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  1. And now we finally get to my No 1 movies of 2019... That's right, I said movies plural because, as I mentioned at the very beginning of this list, I actually have a tie for my No 1 movie this year. Much like with my bottom two movies, my top spot is taken two movies that I absolutely just could not separate no matter. So I've decided to reward them both equally this year. Let's start off with the most obvious one, shall we?
  2. 3. Knives Out You know, there are two types of movies that I really love above all others, so much so that I’ve given them names. The first is the Passionate type, a movie with a strong style or idea that it throws itself into 100%, without a second of doubt or hesitation or ‘maybe this is too silly’, instead choosing to let their style/story/source material speak for itself and trusting that the audience will ‘get it’. Examples of this include my Top 2 movies this year, along with the likes of Night is Short, Walk on Girl and Pacific Rim. The second type is what I like
  3. 4. Ride Your Wave Boy, what is it with anime films unexpectedly being about loss and grief and/or water this year? Seriously though, Masaaki Yuasa is absolutely one of those animated directors who I really feels needs to gets more recognition in wider animated discourse. While I’m sure you’re most likely to recognise his name from Lu Over the Wall, Devilman Crybaby or the recent big hit anime series Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, he also did my favourite film of 2017 Night is Short, Walk on Girl and a lot more beyond that. Almost every project he’s attached
  4. 5. The Nightingale You know, for all that people are complaing about Greta Gerwig and Lulu Wang missing out on Best Director this year, I’ve got a different question for them. Where the hell was Jennifer Kent? Because this latest movie from the Babadook director was a fucking gut-punch and a half and deserves a hell of a lot more attention that it got. The movie itself is set in Australia and follows Claire, an Irish penal colonist, played by an exceptional Aisling Franciosi, on the hunt for revenge after she is raped and her husband and child murdered by sh
  5. 6. Okko's Inn Remember when Miyazaki ‘retired’ back in 2013 and Studio Ghibli shut its doors and everyone was left asking ‘Who’s going the be the next Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli?’ Certainly lots of names got thrown about, like Mamoru Hosoda, Makoto Shinkai and Masaaki Yuasa, mainly because they’d just made popular/well liked anime films and nobody really wanted to point out that they clearly had their own styles that did not remotely resemble Ghibli’s. Studio Kara even had a shot at the title with Mary and the Witch’s Flower, which suffered somewhat from the fact that it wa
  6. 7. Nezha You know, when people talk about ‘China’ in regards to modern film, it’s usually just to criticize Hollywood’s transparent and clumsy attempts to pander to them. Which, to some extent, is fair since Hollywood is nothing if not blatant in their attempts to suck up that sweet sweet Chinese cash. But what I’m far more interested in are the films coming out of China at the moment. Now it’s certainly not new or rare for a country to grow its own burgeoning film industry, South Korea has already carved out a strong niche for itself, but usually said industries are he
  7. 8. Steven Universe: The Movie Okay, I'm aware this one will turn a few eyebrows and I will confess that it is entirely an unapologetically-biased ‘me’ pick (says the guy whose Top 10 is filled with 60% animated movies), but I absolutely don't regret it. I love Steven Universe the TV show. It may have had a rocky beginning, but it’s managed to evolve into such a great series with fun complex characters, dealing with complicated emotions and conflicted feelings and taking entirely different approaches to common kids show tropes in a way that just makes me marvel. Not bad
  8. 9. Ready or Not You know, it probably says something that two of my favourite live-action movies this year involve a self-entitled family of rich selfish idiots getting what’s coming to them.* Can’t possibly imagine what though. Seriously though, this movie was great fun. A simple concept (rich people hunting a new bride through their mansion) executed brilliantly with great characters, great action and great humour, all leading to a hilariously bloody and satisfying conclusion. The movie made me laugh, it made me cringe violently (especially during a certai
  9. Sorry for the past few days wait, guys, but I accidentally lost a decent chunk of my write-ups when my computer crashed, so I had to redo them from scratch. Which isn't fun. But anyway, I've finally made it to the Top 10. And it only took *checks calendar*... the best part of a month. Oops. Probably shouldn't waste any more time then. 10. Ruben Brandt Collector Technically, this is more a 2018 film than a 2019 film, since it was in contention for the 2018 Animated Oscar, but I didn’t get a chance to see it until November this year, so I’m
  10. 11. Klaus Not going to lie, I honestly wasn’t expecting all that much from this film. I saw the trailer and thought it looked like the most typical ‘Rich pampered guy tries to regain his former luxuries but in the process learns the true meaning of goodness/friendship/hardwork’ sort of movie you could imagine, albeit with a Santa Claus twist. And, y’know, it’s not exactly not that. I’d be lying if I didn’t find most of the plot beats somewhat predictable. But what I absolutely wasn’t expecting was for this movie to be, well... so full of heart. Honestly, I’
  11. 12. Weathering with You I feel like the vast majority of this film's advertising/hype/appeal since its announcement can basically be summed up as 'Hey everyone, did you like Your Name? Because this is by the guy who did Your Name!' Seriously though, while Makoto Shinkai has actually been around for a while and Your Name isn’t his first success, this movie and its relation to Your Name does kinda remind me of the relationship between Get Out and Us. Specifically, it’s a follow-up effort that doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor, but certainly tr
  12. 13. Bacarau Okay, this movie is going to be a massive pain to talk about, because a) it’s a movie a lot of you have probably never heard of and b) I can’t really explain the basic premise in any detail without massively spoiling one of the movie’s major twists. And, since I’m wanting to try and convince people to go watch it because it’s great, that’s naturally kind of an issue for me. So... er... You're just kinda going to have to take my word for it? Because trust me, this movie is really good. It has it all. Social commentary, tension, mystery, brutal go
  13. 14. 1917 War be fucked, y'all. Anyway, at the time of writing of this, 1917 currently looks likely to be the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Oscars this year. (EDIT: Hah! Certainly called that one. Also, boy am I way behind on actually posting these.) And you know what? I'm completely good with that. After all, it's the highest ranking BP nominee on my list, since I never watched Marriage Story or the Irishman. And it's a damn good war film beyond that, telling what feels like a much smaller-scale story about a small (probably false) incident in WWI and
  14. 15. Midsommar Guys, I'm starting to think Ari Aster might have a problem. ...Specifically, the problem that his movies are consistently churning out some of the best main actress performances of the year (if not decade) yet are constantly being overlooked by the main awards ceremonies for whatever reason. Because if there's one performance this year that was unfairly overlooked and wasn't Lupita Nyongo in Us, it was Florence Pugh in this movie. Oh, and also the problem that he's kinda fucked in the head. Joking aside, this was another fantastic
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