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  1. if you think the audience who went to see a sequel to snow white and the huntsman were going to see it because jessica chastain was in it..i mean..come on. same with crimson peak, she's got very little screen time there and it's a gothic period piece that was lucky to make what it did. zookeepers wife actually had a really solid result considering the screen count. miss sloane is the only flat out miss that is due to chastain.
  2. totally agree. it's not like it has an easy hook for the GA and with Sorkin/Chastain GG noms I feel like it's solid.
  3. but chastain and sorkin are both nominated.... also very confused about the Chastain comment she's been in more financially successful films than not.
  4. Need everyone to do me a solid next week and see Paddington 2. Support great cinema!
  5. Coming from someone who loved the first, and thought the second was very mediocre....this one lands right in the middle. It's really silly, but in a good way and the music selections arent quiet as strong (they'res a killerrrrr Toxic remix) it's overall much more fun and a good note to go out on. I think everyones expectations for the third got a bit out of hand after the lightning in a bottle run of the second. 100 is a fantastic result.
  6. seeing shape of water and i tonya tomorrow and then i'll have seen everything actress nominee wise except all the money in the world. i thought mcdormand was absolutely insane and i would give the edge to her but it's also one of those things where that role was destined to ben an awards winner and is way more left field than what molly was so for me it can sometimes be an easier role to get noticed. but you're right, she DESERVES to be in the front runner talk.
  7. I finally saw Molly's Game last night and sweet jesus i love sorkin. The man can breathe life into a script. With McDormand and Hawkins, I don't think Chastain has a real shot but dammit this just continues the streak of her being absolute aces. The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Miss Sloane. Just too good. Hope she finally gets her dues soon.
  8. really is remarkable the reliability of horror in January. i personally thought this would struggle to hit low teens over the 3 day.
  9. i also think it's actually continuing and expanding that dominance into this decade... i have SO many friends who found the series in their early to mid 20's and honestly love it as much i have since i was 11. it also seems to have a more even split between the male and female fans, which is another really unique property to the series.
  10. it's all perspective. it depends on what we're discussing. the film is a massive hit that will make massive amounts of money. the film also opened during the holiday season and will have a bad multiplier. yes, bad, given the PERSPECTIVE. when the film came out opening weekend, and CRUSHED it, EVERYONE in here threw out historical patterns when WOM was discussed. 'It can't get below a 3.5x! It's impossible it's the holidays! 800 is happening! A sure thing!'. But then dailys started coming in, it followed NONE of the patterns we've seen before (dropping on Friday and staying f
  11. Yeah, I tried to talk to him about it and I appreciated his responses but to care so much about empirical data I feel like he's just looking at Cinemascore/Comscore and reading the room completely wrong. Can't see the forest-type thing.
  12. Yeah I think for me, at this point, I'm over defending or discussing the fact that because 'ComScore' (whatever the hell it is) and CinemaScore say so, WOM isn't mixed. The numbers have reflected that since OW and some of you have given credit to other variables (runtime, Jumanji overperfromance) while refusing to acknowledge it. It's bad analysis and if we can't agree on it it's not something worth discussing anymore. As for Jumanji, I think one thing we often forget here in this bubble is the GA appeal of actors like The Rock and Kevin Hart. The film is a lot of fun and the pe
  13. good post. and you're right, the evidence isn't there yet. i think the issue i'm and some others are having is that we have been hearing all of these other reasons why the numbers are lower (i.e. Jumanji, run time, etc) but when reception is discussed it's dismissed because the polls show it's not true. and it's one of those things where for you it is seemingly obvious that that's NOT a contributing factor for others of us it seems like the MAIN contributing factor based on our social experiences (which our anecdotal but nonetheless our experiences). and just because I'm not sur
  14. Yes it's anecdotal, for sure. But we've seen that anecdotal evidence repeated far and wide. Even something as simple as Twitter opening night was just a blood bath for the most part. I know you're a man of empirical evidence and I really respect that. But I just don't know how you can see the numbers the past few days and ignore the fact that WOM might not be what you think. Or at least allow it to be a part of the discussion.
  15. yeah this makes no sense to me. i honestly had never even heard of ComScore and i'd love to know more but I'm confused why multiple users here who have posted for years are just being dismissed when they say WOM is mixed, when that's their experience. i mean, what would it take to make you think WOM isn't fantastic? run time shouldn't be the issue it's being made out to be, and Jumanji and this should easily be able to coexist.
  16. 5 cities to represent the entire US is fair sample size? cool, cool. also maybe try to play it a little cooler when responding to people???
  17. i feel like the hyperbole is running in both directions here, though. i think literally one poster has said that it would make less than 500 and I'm pretty certain they're a newbie. so, it's an extremist point of view. And I think when we discuss disappointments don't we have to always speak in perspective? Is a film that's going to clear 650 US and probably 1.5 billion WW a disappointment? HELL NO. But the numbers have been underwhelming since OW when it clearly burned off a lot of demand, and has since abandoned a lot of historical patterns. I think you could certainly say
  18. lol, i never said anything about RT, fam. but the sample sizes for cinemascore are INSANELY low. Thirty-five to 45 teams of CinemaScore representatives are present in 25 large cities across North America. Each Friday, representatives in five randomly chosen cities give opening-day audiences a small survey card.[6][7][8] The card asks for age, gender, a grade for the film between A+ and F, whether they would rent or buy the film on DVD or Blu-ray, and why they chose the film.[7] CinemaScore typically receives about 400 cards per film;[9]the company estimates a 65% response rate and
  19. I really appreciate people like Empire giving us early numbers and taking the time to essentially give us raw data. And I don't think attacking him (even when he's wrong) is the way to go about this. I ALSO don't think when users (especially regulars) in this forum post an unpopular opinion that they should be shit on. By anyone. From anywhere. Disagreeing is one thing, but the week TLJ came out I, along with MovieMan and a handful of others posted that what WE were seeing in our small sample sizes of friends, colleagues and theaters was a lot of mixed opinions. An
  20. i feel the same way. i have a feeling in two years we might get big numbers and hear A LOT of 'see, Episode 8 isn't that disliked WOM was great'. and i still don't think it will be true. the brand is just that big, TFA was a universal crowdpleaser and it's orchestrater is returning. the only REAL complaint you tend to hear about TFA was the copying of plot devices. TLJ actually has large groups of people who just don't care for it. Big difference. Still, I think the conclusion effect and Abrams returns puts it at least the same ball park as TLJ.
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