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  1. From the get-go, the movie had insane sellout %s. Had it released closer to the holidays, I don't think the difference would've been that big. It would've provided better legs in its first 10 weeks, sure, but I'm confident the end result would've been similar. Besides, nobody was expecting for it to be THIS big. I doubt anyone involved in the making and distribution of the movie was expecting it to become the most-attended movie in japan of all time. And even if they knew, I doubt they're anything less than exhilarated with the current results and a sooner return on investments is always bette
  2. Mimorin shows 71.1k adm. as of 8PM, last week was 82.6k at the same time
  3. Might end the day with sub-15%, seems to have improved towards around -14% since afternoon.
  4. Another day, another dose of doubt in regards to DS surpassing SA lol. It's like clockwork.
  5. Amazing hold, the giveaways had a strong effect and we got a couple more giveaway weekends coming + holidays. The perfect storm.
  6. It's easily on pace to do so. When can we start assuring that it will pass SA? When it's 1 million admissions away? 10k admissions away? Reality is in front of us and it's near impossible for it to miss SA at this point. The question is by how much will it go past it. The likelihood of it surpassing SA far, far outweighs the opposite, so I don't know why there's still talk as if the likelihoods are reversed.
  7. Come January, I will be curious to see an analysis of how much revenue the Demon Slayer property generated between January 2020 and January 2021. I'm talking about everything: manga, bluray/dvd sales, movie gross, merchandise. Probably out of this world and whatever the numbers are for each category, each will hold the record for a very long time if not ever (Japan). Revenue in a single year, that is.
  8. There will be hundreds of thousands of repeat viewings during the holidays. The anime is currently airing again and having extremely high ratings, the last episode will air around mid-december so there should be a spike from that too. I think we will be surprised by how much money this will make going into the 2nd half of december.
  9. BOM will probably mention DS in an article only when it surpasses Spirited Away, which is laughable. Been going there less and less since the imdb integration, but this is probably the final nail in the coffin for me. Pretty sad what they've done to a former favorite site of mine.
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