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  1. This seriously made reading through the last 5 pages of regurgitated arguments worth it thank you good sir.
  2. Lol oh please let him hate I have to scroll thorough pages of the same people bringing up their hate/distain for BvS/MOS in just about every damn thread I go into. I like to hear news about Thor instead I have to skim through pages of how it looks soooooo much better then JL and will out perform it in every area because of BvS (insert tone sucked/movie made no sense, CW was soooo much better) I go into the weekend thread same thing hell the JL thread has been locked because guess what the same few people have to give the same opinion about their hate distain for Snyder and how he treated superman or how he single handily ruined BvS.
  3. I would read the book but honestly you may just want to go in and experience the movie and then read the book after but if it is within the next few days you would really be a champ for reading the whole book and the book if you haven't read it before shouldn't be something that you rush, as far as the miniseries there would really be nothing gained from watching expect Tim Curry's performance as IT imo because it is chessy and actually quite goofy. But if you don't read the book before def read it after.
  4. Finally saw Annabelle and my goodness that clip. I didn't think I could get anymore hyped for this film. That was just flat out disturbing no jump scares pure creepiness and how good IT sounded. Me and my gf that is all we talked about on the ride home we haven't even given Annabelle a second thought. Now she wants to read the book cannot wait to see this.
  5. In I expect TDT to do maybe 160WW and IT I think can do over 180M dom
  6. I'm pretty sure WB doesn't want IT destroying the hype they currently have for Annabelle. Imagine if the reviews started coming in and IT is sitting at 100% on RT that would swallow up all the headlines that could be for Annabelle. So I wouldn't look to much into why we aren't hearing of screenings for IT yet.
  7. I know this movie is going to more then likely be terrible but damnit if I haven't been waiting for this to be made. I'll be there opening night, it just sucks because I'll probably never get a live adaptation of Wizards and glass which is one of my all time favorite books.
  8. As amazing as the new trailer was I just don't see this happening if Spiderman and iron man with out of this world reviews are barely going to break 300 and even that isn't a guarantee how is Thor and hulk going to do it with JL just 2 weeks later? I think if Thor had moved up 2 weeks it would stand a decent chance of doing this but as it stands right now I just don't see how unless it opens to 120+
  9. You know what f it I'm in I switch from being out JL 1.56B TLJ 1.51B
  10. If this club somehow succeeds I think a few members on this site would internally combust. I really want JL to do well but I don't see any possibility of this happening unless Disney sends TLJ straight to dvd.
  11. How is spiderman looking over seas right now?
  12. The Dark Tower Over 100 Mil DOM

    In with 135M
  13. MCU fans are already raving about something far dumber the whole "durr durr yeah that kid in iron man 2 was spiderman"

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