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  1. one of those better sequels. Plenty of laughs and just all round fun A
  2. Thanks for reminding me about this turd. Prefer the AVP movies over this crap F
  3. Not sure what to make of it. Some parts i enjoyed but it seemed to get extremely muddled as it went on. On paper this story may have worked but on screen it was confusing as hell. Nice to see the iconic music make its way back before the credits start rolling (glares at T3)...FINALLY but still not utilized to its fullest. Emilia Clarke was good but i thought she needed to be more built like Linda was. She seemed to pampered and short. Jai was fine. Will never understand the shit that guy gets. Arnold was decent though that fight between the 2 Arnolds was very very very very underwhelming. If it was that easy to kill terminators (all kinds)...why the fuck are there 5 movies?!! Action was decent but i just dont like the story route they took. I liked the John Connor Terminater but i did not like that it was John. This whole timeline shit is a joke now. So Salvation never happened anytime during that timeline????? Well atleast they bought laser guns back into the future lol Now that this movie flopped at the boxoffice we will never know who sent 'Pops' back to protect Sarah Connor. C+
  4. FUN FUN FUN. Brilliant choreography and editing. All round blast. Bring on the sequel please A
  5. One of my favorites. Shocked. I was just humming Braveheart theme at work today and then I read the news. Him, Williams, Zimmer and Shore are my favorites. Just shocked. Very upsetting news. Tragic
  6. Awards and Oscars will come with time. In terms of box office.... Mate he is already there.
  7. Avatar ain't got shit on Jurassic park. As much as I love Titanic you can't possibly believe E.T. , Jaws and the other countless great movies Spielberg has made are not comparable to Titanic if not better. Just because he has 2 of the biggest movies of all time does not mean he is the greatest director of all time. Spielberg is the Godfather. No one can touch him not Cameron ( as great as he is ) and not even Nolan who is arguably the best director working today.
  8. I don't recall them mentioning that in the movie if she was the original from JP1
  9. Special effects were awful especially with the scorpion king. Why use the Rock if he isn't gonna actually play the character? But still a fun filled popcorn movie I can watch again and again. Enjoyed it as much as the first if not more A
  10. The best movie i have seen this year. It pretty much had everything for a family blockbuster. The start was a bit slow but it picked up pretty quickly after that. Chris Pratt and BDH were good and the kids played their parts. I-Rex i liked but also hated. i guess there is something iconic about the T-Rex as supreme dinosaur predator. Also Spinasaurus (as much as i hate him) was more scary. Good to see Dr Wu back. Funny how i was watching Focus the other day and he was in it. I couldn't pick out where i had seen him before until i saw JW and remembered. I didn't think the cinematography was very good though, seemed a bit standard. No iconic shots that will stay in my memory except for I-Rex death scene. Though the emergence of T-Rex out of his cell gave me goosebumps. That's when you knew the real shit was about to go down. I was hesitant about the raptors being able to be trained but it made sense given how large their brains were compared to other dinosaurs. Though they looked smaller to me compared to the old movies. Not as intimidating. T-Rex vs I-Rex was the real shit though. Everyone in my showing paniced when T-Rex was about to have his head bitten off. Quite a few people cried out 'NO!' That just shows the love for T-Rex. Thats right fuck you Spinosaurus. Good comeback from T-Rex with the aid of ...Blue? lol seemed funny the little raptor running towards his potential doom. Overall s good enjoyable popcorn flick and good to see Dinaosaurs ruling the Earth again. It didnt wow me like JP1 but then again that was one of the first true CGI used so it was a different impact as a child. Still would have preferred Spielberg had directed this but good job on Colins part. A-
  11. After watching this movie....OW is definitely done and dusted. TA is going down. I wish Spielberg had directed this but well done Colin, well done.
  12. yeah that was brilliant scene. It was the only showing of the aliens that was justified in my opinion.
  13. Absolutely spectacular. The directing is just superb. No words to describe it. This is why Spielberg is the best of all time. A
  14. Brilliant build up...until i saw the aliens. It was a movie that really didn't need to show the beings. Would have worked just fine. Anyways what Baumer said is 100% true. i'll give it a B just because i enjoyed most of it.
  15. one of the best comedies ever made. A
  16. The new trailer was pretty meh but still pretty excited to see this
  17. It is a disappointment. But it still a success. I also see Marvel coasting on their name here too
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