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  1. I'm relieved that my $340m domestic prediction has moved to never-getting-anywhere-close to eh-turned-out-not-crazy.
  2. Some want the Winter Soldier to help. Dont think T'Challa bringing in the international terrorist, who was believed to kill the king, would be good for him to deal with political infighting.
  3. Both AM&TW and CM will be released between Avengers movies. What will be the explanation for AM&TW not taking place on an earth ravaged by battle with Thanos?
  4. Very true on the Marvel confusion. Dont forget Marvelman who is Miracleman, but his rights went to Marvel... or not.
  5. If you're upset about Liz Allen or Ned Leeds not being white, you are a very vulnerable person.
  6. Not my prediction, but 200 OW/420 DOM with a 94% RT for IW would be a great result to scrutinize.
  7. I'm staying optimistic. It doesn't make sense to me that a SM movie with Iron Man and an RT in the 90s will be around Dr. Strange. Due respect to the Sorcerer Supreme.
  8. SMH -- 120 OW/340 dom Am I an optimist who sees a property I love ready for a big resurgence or a stan ignoring data and trends? Excited to find out.
  9. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    Super early predictions? I would love this to clear $200m domestic. That puts it between Ant-Man and Dr. Strange debuts.
  10. I shouldn't get upset about other people's critical standards. I will say that mine don't include a big emphasis on deep emotional impact. Needing that seems to severely limit how many movies someone can enjoy. I think Ebert said he judged movies in how well they did what they were trying to do. That's not the only way, but getting too far from that can make discussing movies somewhat miserable. IMO.

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