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  1. Im sure they referred to 'creators' as in plural in AoE. Thats what makes me doubt quintessa being the origin of their species. But maybe Lockdown was working for her. i could be wrong. I may need to read up on t4 again. Only seen it the once. I just wish there was some clear continuity throughout all the movies. Every movie just brings up different eras and they barely make sense. As individual movies maybe a person can understand them. But as a saga...nope.
  2. So bad. The story and mythos doesn't make sense at all. Just gets me angry at how they cannot keep continuity especially when it is the same director. The editing and dialogue is cringe worthy. The characters are lame. Though i did enjoy the new English ladies role and her interactions with Wahlberg. Probably the only highlight of the movie. The kid was pointless. The action was senseless. The lore just makes my head hurt. Not one transformers movie fits with another. Contradiction contradictions. Im also not a fan of what they have done with Unicron. But the credit scene got me intrigued. I miss Shia. He was great. Part 2 and 3 had problems but he made us care about the events happening. Mark hasn't done that. Im a fan of Bay and think the first Transformers is his best film alongside The Rock and Armageddon. But every sequel sucks. Hopefully with Bay gone they can come up with something coherent. D- So just to add something. It seemed to me Quintessa is not the creator of the Transformers as she is called the great deceiver by the Knights. Plus we saw alien hands in Age of Extinction. Which are obviously not hers. So lockdown from AoE did not work for her.
  3. I really really really enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of heart. Something that has been missing in the DCEU. Thank you Patty Jenkins. Thank you so much. Firstly i would just like to say that i did not believe that Gal Gadot would be able to carry her own movie. I didn't think she had the acting chops for such a role. Boy was i proven wrong. She was amazing. I truly believed she was Wonder Woman. I liked her in BvS but got worried as we never saw really saw much of her, so i relied on her past acting roles. All i can do is congratulate her for a job well done. She is truly an actress. One who will improve by every movie i am sure. Also she is absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful specimen to look at. As for everyone else...they all did a job well done. Steve especially was great and my word did he have a great chemistry with Gal. Seriously for me it was one of the best onscreen couples in a long time. It was also very poignant at the end The story barring the end was cool. It didn't need to be exceptional and it wasn't but for Diana it was perfect. It showed her child like understanding of the world and her solution paid off. Maybe we all need to think like children; no hate, no prejudice just peace and love. The ending with Ares i guess served its purpose. i would have just liked him to have had more scenes throughout the movie. Not as Ares but as his human character. When he popped up at the end i didn't really feel any betrayal or any sort. The visual effects were quite Snydery at times. I used to enjoy seeing Snyders artistic style but not anymore. Not to say wonder Woman was like it, just some elements when it came to the action. But overall they were decent. The fight choreography was awesome. I did feel some punches and elbows thrown were quite lazy and not very hard hitting. But overall the Amazons kicked ass. The movie was fun and quite funny at times. There weren't many Marvel type jokes (thank god!) but the ones they used were quite funny and fit the story. One scene for me stuck out most. That dance scene (swaying) with Steve and Diana, and then when he dropped her off to the bedroom. Something about it, was just so beautiful. Maybe because of their chemistry. That part where he drops her off and is about to leave and you can just see the attraction in their eyes. It was not lust, but something more. Anyways it just felt well directed to me. i think the only gripe about this film is Ares as previously mentioned. I don't think they should have had him killed all the Gods, because that makes him overpowered. Perhaps have had him switched allegiance to another God (Darkseid). Perfect set up for Justice League. But anyways missed opportunity there. I'm sure they will bring back her Patrons in the sequel or something. Also now that i think about it i think the slow scenes were at times dragging. perhaps they could have been sped up somehow. One thing i don't understand. How do they know over 100 languages if they have not interacted with the modern world for thousands of years? Also after Ares was defeated the German soldiers started to hug each other or were they the British? I don't recall them arriving. Perhaps i missed it. Overall though not much to complain. This movie impressed me. I am so glad to see such strong females displayed on screen. That is not to say women have not headlined movies or shown female empowerment. It was just the message of love and peace coming from a woman who cares. It reminded me of the love that my mother has displayed towards me and my sisters. The hard work my wife puts into taking care of me (SHHHH dont tell her that!) and the future i see for my daughter. As a father of a 2 year old, i feel so happy that i will be able to show my daughter when she is of age this superhero. I can feel proud of whatever she wants to be in life....a doctor (i'm south Asian what the hell). Anyways, i think it is quite evident i loved this movie. I hope it does not diminish in any future viewings. This has really got me excited for Justice League if nothing else just to see more of her story. A 9/10 Only because i felt some scenes dragged at times.
  4. Would have preferred just a remake. But Emily should be great. Looking forward to this.
  5. I was expecting 40.05 for opening day but Saturday and Sunday have been quite healthy. Pretty satisfied with this.
  6. Ridiculous number from deadline. Its not doing anything below 40m that's for sure.
  7. I'm one of the few who enjoyed On Stranger Tides i guess. Mind you i have only seen it the once though.
  8. So the creators of humans did not create the xenomorphs, it was instead the creation of humans that did. Worse than Prometheus. Nothing intriguing about the storyline. No real history told about the engineers. I know David was always a prick but didn't really explain why he killed Shaw via facehugger. Also he experimented with the black liquid and a fly and eventually ended up with the face huggers...which obviously must have been quite a few years after he killed the engineers. So Shaw was alive all those years? She witnessed the destruction of the engineer people but nothing was shown from her point of view. Was she complicit or was she a prisoner? Anyways, very disappointed. Very weak storyline. D thinking about it now, maybe David killed Shaw before he got to the engineer planet and kept her deceased body to experiment on. But needed a live host to see the full results. Meh still a D
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJsHfa4QwwE when i saw the above trailer i thought the same as you. Now i just shake my head at mine and the films stupidity
  10. Trailer has grown on me. Gets better with each viewing. No one is expecting great box office numbers, just need a great film. Nolan is due a turd (critically), hopefully we still have to wait.
  11. a good fun movie. Nothing more nothing less. Very funny. Probably the funniest Marvel movie for me, though at times the jokes did fall flat. I didn't like Drax too much in the first movie but he was better here. Although his interactions with Mantis were priceless, some of his jokes with the others were cringe. Story was kinda meh to be honest. I don't know why Marvel likes killing villains with potential for multiple arcs. But anyhow i wasn't a fan of them changing J'son to Ego being his father anyway so good riddance. Yondu's arc was good. A planet with billions of years of experience in using the light vs a newbie and he still lost lol. Too many jokes about penis' and sex to show this to my little nephew. Anyways i still enjoyed it. It was fun and i wanna see more of these characters. B
  12. better trailer than the last. But just seems so dreary. I'm hoping i enjoy it though.
  13. wow this has to be the shittest transformers trailer i have ever seen even though I have never seen a shit transformers trailer before.
  14. Damn these reviews. I was really hoping this would be well received. Disney has been on a roll. Never been a fan of Emma Watsons acting but would never wish for this classic to have a so so remake.
  15. Ridley you had better make this good man. I can't wait
  16. Finally saw it yesterday. It was a bit slow in the beginning but towards the end it became the perfect film to finish off 2016 with. I was truly sad at the ending. I knew it was inevitable due to the dialogue from a new hope that references Rogue Ones actions but now whenever i will see that scene i will feel and know their sacrifice. The ending was truly beautiful. As for Vaders final scene....goosebumps. Tarkin was well done as was leia. It was evident that they were both CGI but who cares. B+
  17. it looked good in a few shots and then looked like a low budget shaky cam movie in other scenes.
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