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  1. Really enjoyed it. Was different and much needed. Marvel still haven't got that villain that can own the screen though. Fingers crossed that Infinity War changes that.
  2. Good movie. Not as good as the previous 2 but definitely a a nice third movie. Spock and Bones worked well. Gave Karl Urban a bigger role thankfully. Also as Filmbuff noted, people got mixed up well with different people to expand on their characters. Well done Lin and Pegg. Wasn't too fond of the villain and his motivations. His swarm drones were good but his ancient weapon was not really scary. His swarm of ships would have been terrifying enough to be honest. They were pretty devastating. Once the end battle moved away from them the movie went a bit downhill. Other than that enjoyed it throughout. Would like to see Jaylah return in the next one. B+ Still waiting for a movie about Klingons....
  3. a movie that should have been made between 2000-2001. Felt like i was just watching a standard movie with no real emotional connection. i also hate hive queens that are copied off the original Alien queen. Even if this one is Godzilla sized. The movie started of well....it just didnt go anywhere. So after 20 years they came along with just 1 bigger ship. How bout come along with 5 of those to really punish us humans? I dont know. This just needed to be made atleast 15 years ago. Pity. Its not awful its just .....meh C
  4. beautiful legs. Always knew a sequel to Finding Nemo would break records. If it is like anything like the first one than deservedly so.
  5. Mostly agree. Didnt feel like warcraft. I blame the human actors. They were just so bad. So so bad. The movie needed to be atleast 30 mins longer to atleast flesh some of these characters out. Also the armour for the humans was so clean and shiny. Had these guys ever seen battle before?
  6. hmmm. As someone who plays world of warcraft and has read every novel and lore literature available i am very disappointed in the story. When youre trying to get new fans dont leave plot holes and half answered mysteries that really dont make sense (looking at you the black cube with Alodi in it). I really liked the orcs. I thought they were the best part of the movie. There was real inner conflict there. The humans though were some of the worst. Absolute shite and cheap actors that had no real expressions and couldn't carry a tv advert let alone a movie. Lothar was probably the only one i liked though i felt he wasn't written well. Medhiv and the King were the worst. The kings talk with Garona at the end to kill him didnt make sense and Medhiv was just shit. Sorry but that is not the guardian of Azeroth. They took Sargeras and the burning legion out of the story hence why it was pointless. The only mention was of Garona telling the humans of Guldan hearing a demons voice to open a portal. At the end it seemed that may have been Medhiv when he got corrupted by Fel magic. Very sad how this movie turned out. I expected better. CGI was fine in places but there is just so much of it it takes you out of the scene. LOTR had actual backdrops which melded everything together. This sadly did not. The Hobbit movies did it better but even they couldnt bring back the magic of the original trilogy. It was hinted Medhiv was Garonas father. He gave her a flower gift why? did he know she was his? guess we will not know now that he is dead! So Blackhand is bad...but wait he has honor....But wait he is bad....but wait, honor...Wait strongest orc...Wait he got his nuts sliced. The end. Worst orc ever. They needed to explain more on Guldan and how he and medhiv encountered fel magic. I enjoyed some parts. hated others. Also hate love stories that come out of nowhere and make me cringe. C oh and they made Grom Hellscream into some dumbass henchman. WTF
  7. I found it to be bigger yes. It had its cheesy moments. But when you hear little kids laughing in the audience you understand the target demographic it was meant for. So you can forgive it. Not particularly impressed with the villains. Was rushed and absolutely no build up. Literally just popped out of the blue with no real explanation. More screen time between the brothers which was good. I felt they missed it abit in the first one. Anyways dont go in expecting the best of the summer. See it for what it is. A decent time pass.
  8. just saw it. Very surprised i enjoyed this. I didnt think the first one was very bad or anything but this was much much better.
  9. It was a good movie. Wont go into too much detail. I enjoyed pretty much all the characters. Quicksilver stood out as usual. It seemed they cut down on Mystique being the center which was good. That opening scene was great. Just have a few big gripes about the villain-s. Apocalypse seemed ok. I just didnt like his face. There were so many close ups of his face and you could see he was caked up in the make up. Like absolutely layers of that shit. It also seemed that prosthetic stuff on his forward push his brow down. Hence his face looked as though he was old and tired. There was nothing really menacing about his look. His suit looked good. But he was also too short for this role. He didnt stand out at all. Its a pity because he is my favourite Xmen villain and probably in the top 3 for Marvels villains. As for the horsemen. WTF. They got their asses handed to them. The original horsemen in the beginning were amazing. You could see they had true power and loved and served their Lord. But in this one 2 of them were just kids while one was grieving and the other (Psylocke) made no sense. Why did she join the team? absolutely no back story. I also expected better from her. Abit underwhelmed. Where did Apocalypse get that technology (or magic?) from in ancient Egypt? Jeans Phoenix force was again shat on. Come on man. You could make a whole movie about what that force is. Just put the fucking Shiar aliens in there already. Could have explained Apocalypses tech that way too. Phoenix came out of nowhere too to kill Apocalypse. There only one little scene in the beginning but no real explanation of whats inside her and why. A perfect mid credit scene would be in outer space a Shiar ship picks up the Phoenix force burst and heads towards Earth. But nope. Magneto killed millions no? Anyways even with these complaints i thought it was a decent movie. I enjoyed it and would recommend others to watch it. There is definitely a lot of steam left in this franchise. B Mid credit scene. Mr Sinister ftw. Though its a bit daunting to come up with a story after you just showed the oldest and most powerful mutant in history.
  10. There is no defending BvS. It was a turd through and through. Majority will agree. It hurts for me to say it as it was a childhood dream for me but its the truth. There is no point even criticising it because its just not worth the time and effort. Also nit picking other movies to prove something otherwise is pointless.
  11. Some solid legs for this. Deserves it
  12. The pink and blue helmets look weird. Look stretched. So the suits are going to be CGI? Not a fan of the blue lightening/light on the chest.
  13. Still processing but i would say this is the second best marvel movie i have seen after Winter Soldier. I have to hand it to the Russos and the writers for being able to juggle all these characters. What a marvelous job done directing this. They were able to use more than 10 characters, most of them effectively while Snyder couldn't even use 2.... Even though i will always be team cap i felt for Tony in this and i am not a big Iron Man fan. The whole conflict was engaging. There were some weird scenes though. Like Caps kiss with Carter. Like WTF. It was so badly done. Also why is Aunt May hot? Thats just not...right man. I liked Black Panther but i wish to see his genius at work. He just seemed to be a fighter. I'm sort of split in the middle about Spiderman. I thought his action scenes and wise cracking jokes were great. But his suit was shit and i'm not sure if i can take a little baby faced boy seriously. He seemed stupid and not questioning Tony or Steve about their allegiances. I get Panther and spider man will have their own movies so questions will be answered and their characters expanded upon. So im not too fussed about these gripes. I liked the Wanda and Vision scenes. As there are hints for the future there. Though what is up with Olsens accent. Changes every scene. Sort it out lady. The big fight between everyone was really good but that last battle between Bucky, Steve and Tony was one of the best and most intense i have ever seen. As soon as the video from 1991 started playing i clocked on and said shit. Amazing scene and very emotional.This was RDJs best acting in a marvel movie. Just tremendous. The movie did get a little messy at times but when you're juggling 10+ characters its understandable. Zemo though was not very well done. The endgame was effective but the question remains. How did he know about 1991? Maybe i missed it. Steve runs funny as always lol. Overall a brilliant movie and one that has allowed another superhero trilogy to be considered great. Not on Dark Knight trilogy level but really close. Well done Marvel. More films like this please. A-
  14. Just a brilliant all round movie. This was just amazing to watch. The visuals were beautiful. Especially Bagheera, Raksha and King Louis. Shere Khan looked mean as hell. I would have preferred Elbas voice to have been louder though when he spoke. Baloo's face looked abit too young but man did i enjoy this movie. That scene with Khan walking up the rocks to Akela was incredibly done and than that pounce. Mowgli and his wolf mother was incredibly touching. Wow. I cannot wait to watch again with my whole family. Perfect family movie. 10/10 A
  15. Damn. Fan of the actor. One of the best things about Teen Wolf. Hope he has a speedy recovery
  16. Yeah i do wonder what the deal is with London in Hollywood lately. Leave my home alone damn it
  17. the best Batman opening credits. Gives me goosebumps
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