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  1. Still processing but i would say this is the second best marvel movie i have seen after Winter Soldier. I have to hand it to the Russos and the writers for being able to juggle all these characters. What a marvelous job done directing this. They were able to use more than 10 characters, most of them effectively while Snyder couldn't even use 2.... Even though i will always be team cap i felt for Tony in this and i am not a big Iron Man fan. The whole conflict was engaging. There were some weird scenes though. Like Caps kiss with Carter. Like WTF. It was so badly done. Also why is Aunt May hot? Thats just not...right man. I liked Black Panther but i wish to see his genius at work. He just seemed to be a fighter. I'm sort of split in the middle about Spiderman. I thought his action scenes and wise cracking jokes were great. But his suit was shit and i'm not sure if i can take a little baby faced boy seriously. He seemed stupid and not questioning Tony or Steve about their allegiances. I get Panther and spider man will have their own movies so questions will be answered and their characters expanded upon. So im not too fussed about these gripes. I liked the Wanda and Vision scenes. As there are hints for the future there. Though what is up with Olsens accent. Changes every scene. Sort it out lady. The big fight between everyone was really good but that last battle between Bucky, Steve and Tony was one of the best and most intense i have ever seen. As soon as the video from 1991 started playing i clocked on and said shit. Amazing scene and very emotional.This was RDJs best acting in a marvel movie. Just tremendous. The movie did get a little messy at times but when you're juggling 10+ characters its understandable. Zemo though was not very well done. The endgame was effective but the question remains. How did he know about 1991? Maybe i missed it. Steve runs funny as always lol. Overall a brilliant movie and one that has allowed another superhero trilogy to be considered great. Not on Dark Knight trilogy level but really close. Well done Marvel. More films like this please. A-
  2. Just a brilliant all round movie. This was just amazing to watch. The visuals were beautiful. Especially Bagheera, Raksha and King Louis. Shere Khan looked mean as hell. I would have preferred Elbas voice to have been louder though when he spoke. Baloo's face looked abit too young but man did i enjoy this movie. That scene with Khan walking up the rocks to Akela was incredibly done and than that pounce. Mowgli and his wolf mother was incredibly touching. Wow. I cannot wait to watch again with my whole family. Perfect family movie. 10/10 A
  3. Damn. Fan of the actor. One of the best things about Teen Wolf. Hope he has a speedy recovery
  4. Yeah i do wonder what the deal is with London in Hollywood lately. Leave my home alone damn it
  5. the best Batman opening credits. Gives me goosebumps
  6. Its a pity after the piss poor boxofficee legs and poor critical reception that nothing will change and JL will go ahead with Snyder at the helm. Just sad
  7. So finally saw the movie. Quite disappointed but i was ready for it with all the negative reviews and poor WOM. Definitely some good parts to like. I enjoyed the parents death scene...but i think that was due to the music. Wasn't very fond of Thomas Wayne about to attack the robber though. Never seen that happen in the comics before. I absolutely loved the Metropolis scene in the beginning from Bruce's' perspective. It was very well done. I had hope then that maybe i might enjoy this movie a lot. The Capitol building explosion was also an amazing scene. So well done. Gave me goosebumps. As for the characters i liked everyone except for Lex. I thought Henry needed more dialogue to work with. Lois was fine. Batman was good though I feel we can explore Batman properly in a solo movie. Wonder Woman was good too. Jessie though ruined Luthor. I mean they rushed into him having this big grudge against Superman with no real backstory on why he is doing the things he does. You have him acting eccentric and mentally ill. I just couldn't get it. You turn the world against Superman and then so easily let the world turn against you by creating Doomsday in your facility; so everyone can see who the real culprit is?! Very retarded thing to do. Evil genius my ass, that is not Luthor. The only thing i liked about him is that he knew every ones secret identity and that he purposely moved Batman to fight Superman like a pawn from the beginning. The action was blurry and kind of pointless because all you see are explosions from Doomsdays body and electricity and dont know what the fuck is going on. The Bat/Supes fight was ok. Nothing wow. All those years of build up and it was just a standard fight. I am glad Bats beat up Supes though. Made him bleed too. The best action scene was the warehouse fight to free Martha. Missed chance to have big OMG moments but there was nothing in the whole movie. I actually thought Supes wouldn't die but he did thank God. Only thing true to the comics lol. The editing and sound mixing was piss poor. I barely heard what Flash was saying along with quite alot of the dialogue in the movie. Its just not clear. WTF is going on?! The film was choppy and jumped from scene to scene with no real relevance. The worst thing in the movie was the nightmare scene. Absolutely retarded idea. It made no sense to anyone else in my party (except me being a comic book reader) and i dont blame them. It was shit and pointless. Just some random scene that pops up and ...Jesus i don't even know what to say lol. If anything it should have been the last scene not in the first hour. As for the first hour it was dragging so much. Nothing was really happening. I didn't enjoy the music. Wonder Womans' theme is pretty awful. Haunting but awful. its just some noise that sticks with you. Batmans' was not that good either. There is just too much noise here and you can see Junkies XL influence. The only theme i liked was the Zod/Supes fight theme from MoS that came on in the beginning. That theme is amazing. My word Snyder what the fuck did you do to this movie. From the trailers it looked as though you took the criticisms on board from Man of Steel and dealt with them but instead you made it worse. where the fuck is Doomdays Penis?????? Batman is quite violent in this movie, though he doesn't outright kill anyone with his bare hands. Except in that nightmare scene. Deffo not a movie for young kids. Final point, even though Wonder Woman was good i feel she wont be able to carry her own move and she will be criticized for her acting in it. It seemed everyone involved tried to cram too much in including Darkseid. it fell apart except for a few redeeming aspects. 6/10 C Very upsetting to see the DCEU start off like this. Barely any interest in it anymore. I will just enjoy my Marvel movies from now on. Nolan would be kicking himself for selecting Snyder.
  8. pathetic numbers and deservedly so after those reviews. ( i still havent seen it though lol) Doubt DC movies will ever increase at the boxoffice with this universe.
  9. Whenever i look at his ODI average and runs i think he will pass Tendulkar. he already has 25 hundreds and 7k runs. He is only 27! Its going to happen. He has amassed so much in such little time.
  10. I saw the trailer and i now feel sad. What a way to tarnish one of the greatest movies of all time. As Filmlover said, Pompeii and Exodus comes to mind rather than Gladiator.
  11. Snyders' best movie along with 300. Beautiful visuals and good story. Pity it didn't do well but i guess it was too dark for it to work for kids. A-/B+
  12. Just saw Ricky Gervais' openjng monologue. Fuck me that guy is just hilarious. So glad he came back
  13. So thought i'd finally write something about this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a darker movie but with plenty of laughs. Effects were great and the story was pretty good to but it does have plenty of flaws. Finn and Rey were absolutely fantastic. I loved those two. I was afraid as they were the new guys i would dislike them but they grew on me immediately. Good character development by JJ. Kylo Ren though i was not too impressed with. In the opening they showed him to immensely powerful as a Sith but then turned him into a brat with a temper problem. Especially when he removed his helmet. He just couldn't be taken seriously anymore. They tried to redeem his loss at the end to Rey by saying he needs to finish his training but i think the damage has been done. I know he will come back with a vengeance but sorry you lost to a newb. GTFO. Old cast was great though i found Leia to have no real role in the story. I thought the death of Solo was ok but i really thought (and hoping) it was going be Chewie until Ford stepped up on the bridge. There was sadness at that scene but also some emptiness because we still dont know Kylo that well and his relationship with his parents so i thought it lessened the impact. But still thinking as an old trilogy fan its sad to see Han go. As for the Starkiller, how the fuck does that get powered by the sun? Its a tiny planet. I can buy them storing the power in the core somehow but the energy coming through the atmosphere would destroy the ozone layer and render it inhospitable for life there. Hell it will burn everything to cinders. Anyways i thought the whole story about a deathstar 3.0 was repetitive and the whole finding a weakness in it like always was too easy and pathetic. What was the point of Captain Phasma? i thought she was going to be some evil storm trooper. Turned out she quickly turned the shield off as soon as she had a gun to her head. Nah sorry. No loyalty to the first order there. I loved BB8! Absolutely fantastic addition to the movie and also soooooo cute. Poe was an awesome pilot no doubt but how the fuck did he get off that planet? People had a problem with Bruce getting back to Gotham but not this....loool As for Snoke...i sure hope he is Plagueis. As probably the most powerful Sith lord it would add a whole dimension of danger and fear in this new trilogy. My main issue with this new story is that after the prequels you cant get a bigger story than the 'chosen one' (even if it was shabby). Kylo will never be more powerful than Vader...it would be stupid if he was as who can be more powerful than the chosen one? That's why Plagueis would be ideal as he was depicted by Sidious to be perhaps the most powerful Sith of all. I don't know, speculation as everyone else but i sure hope it happens as I am super excited for this new villains back story. Rey is an interesting character and once those flashbacks started i thought she is either Lukes daughter or Obi Wans grand daughter. I like her being able to tap into the force and push back when Ren was interrogating her but after that they just made too easy. I got a feeling that maybe she was trained a little as a child by Luke hence why it came back to her so easily. Hopefully that is true because it made her look over powered against someone trained in the Force. Finally i really loved the light saber fights. Even though Fin vs Ren or Rey vs Ren doesnt work; them actually bashing the sabers together looked dangerous and it seemed they actually were trying to kill each other unlike the prequel fights, who danced around instead. All in all i noticed the flaws in the movie alot but it didnt stop me from enjoying it. i'll give it a B+
  14. I keep having to remind myself it is December when i see these numbers. Mind boggling
  15. I hope this happens. Let the greatest movie franchise take its rightful place on top the perch and kick the ladder away so no one can reach it.
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