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  1. do you ever..... just say anything good about the film? What's the point of bashing it all the time..
  2. Twitter isn't agreeing with all of you! I'm not saying it was a great film but it didn't suck and it was a fun adventure film. The pacing of the second half is up there with the original Star Wars film and the Falcon stuff in ESB as far as action.
  3. This place has become a CESS POOL of hate for Star Wars. This is stupid...
  4. Nope, I originally predicted 680 but something recently tells me it will make a little more than 20 million in China, so upping to 710 Still sticking with my 289 DOM though. Deadpool's third week might just beat SOLO's second week.
  5. The Boxofficetheory forums...... One hundred threads about SOLO under this and SOLO under that projections...... good gawd.... get lives people
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