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  1. 9 minutes ago, Krissykins said:

    Seeing this tonight. Hoping it lives up to the hype. 

    Going mostly because of Jamie Lee and Toni. 

    It is FANTASTIC.  Up there with Booksmart for best of the year.


    Also if anyone lives near Regals, they have a great deal on their annual subscription this weekend.  $60 off.

  2. 3 hours ago, Valonqar said:



    Also, I'm much more "stick the landing" guy than "great movie, ending sucks" one. To me, ending is a deal breaker (same goes for TV shows). And IT2 ending is praised across the board even by those who had problems with act 1 or so.

    same here, I think its why I can know I liked it is because clearly they knew were they were heading which always makes the difference.  Its weird though, while I found the first hour cluttered and messy I dont think it necessarily needed to be shorter there's just not a lot of vision.  there's still needed exposition in those parts they just feel a bit aimless as a whole, if that makes sense.  


    As for the gore I don't remember thinking it's drastically gorier than the first but looking back there was quite a bit.  

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  3. 4 hours ago, ViewerAnon said:

    CHAPTER TWO ends well, so I don't think the length will be a huge issue. It picks up steam as it goes (once it finally gets going).

    This is basically my review in a sentence.  And yeah that first scene of the kids together is exactly what I meant.  I think I would have been much less distracted by older versions of themselves but also don’t really understand why they didn’t just film ALL of the kids scenes a few years ago if they knew it was being split.  Guess the production schedule just didn’t allow for it.  


    Yeah ah I think most people here seem to be getting really nervous. I think a lot of people will like it it’s just  inevitably going to be compared to Part 1 and it just never reaches those heights.  Still a mostly good film though with an excellent climax.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Minnale101 said:

    Too me this sounds like 


    IT 1 is like get out 


    IT 2 is like US 


    people expecting some crazy ass scary movie are gonna be disappointed but ones want thrill in story shall find it here 

    yeah having seen both of those I dont think the divide is THAT large, this just tries more things than the first did and some works and some doesn't.  

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  5. Alright I don't want to post any spoilers so I'll try to just keep it simple...


    First off, the film FLIES by with the run time.  I never found myself bored or even thinking of how far along we were, and anytime I'm not deconstructing a film in the moment I always feel it's a small win.


    The first act is pretty messy.  Pacing problems, too much thread tying to the childhood storylines that feels unnecessary and repetitive.  But about an hour in it really starts to hit its stride and the last 30-45 minutes is really, really good.  Definitely sticks the landing in terms of bridging the two parts and giving a satisfying conclusion.


    There is some weird CGI choices throughout the film, much moreso than the first and I found the technology they used to make the kids appear the same age as the first film really distracting at times.  Overall much less scary than the first film (nothing in this comes close to the sense of dread in say the garage film from the first) but it does have some really good jump moments.  On the same hand it's also much funnier than the first (at times maybe too funny) and much, much more dramatic (in a good way).  Bill Hader really is the king of the film.  There are one are two storylines that are genuinely bizarre, I haven't read the book and I'd be interested to know if they read that way plot wise.  


    I'm betting this winds up in the low to mid 60's range on RT.


    Solid and worth seeing but for me Part 1 is damn near the gold standard.

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  6. I think this is a very harsh time for us as box office followers but overall a much needed hard hit of consecutive weekends that solidifies that the GA still cares about quality and not just brand recognition/sequels.  I'm willing to be disappointed and bored for a few weeks if that means the summers go back to more quality/event type films.  Discretionary income is too sparse for most people to just throw it away at shit to mediocre films.  Even in the summer.

  7. truly shocking.  I mean, everyone knew it was going to be big but this is the kind of thing that 10 years from now if you're active on these forums you'll always remember.  


    I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but still im giddy when these phenomenons happen.  enjoy it.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Noctis said:

    I didn't see a thread for this and this is the one thread I will actually update with casting announcements or any significant information.


    Right now, it looks like the film has been delayed from its November 2020 spot as Warner Bros made it clear that they are working on a few things for the third film and would rather delay it than have it rushed out and have the film suffer. Rowling, who is usually a Twitter fanatic, has been almost entirely absent for nearly three months. WB confirmed that she's working hard on the script and is basically reworking it to make it more accessible to general audiences as the studio said that they need to make the film stand on its own. 


    We do know that the film will take place in Brazil (although it's not certain whether it'll be the main city or not), and that it takes a time jump to the early 1930s. Most likely release date for this film is 2021. 

    Clearly I'm nervous but I think the delay is the best play here.  CoG certainly had issues (it also had some great moments), but I think the only thing that will guarantee this sees itself to five films is it crushing on RT.  The delay can give it time for that.  OW is almost guaranteed to be below CoG (if CoG couldn't match FB with the goodwill this won't either).  I think best case scenario domestically is something like 50/170, with the hope that last two films can go out with a bang.  I do think its salvageable, the WW gross was still respectable and in the end its a money maker for WB.  

  9. 11 minutes ago, mulderfox said:

    What is the appeal in these Madea movies. They look horrible

    truly astounding to me that this questions is being asked after 14 years of Perry putting out low budget films that almost always double or triple production costs.  the urban movie goers are CONSISTENTLY overlooked (I think there's an argument to be made that Perry consistently getting black audiences in theaters over the past decade and a half are some of the reasons we see films like Blank Panther being made).  every year, someone here specifically asks this question about perry and the short answer is if you think these films look horrible they're not made for you.  that doesn't mean they don't have appeal.  also, not trying to personally attack you with this just forever astounded by the idea that because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean it doesn't have appeal.  and for some reason Tyler seems to be the scapegoat year after year. 

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  10. Clearly I'm in the minority here, but domestically speaking I think Bumblebee has done about as good as Paramount could have hoped for.  I mean, we're talking 3, MAYBE 4 sequels that have not been well received and continued to diminish the brand.  The last one is released in the heat of the summer and makes 130 stateside.


    The fact that Bumblebee is going to do around that same number is a bigggg feat and Paramount should be smart enough to know that it was going to take a quality film or two to stop the bleeding if the franchise wants a future.


    The only real bad news here was letting the budget go over 100 (a Venom-esque budget would have made this sound a lot better) and the fact that it's being mildly received in China.  Still 300-350+ WW with the amount this had to overcome is, IMO, a big win.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Pinacolada said:


    we don't really know if Outlaw King (or even Mowgli) weren't watched a lot


    we know they were no watched no where near this much because Netflix isn't tooting it's own horn about them.


    my mom and I watched bird box Christmas Day.  we both love Sandra bullock and I thought she was solid but as others have said it felt like a much lesser executed version of A Quiet Place.


    but facts are facts and it absolutely EXPLODED on social media.  would not be surprised if Netflix started doing a film release with an a lister attached every year around the holiday.

  12. 9 minutes ago, Valonqar said:

    Yep, as of now which means it'll go higher. 

    so even being generous and its 40, which is being VERY generous for this type of film....that's not the kind of competition you're scared of after being in release for 3+ weeks.

  13. One thing all these films have going for them is literally NO competition or screen loss over the next two weeks.  I know the first week of December is slow but still I think a lot of these films will benefit from it.  I also think the weekend of the 14th is light because Mortal Engines looks like a MASSIVE bomb.  

  14. 11 minutes ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald reported so far is $6,783,814. The full day would be $10.75-11mn Approx.

    That should put it between 28-29 million for FFS, 117 domestic total.  I think, depending on holds, low end is 155, high end if it finds some legs, 175.

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