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  1. What part aren’t you getting about movies primarily aimed at African-American audiences not having much play in countries that don’t have African Americans? sorry to bother you making more than other indies in the u.s means nothing overseas. If they thought it would be worth releasing and make them money then they would. Seeing as you brought it up, Larry the Cable Guy movies didn’t really get released overseas either. He’s an unknown outside the U.S so the films wouldn’t have made any money.
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with that, most 'black' movies are targeted primarily at the African-American demographic. As other countries worldwide don't have African-American populations then they don't resonate with worldwide audience as much and tend to get a smaller or no release at all. Big exceptions are films with wide ranging appeal like 'Black panther' and 'Get out'. Sorry to bother you is a small platform release with stars that aren't known outside the U.S so its not a surprise overseas distributors don't think it has much potential. Tyler Perry movies do great business in America but don't get released much overseas because they wouldn't make any money.
  3. ainsleyb

    The First Purge (2018)

    Come on, they literally have the white people in this as either evil rich politicians or klansmen. There is no inbetween. The only white woman in this gets to have her ‘I’m changing my ways’ moment before she gets killed by white men. I thought the main klansmen in the final scene was wearing a Reagan mask at first he had such a striking resemblance. Theyve gone sledgehammer first at the ‘whitey is keeping us down’ crowd and it might work for them but not for me. Bring back grillo.
  4. ainsleyb

    The First Purge (2018)

    Almost on par with the first film as being the worst in the series. It’s political message is so heavy handed that it’s pretty much pandering to its target audience. One of the characters shouts “don’t grab my pussy”, the ‘hero’ is a black murdering drug dealer and pretty much every white character is a stock evil racist. The story itself starts off slowly and doesnt follow up with any of its ideas. Some of the masks used are creepy and there’s a handful of inventive death and chase scenes but it’s overall a poor effort.
  5. Hot weather or not that’s a very average opening over a full week for Oceans 8.
  6. ainsleyb

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    Way out, its still a slasher movie and I don't think IT should be a barometer of expectation for big horrors going forward. $40M+ is still extremely good for an R rated horror movie and I think this one will come in around $48M and probably finish around the $105M mark.
  7. Nothing really but it seems to have found a way to anger most sections of the Internet. Schumer has a lot of people who downright just don't like her or her brand of comedy which means they were going to trash the film, there are the hardcore social justice warriors that are trashing the film for being about a straight white able bodied woman trying to be body confident. There are the fatties who aren't happy that Schumer is classed as being overweight in this film when she is marginally chubby at best. Basically everyone everywhere tends to find something to complain about nowadays, some people just like being offended or being offended on the behalf of others.
  8. The average moviegoer doesn't want to constantly see an actor/actress talking about political issues or feminism, I don't think its got anything to do with people having a problem with women, it's more the fact that they are actors not politicians or activists no matter how hard they try to be. If you shove your agenda down everyones throats its eventually going to come back on you.
  9. Overly political/feminist celebrities tend to annoy people. The fact that she steals jokes and isn’t particularly funny doesn’t help her win over anyone. A different actress in this, maybe one who was genuinely overweight rather than just a bit chubby would have probably worked better.
  10. Im not sure if game night did the same but blockers had an extra weekend of previews the week before last added to its gross.
  11. I enjoyed this, not as consistently funny as game night but it should still do well with audiences. The adults are the best part, the 3 girls are okay but they get outshone by their parents.
  12. Saw this last night, as a big fan of Prometheus this was pretty dissapointing. I felt nothing for the characters, the alien itself looks so out of place because of poor CGI and very few of my questions were answered. I agree with another post, worst since AVP, I think I got more fun out of requiem.
  13. Then don't see it in 3d whatever you do, it was my only option and whilst the visuals still looked good, the 3d itself was garbage and the colour was so much more muted than the 2d version.

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