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  1. Wasn't bad tbh. A decent flick. Not something i would have wanted to see as a fan though. Everyone loves Han but i am not interested in his past. I already know what to expect from him in the old trilogy. The movies we want to see are the creation of the Jedi and the Sith, an Obi Wan movie set before a New Hope and maybe a Sidious/Plagueis prequel though that is optimistic. Anyhow I wasn't a big fan of Alden. He didn't act very much like Han. He was OK but i didn't need his take on the character. The part is already done to perfection by Ford. I liked Lando though and everyone else wasnt too bad. Story was so so. I would have liked some more Empire interference. Ending got me hyped with Darth Maul and the Tatooine reference but looks like we wont be seeing that play out anytime soon. Maybe in an Obi Wan movie? God i hope so. C+
  2. nicely made but repetitive. Same old shit. Indoraptor was terrifying but was dealt with easily. Plus ...not as smart as the movie portrayed it to be. That brachiosaurus on the island pier had such a sad ending. It was so emotional poor thing. Girl being a clone was pointless. I liked the ending but the whole movie with giant beasts in a house? Come on man. I preferred the volcano part of the movie. overall though i enjoyed the movie. But it just seemed like a rehash of the lost world. B-/C+
  3. Was good fun. Not as good as the original but that's understandable. Felt it jumped around a lot but it is what it is. Doesn't take itself too seriously mostly...or at times it does. Weird. Still though enjoyed it. The ending is hilarious. Ryan and nailed this character perfectly. Only 2 mid credit scenes which were really good. So don't bother waiting for after credits because there is nothing there. B Bring on X-Force
  4. People keep saying that but i don't see how having Thanos love Lady Death wouldn't work. I think it would open up the universe even more. But anyways i'm fine with the tale they told. Anxious to see what Thanos' actions will be in the next movie. Corvus withstood Visions blast at the top of the building. For Iron Man i would have like to see his shield take the blast for a few seconds but then fail because it was up against 4 infinity stones. But small nitpicks. His fight with Thanos was great though. One of the highlights of the movie. been waiting for a his nanite armor to appear. News just come out that Disney may forego buying Fox's stake in SKY and concentrate on the tv/movie side of things. They know they will make billions from Xmen and FF
  5. Loved it. As a huge lover of the Marvel cosmic stories this was my kryptonite. I don't really have any gripes as i think with the number of characters that were on screen it was juggled extremely well. Probably the only thing i didnt like were the CGI on the black order. At times it reminded me of Steppenwolf level. Banner in the hulkbuster looked bad at times too without the helmet. Thanos though looked amazing. My favourite CG chracter after Gollum now. Sorry Ceasar. Thor and Iron Man were the stand out characters here. Thor especially rocked with stormbreaker. His arrival in Wakanda was spectacular. Goosebumps. Though i will miss mjolnir. Loki and heimdall.. This at times reminded me of the Lord of the Rings. So much to story to tell and it tells it coherently. One of the few movies where you actually start rooting for the villain...even though i found his reasoning to be pathetic. Would have loved If they did a more loyal adaptation but i'll take it. at times the power levels of the stones was inconsistent. Like they are the most powerful things ever, how is Iron Man and Corvus Glaive deflecting those blasts? Makes me salivate for more cosmic stuff. Celestials (not the Ego kind), Beyonders and if Disney gets Fox then Galactus and Silver Surfer. Oh and the real Phoenix. I would say it is up there with Winter Soldier for me. A
  6. Great movie. Much respect. Pretty much liked everything about it except the action sequences. They were at times hard to follow. The Dorah Milajae were awesome. Danai Gurira and Boseman had such great interactions. Love all the coloniser references and very thought provoking when they refer to black enslavement. Especially Killmongers last line. ' Throw my body in the sea like my ancestors. They knew it was better to die free than live in bondage.' Powerful line. A- Most engaging audience i have ever encountered in a viewing. There were massive cheers and claps. Great to see. Was probably 70% black, 25% south Asian and the rest white. There was so much happiness in their eyes. They were all leaving the cinema with their faces beaming.
  7. Saw it in 70mm Imax and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed this movie...But it didnt feel like i was watching Star Wars. Well, it did but at times it didnt. I feel everything was in order, the pacing, the action and the special effects (most of the time). Carrie gave a great final performance and her last scene with Hamill made my eyes water. I was just disappointed with the direction of Lukes character arc. Luke is hope. He managed to bring Darth Vader back to the light...fucking Vader! You telling me he gave up and went emo cos Ben Solo got corrupted? Nah sorry i cant buy that. Hamill did a fantastic job though in this movie. Rey, i just love her. She is great. Kylo can suck dick. Actually he was better in this movie lol. He grew on me. Finn and Rose worked well and Poe is the man. As for Snoke. What a complete let down. No other words to describe it. Just absolutely pointless having him in the new movies. Why did they even create him? No backstory or anything. Everyone wants to know where another Sith lord popped up from. Master and his apprentice. Thats how the dark side works. Who was his master. Questions we will never get the answer to. Where were the other Knights of Ren? They are supposed to be force users too. The red guards were awesome! So at the end its clear Rey and Kylo are not as powerful as Anakin. As Snoke is still trying to create a Vader. We are shown that they do not need to be. Which puts my mind to rest abit. I just cant deal with another chosen one story. That kid at the end with the broom. Gangster Luke joining the force was bittersweet. Goodbye buddy. B+/A- I wanted to see Luke use his Green saber at the end
  8. Great film with some great characters. The actors from IT and Stranger Things are just amazing. They embody the 80's (and early 90's) look so well. Marvelous actors. I felt like i was watching the Goonies for both. Beverly will grow up to be a stunner....she looks so much like Amy Adams. I hope they cast her in the sequel. It was quite different from the mini series. No slingshot that was iconic for me. Granted i didn't see the mini series all throughout as i was terrified as a kid lol. But a job well done overall. The CGI could be cut out though. My only real gripe. Ruined the tension at times. Bring on the sequel. A
  9. My favourite marvel villain Dr Doom vs Avengers idea has me salivating
  10. A movie that wasnt good but wasnt entirely bad either. A movie like this should not be a forgettable and it is a shame. The biggest team up in history and it falls flat. Some good moments with a few good laughs. The 'do you bleed' and 'somethings definitely bleeding' was hilarious. Aquaman was good but i feel very underutilized. Perhaps they held back from displaying his full power set and back story for his solo movie which is fine. But lets be frank he wasnt needed here. But i really liked him. Probably more so than all the others. Flash, well he was OK but he looks nothing like Barry Allen. Just gets to me as an avid comic book fan, when the actors dont look even the slightest like their comic book counterparts. Plus i have no idea why they have to force on Wally Wests or Bart Allens personality on Barry. Thats not who he is. Anyways he had some good scenes. Wonder Woman needs Patty Jenkins. Batman needs to be recast. Affleck looks fat as hell and his body proportion is just not right for the role. He definitely cant stand properly and his suits are horrible. Though i dont like him as Batman i do feel offended that they really just ridiculed him this movie. He got his ass handed to him on many occasions. Also his whole guilt thing about Superman, i get it. I would feel guilty too if i starred in BvS. Cyborg was decent. I feel he could develop nicely in future movies. Superman...finally! This is how he should be. Had to wait 3 movies for the real deal to appear. Steppenwolf...GTFO. Worse shit i have ever seen. My God that CGI was bad. So so bad that its unforgivable. His mouth couldnt even move according to the words properly. Christ, how the effects team did this i have no idea. Supermans upper lip was only noticeable in that first clip. Other than that it was bearable. Superman vs the League = GOLD The plot about the mother boxes barely made sense. What was it all about. Terraforming? like what Zod wanted? Could have just used the kryptonian technology from Man of Steel dumbass. Only one mention of Darkseid when he said praise Darkseid. Nothing else. Pathetic. Other than that the movie was just OK. Shitty editing and generic music and it could have been better and had a better story if it didnt need to develop 3 new characters. Its a pity. We wont be getting another Justice League anytime soon. What a flop. Its shameful. The 2 credits scenes were well done. Lex Luthor actually looked somewhat like Lex Luthor...until he opened his mouth. C- I am still looking forward to Aquaman. I'm hoping the new batch of filmakers reignite everyone passion for DC movies like Wonder Woman did. I feel Justice League killed Wonder Womans momentum. But honestly i'm not holding my breath. My childhood dreams are shattered.
  11. Amazing movie. This is why Nolan is the best director working today. One of the most intense movies i have ever seen. Just had to be seen in IMAX. Couldn't make out much of the dialogue because it was so loud but it wasn't really needed. It did get confusing at times so i can understand some people not getting into it. But Nolans technical mastery above all else has to be applauded. Genius at work. It's not his best movie but definitely superior to his previous works in the technical department. My only gripe is that i didnt see 400,000 men on the beach. There were 200,000 on the pelennor fields. We all know how big that orc army looked. Double that should have been on the screen here but nothing. Just had a few lines of people queuing up. Missed opportunity here. Would have looked amazing in IMAX to see that many on the beach as the camera pans over. Cinematography and directing oscar nominations should be a shoo in. A travesty if they don't win. A
  12. First time there. Its only a couple of metres smaller than BFI. I hope the seats are more comfortable than BFi though. But i'm not holding my breath. 15/70 Imax legroom is bad pretty much everywhere from what i have heard.
  13. I've booked science museum for next Sunday. BFI is packed for the times i can go. Best seats are taken and i don't wanna wait till August to get decent seats
  14. Did he say No lanterns?! lol nice and that was Superman at the end, you could see a bit of his red cape. Disappointed its not the 'leaked' description that was posted a while ago. Story looks interesting, but the trailer didnt flow very well
  15. "Let me be clear," says Affleck, "Batman is the greatest f--king part in the world. I am thrilled to do it."
  16. I think i will try Science Museum Imax this time. Its about the same size as BFI. Hoping the seats are a bit more comfortable. BFI seats are awful.
  17. Naomi Scott is a good choice. Will Smith is spot on for Genie. The guy is OK. Don't know much about him so cant say a lot. Just wondering how long hair would look on him. But so far i am not disappointed.
  18. I actually just logged on to see if you had posted your reaction, and voila! Can't wait to watch this
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