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  1. Just finished my midnight screening. Can’t say much since I’m on my phone, but I liked it plenty. It’s no Black Panther, but I’d call it a solid upper-mid tier Marvel movie. Brie continues Marvel’s strong track record for casting their heroes and both Goose and Talos are MVPs. I’d say it does have some pacing problems in the first/third acts, but nothing movie ruining for me. It’s not going to compete with Infinity War, but it’s still a strong movie in its own right. In conclusion, if you like Marvel movies, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t then same. For all the bickering, it is very much a Marvel movie through and through
  2. Okay 1) Congratulations on completely missing the point and subtext of Black Panther, 2) Congratulations on completely missing the point and subtext of Killmonger's character, motivations and arc, 3) it takes a really 'impressive' person to look at Killmonger's actions in the CIA where his job was specifically mentioned as deliberately destablising African nations for the CIA's gain and go 'Hey, white people gave him the opportunity for a really great job, guess that means racism can't be that bad!', 4) if you're complaining that people keep making you feel guilty for enjoying Green Book, then have you considered that maybe it's the film's fault for having stupid stuff in it? Oh, and finally, 5) Congratulations on missing the point and subtext of BlacKkKlansman. Person: "Hey, maybe being 'feel-good' shouldn't be the priority when telling stories about real-life racism?" Futurist: "YOU WANT US ALL TO LIVE IN VENEZUALA, YOU COMMUNIST!" Seems like a reasonable leap to me.
  3. You're right. We really need more movies that focus on the feel-good side of racism. Because that's what's truly important, right?[/sarcasm mode]
  4. Hey guys, I just woke up. Hope I didn't miss anything important! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drink from this enormous pitcher of fruit juice while I go check the Best Picture winner this year and/or scroll up to look at the title of this thread.
  5. Dude, Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice all made it into the BP lineup this year. I severely doubt the voters of the Academy give that much of a shit about looking appealing to the younguns. (Also, this entire thing is a really dumb conspiracy theory, fyi.)
  6. Literally just had this pointed out to me on a podcast I was listening to, but it is honestly darkly hilarious (specifically in regards to how bullshit the entire 'true story' element of this is (since according to Shirley's family, the two were never actually friends)), that in the big 'Here are the characters in real life!' photo montage at the end, literally not a single one of the real-life pictures shown ever has Tony Lip and Doc Shirley actually together or sharing the same frame. Jesus, this movie is garbage.
  7. Huh. Okay then. Not going to lie, I'm honestly somewhat impressed that, in a year without a single Nolan film, it still kinda feels like the Nolan film won again. EDIT: Goddamn it, ninja'd by Jake.
  8. Y'know, it never ceases to amaze me how consistently surprised you all seem that the critically/audience acclaimed, billion-dollar-making Marvel movie turns out to be, in fact, rather popular on these forums. If anything, I'm surprised it's this low.
  9. Personally, I'd say the lesson is more 'Don't schedule your movie in a crowded December with Aquaman, Bumblebee, Mary Poppins and Spider-Man.' Especially when there's a perfectly empty (live-action blockbuster-wise) February up for grabs.
  10. Suuuuuuure you did, buddy. Which is exactly why you, like all successful Ivy League graduates I imagine, spend all your free time wanking off James Cameron on a very minor internet forum related to box office, while also complaining about people misspelling 'hot dog' (which you can in fact spell both ways). Clearly we're dealing a true success story here. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pretend I actually believe you, you're clearly a compulsive liar about this kind of shit. But this is also one of those rare occasions where I actually kinda think it would be more pathetic if you were telling the truth. Now unless you have anything actually constructive to say, which you very clearly don't, can you please kindly buzz off and leave this thread in peace.
  11. And now, finally and thankfully, here's my No 1 pick of 2018...
  12. And here it is. The final 2 movies of the year (that I'm 90% certain most people will have already guessed by now.) Which will place first and which will place second? Open the spoiler box and see......
  13. 3. The Hate U Give Top 3 time and I’m starting off (obviously) on a high note. I never read the original novel for this when it came out, but I remember all the talk about it and how great it was. And, having now watched the film version, I can safely say I definitely believe it. This movie was fantastic on almost every level. From the writing to the acting to the story to the direction, it was near pitch perfect and continued bucketloads of interesting themes and ideas and explorations of what it means to be black in modern day America. It honestly says something that, when brainstorming about this movie, the biggest flaw I could come up with is that I’m too used to Anthony Mackie being Falcon to buy him as a ruthless gang lord. Honestly a large part of why I was so down on Green Book all the way back down towards the beginning of this list is because it feels like this movie does everything that movie did but 100 times better. The main character is torn between her black home culture and ‘acting white’ in her preppy high school? This movie goes into the reasons why she feels she has to act this way and both the positives and negatives that come from that. There’s a supportive white character involved? This movie treats him as a good guy but also points out that there are certain things he’s just not going to get about being black (plus it doesn’t make him the lead or have him try to teach famed black icon Doc Shirley how to be black by eating fried chicken (Sorry, I'm still not over that.)) Even the cop shooting angle it handles with some nuance. The main character’s Uncle is a cop and there’s a great little scene between the two debating the reasons why the officer did what he did and whether or not it justified his actions. The film is steeped in black culture and identity and works all the better for it. It also helps that the characters are really likeable. Not just Amanda Stenberg, who gives a magnificent performance as the clearly traumatised Starr, but her family and her friends and the world around her feels like an actual world rather than just a backdrop. It’s the sort of movie that made me want to see more of the characters, even knowing that the plot was more or less wrapped up. And there are very few movies that actually do that to me. In conclusion, out of all the movies that dealt with race this year, this was easily my favourite. It juggles complex and meaningful subjects deftly while still remaining likeable and easy to watch, with great performances and great characters to anchor it all down with. It's a shame this didn't get more of a recognition with the Oscars because it definitely deserves it. (Also, I'm fairly certain at this point that everyone should be able to guess what the top two are going to be, considering my well known love of certain genres/franchises. But which way round will they place? Let's find out...)
  14. 4. Mirai Fun fact, I actually juggled this and Maquia's positions back and forth about half a dozen times while making this list, before eventually making my decision on which one to rank higher. And, if you read the review I wrote for it back when I first saw it, you can understand why I love it so much. Putting it simply, the movie is delightful. Good light-hearted slice-of-life is one of those genres that's very tricky to get just right but when you do, it's like an insta-win button straight to my heart. And I'd say Mirai got it right. The movie, about a somewhat spoiled toddler coming to terms with his new baby sister being brought home is funny, sweet and heartwarming in equal measure. It's the sort of movie I didn't realise I even wanted so much until I got it and my only regret is that there wasn't more. Honestly, I mentioned this movie competing with Maquia for this spot and in a lot of ways it is amazing just how much the two movies mirror each other. Both are about parenthood and raising a family, but where Maquia is high-stakes and tragic emotional drama, Mirai is low-stakes and life-affirming. And where Maquia has both incredibly emotional highs but also kinda rushed not-great development, Mirai feels almost consistently great throughout, but without any of the real souring peaks that Maquia had (which is weird because Mamoru Hosoda up to this point almost consistently had really emotional climaxes). Heck, even in their genre they're perfect mirrors. Maquia's slice of life elements feel like backdrop to the fantasy, while Mirai's fantasy elements feel like a backdrop to the slice-of-life. But I think the ultimate reason Mirai nudged out Maquia in this contest is because, after the year that was 2018, I really did want something nice and pleasant to enjoy, like this movie. And, in that regard, Mirai obviously delivered. Plus it finally broke the no-none-Ghibli-anime movie curse in the Best Animated Feature awards! I mean, obviously, it's not going to win (and arguably shouldn't), but I'm cool with the nomination. After all, it's about time Mamoru Hosoda got recognised (and yes, I am still made he didn't get in 2012 for Wolf Children). And while I wouldn't call this his very best movie, it's still an excellent piece in his filmography.
  15. And now for the Top 5... 5. Maquia: The Promised Flower Blooms Sometimes a GIF can convey thoughts more about a movie than mere words ever could. And in that regard, behold an accurate summation of my initial reaction to Maquia: The Promised Flower Blooms. Seriously though, I don't think it's unfair to say this movie got me somewhat emotional. In fact, I would go so far to say that this movie was a like a fucking nuclear warhead blast fired directly into each and every one of my feels. It somehow managed to push on every single emotional spot for me, parenthood, growing up, the inevitability of time and death, each one delivered with emotion-punishing force. This movie was fairly renowned anime screenwriter Mari Okada’s directorial debut and heavily based on her real-life estranged relationship with her mother, who raised her as a young single working parent, and trust me when I say you can feel it. Each emotional beat feels like it has real passion and meaning behind it, even behind all the fantasy flair and drama. The movie itself follows Maquia, a shy young member of a secluded tribe of Iorphs, immortal blond child-like waifs, who is constantly overshadowed by her two friends and lacks self-confidence. However, when her homeland is attacked by dragon-riding humans, looking to capture a female Iorph to bring immortal blood to their royal bloodline, Maquia is left to stumble lost and alone. Shortly after, she comes across a baby, whose parents were slaughtered by bandits and chooses to adopt him rather than leave him to die, naming him Ariel. Of course, the fact that Ariel ages and grow and she doesn't causes a lot of difficulty, especially when she's caught up in an attempted rescue of one of her friends that gets... emotionally complicated. Naturally, it all leads to, well not exactly 'tragedy' but a lot of emotional things that stomp on my feels with a severe lack of disregard for my heartstrings. Also, the movie looks absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, this is arguably the most beautiful looking animation of 2018. The fantasy landscapes and cities are just swimming with gorgeous artwork, looking like something out of a painting in almost every shot. It really adds a lot to the beautifully-melancholic atmosphere of the movie as the characters move from location to location in search of work or a place to live. The sole thing I will say is that the CGI dragons don’t look great though, but they’re thankfully not in the movie all that much. I will say though, out of all the movies in the Top 5… hell, arguably the entire Top 10, this is probably the one that feels the most openly flawed. The fact that it’s trying to contain an entire lifespan within a 2 hour movie means that a lot of scenes and moments do get jumped over very fast and there are a lot of scenes, particularly in the middle, that feel like they lacked the appropriate emotional build-up to really make sense (although said scenes also felt like, in my mind, the ones most likely to be drawn from Okada’s actual life, so make of that what you will). But overall I’m willing to forgive it for that for just how high it reached and for just how effective and emotional the entire story was. From Maquia’s lonely early days to how her world changes again and again to the tragic and tear-jerking but inevitable conclusion, it all just worked for me. Even the secondary side plot (which funnily enough seemed to be the significantly more epic plot compared to Maquia’s more simple down-to-earth drama) I thought was excellent with several minor stories that seemed to happening and developing on their own in the background. It takes what could’ve been a simple ‘Rescue the princess from the tower’ storyline and adds its share of dark and heartbreaking turns and twists, some of which even mirror Maquia’s own journey. Overall, this movie isn’t perfect, but I’m willing to give it a pass because of just how much goddamn emotion it contained. I didn’t cry at any movies in 2018, but this came closest by far to getting me to do so and it left me in an emotional funk for most of the next day. And trust me when I say that’s rare. So yeah, I don’t know for certain if anyone else will get the same kind of experience I had during this (I already know a few friends who weren’t amazingly fond of it) but I’d still highly recommend it. It looks gorgeous and has a ton of emotion behind it.
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