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  1. Fair enough. I’ll leave it at St. Louis fans have good reason to despise him.
  2. Kroenke was wealthy but not nearly a billionaire before marrying into Walton family. He didn’t start Kroenke Group until nine years after that. His wealth came from his strip malls being anchored by Wal-Mart. Kroenke is a strange guy who would bleed evil if he got a paper cut.
  3. Tele trying to hide his fear that 2024 negotiations might delay Avengers 5.
  4. Yes. Good for the Teamsters. Studios thinking they can just hold the line on everybody by winning individual fights is not a great strategy if related workers honor picket lines. (Don’t want to act like I’m Cesar Chavez over here, but that’s should be a gimme.)
  5. Companies not wanting to set a precedent for other similar negotiations should be rephrased. The companies never want to give up more money. It isn’t really strategy. It’s a philosophy. I support unions. I would be truly bummed for these projects getting delayed. I was about to write that I live on stuff like Hawkeye and Spider-Man. Of course, it’s actual workers who need to live on it.
  6. I suspect many of the “elite” or “auteur” creative people enjoy populist fare much more than their most snobby fans. They actually like art, not the opportunity to throw rocks about what art meets narrow, bullshit standards.
  7. Baumer makes good point on capacity issue. There are also a decent chunk of people who are willing to go on a Wednesday afternoon who would be cautious about a full crowd. I’m good to see my MCU stuff right away, but might wait for something I’m less horny about.
  8. I totally get what you’re saying. but those comments always make me go EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. EVERYTHING IS COOL WHEN YOU’RE PART OF A TEAM.
  9. From memory, Celestials are crazy powerful beings that experiment on other life forms. They made Eternals and Deviants. Eternals were largely beautiful and heroic. Deviants were largely ugly and bad. Almost every human character in comics then was white so YMMV on whether that changes the context. Later comics canon may have addressed these problems.
  10. I think source material is borderline problematic. Beautiful white race with cool powers must fight off genetic failures to save humanity. Love Jack Kirby, but yikes.
  11. Excited for this, of course. A little curious about Eternals being all pure and beautiful, needing to kill the misbegotten inferior Deviants. If the Celestials made them both… that’s interesting.
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