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  1. I sometimes need a second watch with QT films to fully appreciate them but on first watch this was probably QT’s weakest film for me. Large sections of the film just meander without any real progression of the storyline. This would be fine if QT’s usual snippy dialogue was in there but it just isn’t with this one. Every other QT film you can point to at least one scene (usually much more than one scene) and instantly recognise that you’re watching a scene with fantastic dialogue and back and forth between the characters. Calvin’s speech at the table in DU, The entire opening 15 minutes of IB, every other scene in Pulp Fiction. I didn’t view any scenes in this as being iconic or including particular engaging dialogue. Sure the recreation of old Hollywood is great but I so wanted more to happen with the Manson family angle. The almost goofy (albeit extremely violent) ending gives a glimpse of more what I was hoping for in a QT alternate history revenge flick. My opinion will hopefully change when I watch it in a few months on home video but for now, I give this a passable grade and nothing more. 6/10
  2. Agree with the above, there is untapped potential and a lot more they could have done with this story but for a ‘generic’ action film, I liked it. The action scenes themselves are directed far more competently that you would probably expect from a film that critics have trashed. The motorbike chase in particular has a distinctive eye that you would expect a director of Lee’s capabilities to be able of. Its not ground breaking but I’ve seen much worse action fodder in the past few years. 6/10
  3. I had never been to a cinema in Asia before but I noticed how people seemed to clap and cheer every other minute in the last 30-45 minutes. There was a big cheer for Wanda and then loads for cap, Thor and iron man. Personally I didn’t care for it, seemed like it was a competition of who could be loudest. I’m all for enjoying the film but howling with laughter and cheering every 5 minutes gets boring
  4. Big eye roll when they just had to put in all of the female heroes in a line up up to take on the army. Captain marvel was in it far less than expected too. I still enjoyed it and the end battle is great but it felt every minute of three hours. Oscar talk is lol
  5. I preferred infinity war. The ending is very good but it seems to take hours of build up to get you there
  6. Very well directed, great cinematography.... but what a chore to watch. A maid who is not very good at her job and works for an annoying family (no wonder the dad left) gets pregnant and ditched. The baby dies but she helps save two of the children from drowning, the end. I was not interested in the story or her character at all, she says about 10 words throughout the whole film and it moves at such a slow pace going from one mundane scenario to the next. The opening scene is literally almost five minutes of watching water going down a drain. At least 90 minutes of this movie is watching people clean, kids running around shouting or trying to park a car. The Oscars wont do them selves any favours with the general audience if a slow, black and white, spanish language film wins best pic. 5/10
  7. 90 minutes of an annoying moping 12 year old girl glued to her phone in between saying ‘like’ every other word. It’s competently made and acted but watching what is a very average girl, being awkward at school and then scrolling through Instagram at home does not make for an entertaining film.
  8. A disappointingly standard slasher. It takes way too long to get going and have Michael put on the mask. All of the nods to the original are just role reversals of the first film and the new characters are uninteresting and purely there to be killed off. The cheating boyfriend not being killed seems a baffling choice as they spend time showing what a scumbag he is. The comedy is forced and feels out of place in a brutal slasher and lauries house just doesn’t make sense. It’s designed to be a fortress but it’s actually really damn easy to get in and she must have known that because it’s designed to include traps within the house. its good to hear the score up on the big screen but I would personally rank quite a few of the sequels above this. It’s nowhere near as bad as Zombies awful remakes but it lacks creativity in the kills and much like the franchise, it feels tired and overdone. 6/10
  9. It's good, a solid biopic that benefits from good acting and some pretty great direction. The score as expected is also very good. Despite it using Neil's family life to drive the story forward it lacked a bit of heart for me. Neil is such an understated and quiet individual that hes actually quite hard to connect with. He comes off as having an admirable perseverance to his work that leaves his family neglected. Acting wise i don't see any wins at the oscars, I would not be surprised at all if Gosling isn't nominated because his performance doesn't have any big flashy scene. Foy has more to do dramatically and probably gets in Supporting, even though she has enough screen time to be lead. Picture and Director noms should be locked. It's my least favourite of Chazelle's films and I'd rank it under biopics like Captain Phillips but it is still an interesting, if not wildly entertaining, look at an amazing advancement for our species. 7/10
  10. Really overhyped. Cooper both behind and in front of the camera is the best thing the film has going for it but a lot of the rest is generic. There is one truly standout song which is played 4-5 times. The rest of the film jarringly goes between concert scenes to jack drinking to Gaga becoming world famous after a couple of shows. The story is so generic and obvious (ageing drunk musician) and a (self conscious girl with talent) that it’s hard to connect with the story or care too much about what happens to either of them. The Brit record producer is another bland character who’s every action is predictable. overall it’s got one good song and a few well acted scenes but the story and characters are dull. 6/10
  11. Vue is one of the biggest chains in the U.K so it's definitely going to have some sort of impact. I can't see ASIB until vue show it or I can pay 3x the price at the local arthouse.
  12. The reviews aren’t that baffling it’s an extremely poorly made film. Generic story, acting is awful and the action is for the most part an uninspired cgi mess. Some really cringe attempts at comedy and there’s one scene that will likely go straight on some ‘what were they thinking’ lists.
  13. What part aren’t you getting about movies primarily aimed at African-American audiences not having much play in countries that don’t have African Americans? sorry to bother you making more than other indies in the u.s means nothing overseas. If they thought it would be worth releasing and make them money then they would. Seeing as you brought it up, Larry the Cable Guy movies didn’t really get released overseas either. He’s an unknown outside the U.S so the films wouldn’t have made any money.
  14. I don't think it has anything to do with that, most 'black' movies are targeted primarily at the African-American demographic. As other countries worldwide don't have African-American populations then they don't resonate with worldwide audience as much and tend to get a smaller or no release at all. Big exceptions are films with wide ranging appeal like 'Black panther' and 'Get out'. Sorry to bother you is a small platform release with stars that aren't known outside the U.S so its not a surprise overseas distributors don't think it has much potential. Tyler Perry movies do great business in America but don't get released much overseas because they wouldn't make any money.
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