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  1. Imagine a world where the stewards of the X-Men franchise built up the Hellfire Club and/or threw in Proteus and/or connected Lilandra, etc. to the Dark Phoenix story instead of rushing it twice. The Fox X-Men produces some excellent stuff, but there was a lot of good stuff left on the table. I don’t have anything against Sophie Turner, but another poster made a really good point about not getting time to connect to her as Jean Grey.
  2. I’m keeping the faith by keeping obscure goals alive. Wont quite make it to $370 domestic average for MCU films. Need FFH to make more than $380 or so.
  3. So.... I’n guilty of feeling disappointed by this not reaching even more huge numbers. I had originally just hoped this would beat AIW’s totals, but that OW was so nuts. Beating Avatar has moved from seeming likely to a tossup to ehhhh, not happening. I realize I’m acting like an Alabama football fan getting upset about not winning the national title after starting 14-0. I hate those guys so I’ll skip being one. On to FFH. On to Black Widow and Shang-Chi.
  4. Definitely seeing this. Not holding out for the return of Marion Cobretti or Lincoln Hawk.
  5. SIAP, but one way to look at legs. Most Made After OW Domestic 1) Force Awakens ~ $696 2) Avatar ~ $683 3) Titanic ~ $659 (includes re-release) 4) BP ~ $498 5) Jurassic World ~ $444 6) Endgame (approx. now) ~ $422
  6. Before... MCU is trite, tv-level material with no lasting value. AOU shows that it will fade away. Avengers can’t be topped. GA won’t join in now. After... MCU has a huge advantage because of the years of buildup. Avatar and Titanic have done incredible things. If you love those movies, you don’t need any permission to do so. Please don’t act like the guy at the barber who wants to talk about Rocky Marciano.
  7. People defending the artistic and financial... honor?... of Cameron films have some valid points. Still, the desire to talk about educational levels and prostitution (!) is silly. I hope Endgame gets all the records. Whatever totals it ends up with won’t drive me to broad societal critiques.
  8. When you think you’re in a Lebron James discussion and the Michael Jordan fans can’t handle it...
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