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  1. It is FANTASTIC. Up there with Booksmart for best of the year. Also if anyone lives near Regals, they have a great deal on their annual subscription this weekend. $60 off.
  2. I still think it ends up fresh even with some problems. The third act does A LOT of good will for the film and I think it will be enough to keep in the mid 60% range.
  3. same here, I think its why I can know I liked it is because clearly they knew were they were heading which always makes the difference. Its weird though, while I found the first hour cluttered and messy I dont think it necessarily needed to be shorter there's just not a lot of vision. there's still needed exposition in those parts they just feel a bit aimless as a whole, if that makes sense. As for the gore I don't remember thinking it's drastically gorier than the first but looking back there was quite a bit.
  4. This is basically my review in a sentence. And yeah that first scene of the kids together is exactly what I meant. I think I would have been much less distracted by older versions of themselves but also don’t really understand why they didn’t just film ALL of the kids scenes a few years ago if they knew it was being split. Guess the production schedule just didn’t allow for it. Yeah ah I think most people here seem to be getting really nervous. I think a lot of people will like it it’s just inevitably going to be compared to Part 1 and it just never reaches those heights. St
  5. yeah having seen both of those I dont think the divide is THAT large, this just tries more things than the first did and some works and some doesn't.
  6. He and Chastain are fine. I just don't think they're who you walk away thinking about.
  7. That being said I think this will probably make 75 million less or so than the first. Legs and WOM shouldn't be bad but I just can't see most people liking this more than Part 1, and some will say it's way too long.
  8. Alright I don't want to post any spoilers so I'll try to just keep it simple... First off, the film FLIES by with the run time. I never found myself bored or even thinking of how far along we were, and anytime I'm not deconstructing a film in the moment I always feel it's a small win. The first act is pretty messy. Pacing problems, too much thread tying to the childhood storylines that feels unnecessary and repetitive. But about an hour in it really starts to hit its stride and the last 30-45 minutes is really, really good. Definitely sticks the landing in terms of
  9. Got into a screener from a random invite WB sent me??? about to start, will report back (spoiler free obviously).
  10. I think this is a very harsh time for us as box office followers but overall a much needed hard hit of consecutive weekends that solidifies that the GA still cares about quality and not just brand recognition/sequels. I'm willing to be disappointed and bored for a few weeks if that means the summers go back to more quality/event type films. Discretionary income is too sparse for most people to just throw it away at shit to mediocre films. Even in the summer.
  11. I think I'm the most shook by 20 million for MA. That is a a FANTASTIC number. Blumhouse has become text book for these kind of films.
  12. truly shocking. I mean, everyone knew it was going to be big but this is the kind of thing that 10 years from now if you're active on these forums you'll always remember. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but still im giddy when these phenomenons happen. enjoy it.
  13. Clearly I'm nervous but I think the delay is the best play here. CoG certainly had issues (it also had some great moments), but I think the only thing that will guarantee this sees itself to five films is it crushing on RT. The delay can give it time for that. OW is almost guaranteed to be below CoG (if CoG couldn't match FB with the goodwill this won't either). I think best case scenario domestically is something like 50/170, with the hope that last two films can go out with a bang. I do think its salvageable, the WW gross was still respectable and in the end its a money maker for WB.
  14. truly astounding to me that this questions is being asked after 14 years of Perry putting out low budget films that almost always double or triple production costs. the urban movie goers are CONSISTENTLY overlooked (I think there's an argument to be made that Perry consistently getting black audiences in theaters over the past decade and a half are some of the reasons we see films like Blank Panther being made). every year, someone here specifically asks this question about perry and the short answer is if you think these films look horrible they're not made for you. that doesn't mean they
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