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  1. Germany's Top18 last weekend: title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Fast & Furious 9 215.026 650 331 1.418.835 13.563.462 -30 3
  2. sorry, you're right of course - really bad but with Disney now relying strongly on home video, cinemas seem to come as an afterthought 😟 - at my theater, there's only 4 shows/day for it.
  3. First weekend estimates have FF9 in front as expected, the main openers doing around 100k each with the notable exception of Old which seems to come in below 50k ...
  4. Thanks to a death in the family, I was away from the screen for a week, so here's a double update: Germany's Top12 July 15-18 title admissions th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Fast & Furious 9 525.093 611 859 602.810
  5. Black Widow gets hit hard, as expected, other releases basically ok. Doesn't seem as if weather conditions have much impact. A bit surprised about SpaceJam, very little business for this one here, must have had better promotion in Germany.
  6. In Austria, access to nightclubs will be more restricted again starting next week, a full vaccination or a negative PCR test not older than 3 days will be compulsory. That means a lot of testing since most young Austrians are still a few weeks away from their 2nd jabs.
  7. Germany's Top12 last weekend: title adm. th. PTA total adm. total € drop week 1 Black Widow 205.023 266 771 205.023 2.036.541 - 1 2
  8. in Austria, Conjuring3 was in front with a good result (nearly twice as strong as in Germany), PeterRabbit2 behind and GodzillaKong on #3 (both a bit stronger than in Germany). Nice!
  9. Most certainly. That's why it's usually better to look at "hard" numbers like overmortality or ICU cases if you want to know how big of a problem you've got.
  10. Austria's numbers for Nomadland are really ok, you wouldn't expect this release to do better numbers under normal market conditions. So, the demand is definitely there - what's missing are a few attractive releases. Upcoming next weekend are A Quiet Place 2 and Cruella; also WW84 and Mortal Kombat - and bavarian crime comedy Weissbier im Blut, such movies tend to do well here. But now summer is in full swing, temperatures are hitting 30°C this week the first time this year, so most people will enjoy the outdoors next weekend. Accordingly, presales are about nil for any relase ...
  11. those (and future) mutations are the main concern atm ... here in Austria, there are people questioning if younger ones or even children should get vaccinated "because they don't catch it bad, anyway". Those idiots still don't get it ... if we let this virus run free in our population, it WILL mutate on.
  12. Here's an interview with an Everst organiser from my town on that topic https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000126713418/everest-tourenveranstalter-da-werden-menschenleben-gefaehrdet
  13. As mentioned, here in Austria indoor cinemas are back in business since Wed; DS is doing best but nearly all other releases are selling fine, too (note that atm we still have reduced seating AND fewer shows overall - I guess to reduce crowds at the concession - so a sellout would be something like a 40% sold show under normal circumstances, and there's less than half the usual shows) But there's definitely a desire to return to the big screen, most releases are movies that would usually end up straight-to-DVD but even those stinkers are selling, say, 50 seats / day.
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