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  1. My purely emotional hope is still there. It seemed to me that$390 was the lid without a push. I don’t know if a push can get it $10m more.
  2. So, what is the domestic floor for FFH now?
  3. Wellll... time travel/Quantum Realm travel says you can get however many stones you want. Also, you can use Scarlet Witch to harness stone energy or whatever.
  4. I’m ok with FFH’s Friday jump, about the same as last week. Worried about theater drop next week.
  5. Enjoying the digression. Would love to see an Untitled Avengers (2023) thread in On The Lot next week, but I don’t see Marvel going past scheduling 2022.
  6. Some of us MCU fans are in that spot on Behind The Music where we fortunate enough to have a #1 album, but we flip out that every album isn’t record setting so we turn to heroin. I’m trying not to be Nikki Sixx if FFH only goes 10% over Homecoming domestic.
  7. I’m optimistic about FFH’s legs. Between now and Labor Day, TLK is huge competition and Hobbs & Shaw will be a factor. I’m hopeful that the lack of other choices will helpful.
  8. MCU nerd goals... MCU domestic average is just passing $370m, separate from FFH. That’s one really good goal for FFH. $400m would be great if it happens. (Don’t see Black Widow pushing that average higher, but very excited for it nonetheless.)
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