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  1. Poe definitely learned humility at the end when he learned the plan was to send transports to the rebel hideout and wait for the First Order to pass.
  2. I know you don't like the characters but there's a lot more depth to them then you picked up. Rey has clear abandonment issues which is why she keeps looking for father figures and is told to let go. Finn wants to run away and survive but in the end of TLJ is willing to sacrifice his own life to save the Resistance: a real hero arc. Poe is reckless and impulsive and egotistic going forward with crazy ass plans because he knows hes a great pilot and they keep blowing up in his face in this movie. In the end he does learn humility. Not after losing their bomber fleet to take out one dreadnaught. But after his plan for Finn and Rose to turn off the tracker blows up in his face. That is a lot of character work and development and growth for people you think are one dimensional.
  3. Billie Lourd gave the worst SW performance ever. Including the prequels.
  4. Huh? TFA's third act is fantastic. Both Star Trek movies have fun, good, solid third acts (STID has a controversial twist sure but eh it's a fun third act). Mission Impossible 3 has a fun third act. Maybe Super 8 has a weak third act but I actually liked where he went with it. So yeah I disagree that the 3rd act is the worst part of his movies. I wouldn't look at say, Lost, to see if he can pay off seeing as how his involvement with that show was very limited. Also expecting JJ to "fix" anything is dumb. Rian didn't "piss" on anything JJ did. JJ was a producer. He knew was Rian was doing. He helped produce it! I don't know how hands on he was, but clearly JJ was on board with where Rian went.
  5. Yeah. The casino itself didn't feel like Star Wars universe, it was too much like Earth. So the design was off. I felt it broke the pacing of the film: I found it hard to believe that Finn/Rose could go to the planet and back to the fleet in a short period of time. While there, the whole "look underneath" and the whole thing seemed more like Hunger Games than a Star Wars movie. The escape on the horse things was not fun but dumb. Gah. Dern's sacrifice was fine. I liked the character, wish she could have stuck around to butt heads with Poe in the next movie. Hindisght being 20/20, death should have gone to Leia to give her a heroic sendoff. But Dern getting the sacrifice is fine. Plus the scene of her going through the First Order fleet in hyperspeed was amazing.
  6. He hasn't directed a bad movie in my opinion. Super 8 is great. TFA is fantastic. MI3 is good. ST and STID are really fun and good. I don't need him to "fix" anything but I think he can end the trilogy on a high note.
  7. Seriously fuck the casino planet sequence. Terrible. Trash. Really brought the movie down for me.
  8. In ANH they are confused a TIE fighter is in the he ruins of Alderaan so far away from a star destroyer since the fuel range of those fighters wasn't very long. It leads them to the Death Star. So yeah the starships needing fuel is definitely in line with Star Wars mythology.
  9. The last shot should have been the close up of the Resistance ring not the kid himself.
  10. ROFL what? The prequels literally established an entire order made up of HUNDREDS of celibate Jedi. Rey was born a force user. Also left wing? Seriously? Rey having the Force despite coming from "nobodies" matches SW mythology just fine.
  11. New ranking: 1) A New Hope 2) Empire Strikes Back 3) The Force Awakens 4) Rogue One 5) Return of the Jedi 6) The Last Jedi 7) Revenge of the Sith 8) The Phantom Menace 9) Attack of the Clines And depending on rewatches, I might prefer Revenge of the Sith. Some notes since I'm tired: [*] The casino planet scenes were dreadful and really cut into the pacing of the movie. Lose them and TLJ is better than ROTJ. [*] Almost everyone said the final scene in the trailer was really two different scenes put together to trick audiences. I thought they were from the same scene. Turns out I was kinda right. The dialogue is from earlier but the visuals were from the same scene. [*] Luke was right. I didn't see them killing Snoke off in this movie (might end up being a dumb decision, I'll have to wait for the next Episode in 2 years). So far, not buying Kylo Ren as a Big Bad. He was never really much of a Darth Vader but he's definitely no Emperor/Snoke. [*] The movie felt like it had actual stakes on the first watch which is pretty hard to accomplish. [*] The Rey-Luke scenes were great and helped carry the weak second act. The Rey-Ben Solo scenes....they were good but not sure how I feel about how strong the Force users are becoming with each new movie: Luke can now project his image across the galaxy? That's a huge power boost for Jedi. Also kinda disappointed their mind meld was because of Snoke and not because the Force awakened. [*] Billie Lourd was terrible in TLJ. [*] Yoda had a great appearance. B+
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