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  1. I’m excited for the Hockley movie. Demand for the Fabrizio prequel is very overstated though.
  2. I’m a liberal who enjoys Rambo movies... I’m sensing that Rambo will be defending some kindly Mexican family from evil Mexicans by the end. Patronizing? Even-handed? Who can say?
  3. I agree with so much of this. As a comic book fan, I don’t have a problem with alternate takes. I have a problem with alternate takes that are done poorly. Biggest offender was the 2015 Fantastic Four movie. If you’re going to mess with the Dr. Doom character, get it right. Don’t be the chef who says they’re giving you some clever, avant garde take on a traditional meal and then serve something that’s inedible. Dark can be excellent. I hope this is.
  4. Waaaait. New Mutants fills that Feb. 2022 date.
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