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  1. Halloween over 80 million OW club

    Way out, its still a slasher movie and I don't think IT should be a barometer of expectation for big horrors going forward. $40M+ is still extremely good for an R rated horror movie and I think this one will come in around $48M and probably finish around the $105M mark.
  2. Nothing really but it seems to have found a way to anger most sections of the Internet. Schumer has a lot of people who downright just don't like her or her brand of comedy which means they were going to trash the film, there are the hardcore social justice warriors that are trashing the film for being about a straight white able bodied woman trying to be body confident. There are the fatties who aren't happy that Schumer is classed as being overweight in this film when she is marginally chubby at best. Basically everyone everywhere tends to find something to complain about nowadays, some people just like being offended or being offended on the behalf of others.
  3. The average moviegoer doesn't want to constantly see an actor/actress talking about political issues or feminism, I don't think its got anything to do with people having a problem with women, it's more the fact that they are actors not politicians or activists no matter how hard they try to be. If you shove your agenda down everyones throats its eventually going to come back on you.
  4. Overly political/feminist celebrities tend to annoy people. The fact that she steals jokes and isn’t particularly funny doesn’t help her win over anyone. A different actress in this, maybe one who was genuinely overweight rather than just a bit chubby would have probably worked better.
  5. Im not sure if game night did the same but blockers had an extra weekend of previews the week before last added to its gross.
  6. I enjoyed this, not as consistently funny as game night but it should still do well with audiences. The adults are the best part, the 3 girls are okay but they get outshone by their parents.
  7. Saw this last night, as a big fan of Prometheus this was pretty dissapointing. I felt nothing for the characters, the alien itself looks so out of place because of poor CGI and very few of my questions were answered. I agree with another post, worst since AVP, I think I got more fun out of requiem.
  8. Then don't see it in 3d whatever you do, it was my only option and whilst the visuals still looked good, the 3d itself was garbage and the colour was so much more muted than the 2d version.
  9. Saw this today. It's alright, the effects are impressive, there are a couple of nice looking action scenes, the acting is solid too but it feels like it's missing something. It's not particularly deep, I'm not familiar with the anime so I had no connection to the characters going in and I felt like the trailers gave away the story. Overall I'd say 6/10, worth a watch but only once.
  10. It will mirror it in that the deserving film/person wins but the same people as usual will cry that it's because the losers are black that they lost.
  11. Split (2017)

    I mainly agree with the above, I enjoyed it but it did have stretches where I was starting to get a bit bored. The scenes in the doctors office went on for too long and the flashbacks to the girls camping trip kept taking you out of the story and could have been put together to form one scene. As for the ending, as someone who likes and remembers Unbreakable, I thought it was a great little nod that wrapped up the film nicely and gave some basis to Kevins transformation. However, 95% of the audience did not understand the ending at all. Unbreakable is over fifteen years old and wasn't a huge box office hit back in the day so the reference is going to throw a lot of people off. overall I'd give it a high 6/low 7, for now I'd say I prefer The Visit. I've ranked the Shyamalan films that I've seen below. The Sixth Sense Unbreakable Signs The Visit Split The Lady in The Water The Village The Happening The Last Airbender
  12. Passengers (2016)

    He does attempt to redeem his decision though, twice. He puts himself in front of the fire to save Aurora and he then gives her the opportunity to go back into hybernation. She realises at that point that she has found someone that can make her life worthwhile in a way that she couldn't find on earth. The morality issue isn't really addressed because I thought it was posing the question to the audience, if you were a man would you have done the same to have female company for the rest of your life and if you're a woman, could you forgive him for taking your life away even if you were in love with him. I found it a much more thoughtful and interesting storyline than, they both woke up at the same time and fell in love, which was what I went in expecting.
  13. Passengers (2016)

    I also thought it was better than the reviews would have suggested. It's not perfect but I think a lot of the hate stems from the way Aurora and Jim come to meet, which is unjustified in my opinion. He's been without human contact for over a year, he has all day everyday by himself, why wouldn't he watch the passenger videos and find out more about the people on the ship. He debated waking her up for months before he did it as well so I don't get the politically correct "its misogynistic and creepy" talk. The two had good chemistry together, Pratt is likable as usual and Lawrence looks like shes actually putting in a bit of effort here which she doesn't always do (Apocalypse). I'd recommend it for someone looking for a light sci-fi that doesn't take itself too seriously. 7/10

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