wardens not interested in freedom or individualism? Maher? monkey Leo? maybe a good place to salute Hitler if they drive by, and hurt an animal and say it is their choice
  4. what kind of fiendish mentally unfit monsters sit around to read people's body language in 2020? get out and find something to do that is actually worth doing and not terrorizing or slaving or revolves around stalking me. get away from me you hateful fiends. you animal suffocation cults. you stalk, and you dictate, how do you not get the blood sucked out of you? someone who spits on judges while only insisting on a defending psychologist amongst ruins vs a monster and a laywer Bohemian Rhapsody mob all day 2020, or get out? how are the irrational minds around the world per race and age?
  5. it would have been better for me if Geo protected me because of a lack of leadership, and then i could be trying to freely build un-Nazi like structures as a National Geographic sponsored cat while they go about lying and stealing so i can drink more and interrupt to make hard fun of sex
  6. what about fantasize about their children to sink down to the level of the overweight medicated feds? Maher? i dont want it to happen. you could argue about freedom, but they would say it is your choice
  7. old relatives and grandparents act clumsy around me and fall over to put the autism in their stubborn situations so they can make money talking about it and judging you instead of freeing you and giving you money getting you out
  8. they are unstable with things like sacrifice and need restraint orders
  9. you ever heard of zero hour? https://news.yahoo.com/millions-17-cicadas-emerge-south-163124114.html
  10. they were my biggest fans so they would have defended me from getting into college flings to gain precious experience the actors and film crew would have known i was not going anywhere with freedom under my grandparents you guys had no respect for my freedom over decades. around 2007, i was in "i will not cooperate mode" calling them out in the name of freedom. each year it was the same, and you guys had no respect. it is slavery. are you guys supposed to be intelligent? Thanksgiving and slavery?
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