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  1. I hope this will not be the first rotten entry. The main series is decent.
  2. I would call something around 1.05b and with award season might hit above TDKR WW if it’s doing well. Some of us here aim for 1.1b too.
  3. Holy did not expect Midway wins the weekend. It will still in red but I think much better than Emmerich’s previous ID2?
  4. I just hope the time it breaks billion, the headline is not stolen by Frozen 2 opening weekend.
  5. Joker’s box office run has been very very impressive. Even surprisingly better than Aladdin and BR TBH. From 450-500m WW based on initial trailer suggests until 700m, breaking Deadpool, breaking BvS, breaking 900m, till now 10 digits WW gross, breaking TDK...... Irregardless where it ends, it’s already one of the box office legend for 2019. PS: Did not expect it to double IT2 WW gross as well lol!
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