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  1. Let's make this interesting Tele. If you are right, I will watch a movie of your choice no questions asked-even if it's Cats. If you are wrong, and you are, you will watch a movie of my choice no questions asked. That movie will be Detective Pikachu.
  2. I will add this: DP's problems were definitely not with any digital fur technology as they nailed the CGI of the Pokemon. Amazing how these fictional animals looked great AND expressive.
  3. We should all be grateful digital fur technology did not exist when they did those Garfield movies. Also does Universal have a digital fur technology app?
  4. Tapatalk should be working fine?
  5. It could be. @AndyLL or @Shawn might know more than me. I don't really deal much with the backend infrastructure.
  6. We are currently experiencing an issue with our DNS which is why our forum might not be available on some devices or browsers or networks. We're sorry for the inconvenience but we hope to have it sorted out soon.
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