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  1. Well, FB2 title was announced on November 17, 2017 (an exact year before the film's release). I wouldn't be expecting anything till November 2019 (maybe even as christmas announcement, FB3 title)
  2. It will top 640 easily as i see it. 30M more from the US, and 50M from overseas markets are guaranteed.
  3. Why you assume that? It would be stupid to cancel three Wizarding World movies just because CoG partially underperformed (because a spin-off sequel that makes almost 550M in 3 weeks is anything but a flop). I mean, it would be such a stupid move, from a commercial point of view. The WW has one of the biggest fanbases out there, that will be watching all the movies no matter what; and you still have an audience among the general public who is there for the WW. A script improvement would be sufficient, in my opinion. -- Speaking of, CoG reaches 400M at overseas markets. I think it has enough legs to end up at 500M. Adding 180M from USA would result on a 16,5% decrease over the first movie. Which is definitely something to take into account, but is not as bad as some people are saying.
  4. The movie will undoubtedly reach 650M guys. It's at 522M right now. 35M more are coming from USA (at least), and 100M more from foreign markets are guaranteed (it did 45M just on the last weekend...there's no way it falls that hard).
  5. In my mediocre opinion; the technical aspects were an improvement over the first movie (which were good anyway). Particulary the score, which i think it's some of the WW best to date. It had it's own recognizable identity, while the first movie's score was still very potter-ish.
  6. International gross updated to 343M. Can it reach 400M by the end of the weekend? adding the domestic projection of 138, that would place it at a hypothetical 538M...not bad.
  7. Well, the general opinion is that the movie has a script problem (it doesn't for me, however, i can see why for some people it might be too convulted). First, WB is proving to be quite bad at evaluating scripts (DCU movies, hello). Second, JK has total creative control, and given how successful the first FB movie was, i can see why..
  8. I don't agree with changing Yates. The movie has a script problem, it's too convulted, and a screen writter working hand in hand with Jo would fix things. The technical aspects of the film have been praised, hence, changing Yates, who already knows the Wizarding World so well, would be a huge mistake.
  9. It will cross 170 dom imo. I'm comparing the daily grosses with the first Twilight movie (2008). OW: 69 vs 62 of FB2 By the second weekend, Twilight was at 119.7, and FB2 gained a bit, is at 117.1. Twilight ended with 191 (it's as 192 in BOM, but that's because of a fan event held the following year). If FB2 holds like it's doing..well, it could end up similarly. Agree?
  10. What about the second weekend? Right now it's at 191M. Do you think it can cross 300M by tomorrow?
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