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  1. First estimates for Germany's weekend from insidekino.de: #1: NTTD - 675k admissions (-27%, so-so drop) #2: Schule der magischen Tiere - 300k incl. previews (so a 240k OW afaik) - excellent #3: Dune - 100k (-21%, once more a fine hold) #4: Boss Baby 2 - 90k, definitely a big disappointment!
  2. well, going by presales (always difficult with family films) #2 and 3 might come out the other way round, the books seem to be pretty popular! and Boss Baby is having extremely few presales at my cinema to date ...
  3. Germany's Top12 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 No Time To Die 922.439 838 1.101 2.561.855 28.148.448 -23 2
  4. Germany's Top14 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 No Time To Die 1.173.662 830 1.414 1.179.373 13.101.919 -
  5. well, Germany (especially Bavaria) and Austria are among the countries with most holidays anyway so it's not that big of a theme, but the theme arises now and then in public discussion (union-driven, mostly, and quickly dismissed, usually)
  6. final estimates have Bond at 1,1mil admissions now ... and better yet, Dune at nearly 150k with only a 43% drop, much better than I feared!
  7. first estimates for Germany's weekend from insidekino.de: Bond 1,1mil admissions, Dune 110k (still with a lot of uncertainity)
  8. 9/10, A Excellent adaption of a difficult book. It's true that some aspects might have been better served in the form of a tv series but within the limited timeframe of a theatrical release, you couldn't really wish for a better result. Designs are excellent, acting is ok, the soundtrack (with focus on percussion as usual) fitting and the action sequences well done. I really loved the way they presented the sandworms! The limited time leads to some rushed developments; I'd loved to spend more time with Halleck, Hawat, Yueh or Idaho - after all, Dune is (among other things) a coming-o
  9. Germany's Top14 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Dune 258.434 686 377 792.248 8.652.741 -24 2 2
  10. First estimates from insidekino.de for Germany's weekend have Dune at about 300k which would be a fantastic 12% drop, I hope it's true! Shang-Chi is estimated at 65k, that would be a 37% drop.
  11. well, Dune is a movie for the big screen (and the big subwoofers) ... and most of those will go to Bond in 7 days. And not only does Bond take those screens, but it's also targeting a similar demo. I ecpect drops in the 60-70% range ... that being said, I thought it was an excellent adaption of the book (and a good movie on its own) and should have good to excellent WOM everywhere; I have high hopes that we'll see the sequel in theaters now that the potential is visible.
  12. I saw this yesterday; as usually when some release targets older audiences, there's much less pressure on the weekend. The show on the biggest screen was a virtual sellout, my show (in 2D) was about 30%. Keep in mind that "sellout" means about 75% of a usual sellout situation with current restrictions, but still, these are some massive weekdays. Without 007 taking all those screens soon, this would have every chance to become a slowburn blockbuster.
  13. it might very well do so but NTTD's opening will be MASSIVE and it will grab nearly every big screen AND it's targeting nearly the same audience, that's why I'm lowballing Dune.
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