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  1. second weekend will give a better indication of where this wil end up
  2. saw 13.5mill and was like no way! not the type of typo you want to do at this moment in time
  3. I had it at 183 so it lost 20mill imo. I hope it recovers but I think the buzz is gone now. People don't seem to be in the mood. This could carry on until christmas I think until the hobbit comes out.
  4. Seems as though the shooting had a bigger impact then imagined:( 70million is just 3mill more than tdk friday.
  5. anyone have any updates on how busy their local cinemas are for tdkr?
  6. i thinks its pretty decent site for comic book movies
  7. sorry its comicbookmovie.com thought you guys would know it.
  8. whats disgusting is a few TA fans on CBM saying how they happy their record is safe due to this shooting. Utterly disgusting thing to say. It prompted CBM to write an article about it.
  9. i'll stick with 183.6mil. hoping it gets above 190mil but with this tragedy it could dip to the 170's if people have decided to stay home.
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