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  1. You know, in some ways it's comforting to know that JCS will be leaving this forum the same way in which he lived in it... By being completely full of shit.
  2. Pretty sure the biggest question for me in this thread is less "Which 70's Movie do I put in 1st?" and more 'Can I see enough 70's Movies before the deadline to knock 'Salo or 120 Days of Sodom' off my list?" (And yes, I am aware I don't necessarily have to send in a full 100 movie list, but I'm a perfectionist, dammit!)
  3. Boy, who would've thought that Speed Racer would make the list twice!!
  4. Just got back from my own screening and I enjoyed it a lot. Basically everything I was expecting/hoping for from the trailers. Johnson and Statham are both great, with an excellent dynamic, a lot of great lines and the movie is honestly surprisingly hilarious at times. Legitimately had some really large laughs in the theatre and my audience seemed really into it as well. While it's somewhat difficult to tell with the box office these days, I suspect this is probably going have fairly good WOM. Also, I love how the F&F franchise has more or less just accepted that it's now basically a superhero series with cars and fully leaned in into that absurdity with fucking supersoldiers, megaviruses and shadowy secret organisations. Love it. Also also, massive spoiler here (so absolutely don't look if you want to stay surprised), but I couldn't finish this without mentioning-
  5. Of course it's locked. It was locked from the moment this thread was created. Have you seen the size of the Nolanboner this forum has? They may not be as attention-seeking as the Cameron fans, but what they lack in volume, they make up for in voting overhyped Nolan and Nolan-adjacent movies to the Number 1 spot in Best of Year lists. I mean, Jesus, The Dark Knight Rises won our 2012 list... twice!
  6. Finally finished my list up. Not going to lie, it was incredibly easy to come up with a list of 50 comic book movies that I love, but it was also like pulling goddamn nails to actually try and get them in any kind of ranking/order. Had to make some hard cuts on this one to trim it down to 30. Also, I was surprised to realise that more than half of my Top 30 weren't Marvel/DC movies (barely). Turns out I'm not quite as much of a superhero shill as I initially thought I was. Also also, I was not joking when I said I was going to stan the hell out of Speed Racer for this. Anyway, here's my list. Speed Racer The Avengers Into the Spiderverse Ghost in the Shell The Dark Knight In this Corner of the World Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Infinity War The Death of Stalin Captain America: The Winter Soldier A Silent Voice Miss Hokusai Wonder Woman Black Panther Batman Begins Men in Black Civil War Guardians of the Galaxy Thor Ragnarok Sin City Hellboy 2 Castle of Cagliostro X-Men Days of Future Past Deadpool Kingsman Persepolis Whisper of the Heart Snowpiercer Dredd The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
  7. I take everything nice I said back. You're a terrible person and you should feel bad.
  8. Ah, don't worry about it, I joke because I love. I haven't seen a lot of the movies on the list either. Actually, if you want an interesting way of getting yourself to watch a bunch of old movies (also tagging in @baumer since he mentioned wanting to do the same), you should do what I did last summer and challenge yourself to watch one movie you've never seen before for each year, from 1920 onwards. It's surprisingly fun and helped introduce me to a lot of films I wouldn't have checked out otherwise, many of which made it onto my list. It also helps that a lot of the early films are in the public domain and thus you can basically just find them on Youtube if you want. (I'm currently in the mid 1960's on my run, even though I haven't had the time/effort/work ethic to update the thread since 1934. Maybe some day...)
  9. Can I be honest and say that at least half of my enjoyment of this countdown thus far has come from watching Tower attempt to bluff his way through the fact that he's clearly not seen about 90% of these movies? (For the record, that's not a knock on Tower, who I think has legitimately done a great job with this list and deserves full credit for his hard work. It's just something I find very amusing, is all.) EDIT: Goddamnit it, I would get ninja'd by one of the few films he has actually seen, wouldn't I?
  10. Okay, speaking as apparently the one guy who voted for this, in my defense, I mainly included it a) because I was running out of ideas to fill up the list and b) because I saw it ranked highly on another list in the thread seemingly without objection and thus assumed it was eligible/okay. (Of course, said list turned out to be one of JCS's lists, but I hadn't realised that at the time). Honestly though, even though I do love the Black and Chrome edition and feel it does add some unique stuff to the original viewing that justifies its existence, if I'd realised nobody else was counting it or considered it eligible, then yeah I probably would've left it off without any real objections. And I don't feel like my one mildly-confused-about-the-rules vote should've been enough to propel it past movies like Metropolis and the like. So if you want to discount it and move everything else up one, then that's fine by me.
  11. Yes! A new list that I can stan Speed Racer for! And then be incredibly disappointed when it inevitably misses out! Also, here's another 'You might not have realised this was adapted from a comic book' FYC.
  12. To be fair, I'm about 90% certain I only picked that film because I saw it on Numbers' list and unthinkingly assumed he was right. Son of a- !!
  13. Me while writing this list: Ugh, I've wracked my brains for every black and white movie I remember watching and I'm still only on 95. How am I going to fill that last little gap? Me, one minute later: Wait a minute. Village of the Damned was black and white and I love that movie! Me, another minute later: Wait a minute, Eyes Without a Face was also black and white and I also love that movie! Me, a third minute later: Wait a minute, freaking The Haunting was black and white and that's one of my favourite horror movies of all time! Man, this is going great! All I need to do now is fill in those last two spots and I'll be done! That should be easy enough! Me, 20 minutes later: ......Ah fuck it, I'll just put in Reefer Madness, who cares. The funny thing is I'm about 90% certain I'm going to have remembered some other film that could've gone on my list instead about an hour after the deadline closes. In the meantime, my full list is in the spoiler box below, if anyone's interested.
  14. Just finished my midnight screening. Can’t say much since I’m on my phone, but I liked it plenty. It’s no Black Panther, but I’d call it a solid upper-mid tier Marvel movie. Brie continues Marvel’s strong track record for casting their heroes and both Goose and Talos are MVPs. I’d say it does have some pacing problems in the first/third acts, but nothing movie ruining for me. It’s not going to compete with Infinity War, but it’s still a strong movie in its own right. In conclusion, if you like Marvel movies, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t then same. For all the bickering, it is very much a Marvel movie through and through
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