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  1. The only thing I dislike about the film is too much of Iron Man and Tony Stark. Jake is cool, I hope he’s back 👍🏼
  2. It's surprising to see Annabelle remains fresh on RT, climbing from the edge of rotten/ fresh to 67% now, audiences percentage is promising as well. While it will be decreasing WW, I think WB still make a handful profit off a 27m budget.
  3. TS1: 100% RT TS2: 100% RT TS3: 98% RT TS4: 100% RT at 80 reviews
  4. TS1: 100% RT TS2: 100% RT TS3: 98% RT Can TS4 maintain the record trend on RT?
  5. Pikachu and Godzilla are holding well, already surpass Maoyan prediction for today!
  6. I have just finished. I think critics are a bit too harsh and actually the movie is fine to me except that weak villain.
  7. 16% current with average score below a 5 🤔 Is ok, it’s fine. I check out myself, ticket booked.
  8. Indeed. I wonder how legendary pictures still have so much budget after failing many movies recently.
  9. I just watched and the audiences didn’t like it. I didn’t expect the characters were badly written, monsters fight were quite messy and CGI was just meh. Is WB only involved in 25% of the budget?
  10. Friday final presale breaks 30m, it’s at 30.3m now.
  11. Already expected this one will be at borderline fresh rotten. Hopefully it’s well liked by audiences rather than having fresh reviews than divisive among audiences.
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