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  1. old relatives and grandparents act clumsy around me and fall over to put the autism in their stubborn situations so they can make money talking about it and judging you instead of freeing you and giving you money getting you out
  2. they are unstable with things like sacrifice and need restraint orders
  3. you walk through the house, you smell marijuana, and it gives you an emotional anger explosion st. white bloodshot anger we are his parents and we have waited decades to try to wreck him because we are their selfish authority in pigtard mode. what a cursed slaver marriage.
  4. you ever heard of zero hour? https://news.yahoo.com/millions-17-cicadas-emerge-south-163124114.html
  5. they were my biggest fans so they would have defended me from getting into college flings to gain precious experience
  6. the usual with brainwashing and freedom and the bulldogs who camp out
  7. hey Karrie, i cant wait to meet you as my daughter so i can start taking things from you, and then tell you your time is up
  8. a lot of everything is a case for freedom. why do people sign up for oppression?
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