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  1. Well the movie can have good weekend holds but not do that good during weekdays. Perhaps that's why you think the total should be higher by looking at weekend holds.
  2. Incredibly ignorant...? Someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of bed today. He/She specifically used the words " weren't paying attention'. How you go from that to " idiots " is beyond me. I can tell my fiancee she didn't pay attention during Tenet and to take it as me calling her an idiot would be an absolute stretch. Lots of people don't pay much attention during movies, that's why most of the highest grossing movies are pieces that can be understood by everyone, without requiring much attention to details. The majority of movie-goers just go to the cinema for other reasons.
  3. Both Batman and Dune have done very well trailer viewership wise. I think we can make an exception this time and consider those two to not be mutually exclusive, right guys?
  4. What exactly made no sense in it, provided you buy into the concept of inversion? Or were you expecting a physics documentary?
  5. Yeah, I was expecting the trailer to bring in maybe 50% of the views it has in this point in time. I really want the movie to succeed so I hope that in this case it's a good sign.
  6. Your little campaign against Tenet is already boring. Try not to be so obvious next time.
  7. Yeah, two of my family members and three of my friends have watched it and they all liked it. They didn't LOVE it but they definitely thought it was worth seeing on the big screen. Bad word of mouth came with something like suicide squad, not tenet.
  8. $28.5M. Anything over $25M will please me, anything under will cause me mental issues.
  9. Of course, it will almost be able to do it without US and China grosses. What would be an unquestionable "win" to you in the current state of the industry?
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