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  1. I'm upping this to a 9.7/10. I barely see any flaws in this movie. During my Q&A with Nolan, he said he looked into Silent movies before doing Dunkirk.
  2. Certainly not Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress...
  3. Nolan said at the Q&A that the score was very important to this film and that he recorded the ticking sound on one of his watches and gave it to Hanz to build around. I won't go ahead and say the movie deserves Oscars just yet. but Zimmer is a lock for a nomination.
  4. Different Nolan film for sure. It's clearly an amazing movie. It's intense as fuck. 9/10 with that said... I can see why this isn't a audience friendly movie. Not much Dialogue + a bit of confusion.
  5. Isn't Dunkirk keeping IMAX screens for a month? This screening is taking forever.
  6. http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p562/Nayito20/2F8984FB-A29C-4751-AF83-8A5C984A321D.jpg

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