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  1. Just give the guy an oscar already. One of the best performances i have ever seen. Unreal. I liked the link to the Wayne murders. 


    Movie itself was great. No idea what Americans are so worried about but then i guess just a different culture over here (in the UK). We don't have all have the same problems. I thought the message was quite clear. Don't cut public health spending! lol


    Well shot film by Todd Philips, i'm sad it wasn't better received by the US critics. But i feel there is always an anti-DC bias from some critics. They have already made their mind up for anything that isn't Marvel. DC/WB deserves it for some of the turds they have let out but not all. 


    Anyways Joker is laughing all the way to fucking bank lol.



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  2. 5 hours ago, dashrendar44 said:

    Wackaman. A gazillion dollars gonzo schlock fest like Michael Bay can only master. The kind of schlocky blockbuster when your brain sends you mixed signals all the way through "Jeez, this is so dumb that it is awesome...But it's so dumb and wack...But yeah THAT was awesome BUT Terri-bad at the same time!" throwing everything and the kitchen sink at you. The kind of schlock your inner teenager will indulge, if you're in the mood for it, watching a lump of meat and a block of wood (sporting a dollar store Halloween wig/weave) trying to painfully emulate Harrison Ford and Anne Heche in 6 days 7 nights or Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz in Sahara for 140 minutes. I was in and out of it for the most part.


    The script put the main back to almost square one to give him an ersatz of a character arc except Momoa doesn't have any range as an actor except frowning and smirking like a surf bro so reuniting with his long lost mom feels more like he's going to have a hell of a threesome out of a Brazzers production than a dramatic reunion.


  3. Good fun. Enjoyed the ride. A proper popcorn flick,Pretty shocked how it got below 75% on RT but i feel there is still some bias from critics when it comes to DC movies. Perhaps deservedly so after all the turds we have got but unfair to the James Wan and co who had nothing to do with Snyders take. 


    The plot was simple and the journey was pretty straightforward too. I really dug the different kingdoms and hope to see the lost kingdom used for the sequels. The action was really good. So much of it but yet there was also moments of rest and dialogue to move the plot along. Sometimes they would be together. Maybe those interruptions happened too many times. 


    Momoa was good. I like him. Always have since Stargate Atlantis days. But its obvious emotional acting is not his strong suit. He is a very manly and aggressive actor which is great. i just wish the director had got some more visible emotions from him during scenes like his reunion with his mother etc. When he is fighting though the poses and that gorgeous suit...hot damn! One of the best ever to grace the big screen. Perfection.


    Heard as Mera is in the same boat at Momoa. I want to see more expressions and emotion. But i liked them both. They definitely have chemistry. Just need to work on it a bit more. Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman had the terrific Chris Pine to bring it out of her. Unfortunately these two don;t possess those gifts. But baby steps, i can wait for them to develop.


    Everyone else was good. Nicole did a good job while Patrick Wilson as Orm has me interested in his future arc. I would like to see him develop feelings on the mainland like in the recent Aquaman story where he rescued a woman and child and fell in love with them. 


    Black Manta was good too. Love his suit. I wish Aquaman had decided to come back to save his father but was too late. That would have redeemed him to some degree while us still understanding Mantas position.


    The special effects for the most part were really good. Atlantis was beautiful as was the final battle scene. Wowza. Bigger than infinity war? in scale anyway. Loved the third act. One of the strongest in a Superhero movie. Some questionable effects during the beach training scene but everything else was gorgeous to the eyes.


    The music is not out of this world and i didn't enjoy it at first but it has grown on me and i really dig the 80's influence. TBH i cant stop listening to it now lol. Wan is a nutter though, some weird song choices in places but its sort of like you think to yourself what??...and then shrug your shoulders and get into the groove. 


    Overall a good fun movie and a great comeback from DC. They needed this.  Better than Wonder Woman? in action yes, but Wonder Woman was a tighter movie with a better script. The script needed work in Aquaman. I feel Wan inherited some of Snyders questionable choices. the lead actors being the main thing. But he used them well and they are Aquaman and Mera for me now.


    A solid grade B maybe B+


    I feel i will enjoy it even more on the second viewing.

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  4. Wasn't bad tbh. A decent flick. Not something i would have wanted to see as a fan though. Everyone loves Han but i am not interested in his past. I already know what to expect from him in the old trilogy. The movies we want to see are the creation of the Jedi and the Sith, an Obi Wan movie set before a New Hope and maybe a Sidious/Plagueis prequel though that is optimistic. 


    Anyhow I wasn't a big fan of Alden. He didn't act very much like Han. He was OK but i didn't need his take on the character. The part is already done to perfection by Ford.


    I liked Lando though and everyone else wasnt too bad. 


    Story was so so. I would have liked some more Empire interference. Ending got me hyped with Darth Maul and the Tatooine reference but looks like we wont be seeing that play out anytime soon. Maybe in an Obi Wan movie? God i hope so.






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  5. nicely made but repetitive. Same old shit. 


    Indoraptor was terrifying but was dealt with easily. Plus ...not as smart as the movie portrayed it to be. 


    That brachiosaurus on the island pier had such a sad ending. It was so emotional :( poor thing.


    Girl being a clone was pointless. 


    I liked the ending but the whole movie with giant beasts in a house? Come on man. I preferred the volcano part of the movie.


    overall though i enjoyed the movie. But it just seemed like a rehash of the lost world. 



  6. Was good fun. Not as good as the original but that's understandable. Felt it jumped around a lot but it is what it is. Doesn't take itself too seriously mostly...or at times it does. Weird. Still though enjoyed it. The ending is hilarious. Ryan and nailed this character perfectly. Only 2 mid credit scenes which were really good. So don't bother waiting for after credits because there is nothing there. 




    Bring on X-Force



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  7. 14 hours ago, MrSinister said:

    So glad they didn’t try to adapt the Thanos loves Death storyline. That worked for the comics, and that whole “Court Death” line was a nice waster egg, but I can’t see that as anything but weird and forced in an already stuffed movie. His love for Gamora, and sacrificing her to accomplish his “burden” is proof enough of his conviction  on his quest to save the universe, however crazed it may have seemed (he is the MAD titan for a reason). Besides as Feige has said, they’re not trying to adapt 616 or any other universe but instead make their own...


    did i I miss something (I’ll rewatch this weekend)? When did Corvus glaive deflect his blasts? I’m thinking Iron Man’s mark 50 could’ve taken out Loki in that first invasion solo. What a badass armor he’s made (and earned the respect of Thanos at some time)


    real Phoenix and galactus would be nice. Of course the dark Phoenix saga is coming and if Comcast ruins Disney’s plans you can bet a new FF movie will release in 2022 just to keep Constantin’s ridiculous “7 year deal” going.

    People keep saying that but i don't see how having Thanos love Lady Death wouldn't work. I think it would open up the universe even more. But anyways i'm fine with the tale they told. Anxious to see what Thanos' actions will be in the next movie. 


    Corvus withstood Visions blast at the top of the building. For Iron Man i would have like to see his shield take the blast for a few seconds but then fail because it was up against 4 infinity stones. But small nitpicks. His fight with Thanos was great though. One of the highlights of the movie. been waiting for a his nanite armor to appear. 


    News just come out that Disney may forego buying Fox's stake in SKY and concentrate on the tv/movie side of things. They know they will make billions from Xmen and FF



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  8. Loved it. As a huge lover of the Marvel cosmic stories this was my kryptonite. I don't really have any gripes as i think with the number of characters that were on screen it was juggled extremely well. Probably the only thing i didnt like were the CGI on the black order. At times it reminded me of Steppenwolf level. Banner in the hulkbuster looked bad at times too without the helmet. Thanos though looked amazing. My favourite CG chracter after Gollum now. Sorry Ceasar. 


    Thor and Iron Man were the stand out characters here. Thor especially rocked with stormbreaker. His arrival in Wakanda was spectacular. Goosebumps. Though i will miss mjolnir. Loki and heimdall.. :(


    This at times reminded me of the Lord of the Rings. So much to story to tell and it tells it coherently. 


    One of the few movies where you actually start rooting for the villain...even though i found his reasoning to be pathetic. Would have loved If they did a more loyal adaptation but i'll take it. 


    at times the power levels of the stones was inconsistent. Like they are the most powerful things ever, how is Iron Man and Corvus Glaive deflecting those blasts?


    Makes me salivate for more cosmic stuff. Celestials (not the Ego kind), Beyonders and if Disney gets Fox then Galactus and Silver Surfer. Oh and the real Phoenix. 


    I would say it is up there with Winter Soldier for me. 








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