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  1. Today might be my favorite day of my MCU rewatch. Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. What's not to love about Paul Rudd and the most fun Avengers movie?
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy man. It's the first movie where Thanos has lines. It has a great final shot before the credit begins where the characters are in a spaceship ready to do some bad and some good. Anyways so far of all the MCU movies on this rewatch GoTG has held up the best. Not sure why but James Gunn really nails this movie. Anyways Thanos villain take: Nebula Karen Gillan does a pretty good job bringing Nebula to life. While I think she shines more in the sequel, Nova in this movie serves as a pretty good sidekick to Ronan. The way her robotic body is unique even for a movie with a talking raccoon and sentient tree and it fits really well with what the movie is doing. As for Thanos? Well, obviously he has some appreciation for her as she is his daughter. But he's upset that when Ronan realized he had the infinity stone, she chose HIM. Really Nebula? After systematically breaking down her body and replacing it with android parts, that's how she repays Thanos? Thanos is like what the heck, I lost two adopted daughters in this movie. Yondu Okay, Yondu is a weird character because sometimes he's a bad guy and other times he's an anti-hero. His allegiance is based on what is in his own best interest. Michael Rooker does a great job bringing him to life, blue skin and all. He's certainly a great character from the series, what with his expecting gratitude from Peter for his crew not having eaten him. As for Thanos? He wouldn't mind hiring the Ravagers for a job but for the most part, he doesn't think much of Yondu. Ronan the Accuser This "boy" had many saying that this movie made Thanos look like a little bitch. This just wasn't a good movie for Thanos. But you know what? The joke is on Ronan. He let himself get distracted by an idiot then lost the infinity stone to Nova Corps. Ronan was a means to an end, nothing more, and now Thanos knows exactly where the stone is. It won't be hard to get the stone. So while Thanos isn't happy with Ronan's betrayal, he's not shedding his tears over his demise. What a loser and just as forgettable as Malekith.
  3. i did not realize Young Peter Quill would grow up to be the kid with curly hair from It. Crazy. I guess he's having an alright career so far.
  4. Maybe he's the one who convinced Ultron to destroy everything as revenge against Captain America for stopping his HYDRA schemes. Anyways I have my GOTG blu-ray in my Xbox One. Just going to order dinner before pressing play.... *sigh* Why did I decide to do this marathon?
  5. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You aren't allowed to quit until Pikachu.
  6. Water Bottle

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    You are just now thinking this?
  7. Do you guys know what the worst part about the Winter Soldier is? The final shot before the credits is lame. It's Steve and the Falcon looking at a folder. Sure the lines are good and all but man it's just not cinematic at all. The second worst part of the movie is that it's kinda confusing whether SHIELD, being under the control of the world council, is an American government agency or not cause the Congressional committee hearing at the end suggests it is when they say they laid waste to the entire national intelligence apparatus? Also is it a secret organization (like Thor: The Dark World says) or is it public enough to have a HUGE public HQ? Whatever, The Winter Soldier is a very good movie with amazing action scenes, a good, compelling story, and a very prescient film that tells us when the world is chaotic, people turn to right-wing authoritarianism and away from democracy. Which...yeah that's kinda happening. But I'm sure you guys don't want to discuss politics but would rather get the Thanos villain takes. Brock Rumlow I guess I should include him because I'm including Dr. Zola and Brock is in this movie more and he does have some fight scenes with the heroes. Frank Grillo does a good job playing a sidekick villain character that wouldn't be out of place in an '80s action movie. He lands a strong punch but otherwise, you don't really know anything about him. The movie sets him up for a future installment but really, was anyone like "I want more Brock!" after this movie? I don't think so. Thanos thinks Brock would make a good soldier but doesn't think he has leadership potential outside of leading a squad. Bucky Barnes Look, I'm not going to get into the whole thing over whether Sebastian Stan is a black hole of charisma or whether he's a good actor or not. His first "big" role was in Gossip Girl after all. What I can say is that the Winter Soldier is the biggest badass in the whole movie. His action sequences are perfectly choreographed and he really impresses when he doesn't have to do anything other than punch stuff, catch stuff, and shoot stuff. Chris Evans can handle the heavy lifting of making their relationship matter. Anyways, Thanos doesn't really know if Bucky counts as a villain because he was brainwashed and manipulated into being one but he wouldn't mind having the Winter Soldier as his own personal little assassin. Dude is pretty effective, doesn't really question his orders (or reality) for fifty years, and when your tired of him you can freeze him. Thanos appreciates a minion you can just stow away. Arnim Zola He's really in only one scene and he doesn't really have much of a physical presence: he's hooked up to a '70s computer system and the monitors give him a very green distorted look. His voice somehow carries over perfectly though (amazing sound system I guess) and he basically stalls so that SHIELD could try taking out Cap and Black Widow with a missile even if it means sacrificing himself. He has the best final line "We are both out of time" which carries multiple meanings. His appearance might be small but it counts. As for Thanos? He appreciates being so dedicated to a cause to lay down your life to achieve it. Thanos would do the same. He's also impressed that Zola managed to grow a whole secret society within a spy organization that should have kept a better eye on him. Still, Thanos has some respect for him. Alexander Pierce Man, this movie has loads of villains. Robert Redford is a brilliant actor who knocks it out of the park with his performance as Alexander Pierce. Seriously, great job. Literally, almost anyone else and this guy would be as forgettable as Malekith and yet he makes it work. Nails every single scene he's in. As for Thanos? Has loads of respect for the man being able to sell himself as a man of peace while secretly leading an authoritative organization within SHIELD. He might lack any real combat ability, relying on trickery to kill the dumb World Council leaders, but Thanos appreciates his mind. (The Winter Soldier shall always have a place in my heart for saving Agents of SHIELD.) Anyways now that I'm done with the villains, here's Sebastian Stan in Gossip Girl: (Don't worry I picked a good season of Gossip Girl)
  8. i wouldn't be surprised if i never see another MCU movie after Endgame. i don't care if the Spidey movie looks good. CBM fatigue is real. but I can't abandon the MCU until SHIELD is done. DAMN YOU ABC.
  9. I mostly don't want to get involved in these discussions but I just want to point out that his motivations didn't change to serve the script. His motivation from the car accident is at first to repair his hands: it's what gets him to seek the Ancient One yes and to learn from her yes but it isn't until her death, and her final words, that his motivation changes to stand up and fight (kinda like the push Coulson's death gave the Avengers to fight Loki)-before then he fights in self-defense. His motivation in IW stays the same because the script doesn't really give everyone time to grow. That's the nature of that film: most characters don't have room to grow. Doctor Strange meanwhile was just about him so it had to show growth. With character growth, motivations change. With normal films, a good way to tell act breaks is when a character's goals/motivations change. Consider Iron Man. His motivation in the first act is to sell the weapons and get laid and have fun. He gets captured (the inciting incident which changes his motivation) and finds out the truth about how his weapons are used so he builds a suit to escape them. The second act is him building the real Iron Man suit, figuring stuff out, and fighting the Ten Rings. The third act is when Obadiah betrays him so he has to take down Iron Monger; he literally has to fight what his business does. His goals change with each act-his motivation certainly changes as the movie progresses (after all he builds the first suit just to escape, not to be a superhero). If you are watching a movie that's focused on one character and his motivation/goals never change, chances are you are watching a bad movie.
  10. If I had to guess and didn't know that Alan Taylor had directed Thor: The Dark World, I would have guessed David Yates. While I like Yates, I don't think he'd be good for the MCU and I think The Dark World sorta proves that. It's a better film than Iron Man 2 in the sense that it's not a big mess. While it makes the mistake of showing us stuff and then explaining it to us in a later scene (what's the point of the beginning exposition scene if you're just going to regurgitate the information to Thor/Jane later on? or showing us the whole news sequence before Darcy/her intern see it?), it is a tighter and technically better made film. It is also very boring when Loki/Darcy aren't on the screen...which is a lot. Serious Chris Hemsworth can't carry this movie by himself and Natalie Portman seems over it already. There are good parts (including the nice switch-up where this time Odin is the war-hungry one while Thor wants to avoid war) though which means it's still worth a watch...but maybe only rewatch this one when you are being dumb and doing the whole MCU. But the Thanos villain watch continues with...Malekith! Malekith What a dud of a villain. Like I know a lot gets made of MCU having weak villains but....this is the first really weak, forgettable bad guy. Except for when he gets angry at Frigga for being a witch. Christopher Eccleston really nails the "Witch!" line for some reason. He almost makes Malekith interesting. Other than that, he's bland, has no personality, and just wants to destroy the universe for reasons. As for Thanos' take, what is there to have a take on? Malektih led his people to extinction just like the government of Thanos' homeworld when they refused to listen to him. Malekith gets some respect from Thanos for being able to create a frickin' infinity stone but loses all of it when he's not even able to use it properly TWICE to get what he wants. Plus Thanos wants half the living beings gone: Malekith goes too far in trying to destroy the WHOLE universe. Thanos also secretly wonders why he's a villain but Odin's dad who literally thought he killed every single Dark Elf (which must include the women and children, no?) is somehow regarded as respectable. (Thanos was happy to see Loki imprisoned then killed. Thanos was disappointed when he realized Loki was pretending to be Odin but also happy because this means Thanos will be the one to kill Loki. Thanos has not forgiven Loki for his failure.)
  11. Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man movie and not just because it takes risks with its storytelling. There's no question about it: the craft in this movie is just superior. It's loads of fun but better yet: it has the best visual editing for the entire MCU. It's the best-paced movie as well with tons of momentum towards the final act battle. Sure the final battle is the weakest part of the movie, but it's still very enjoyable. Tony Stark suffering PTSD makes sense especially as he turns to his suit but the best part about Iron Man 3 is despite him having 40 suits, he's forced to go through some action suits with no suit or with only part of the suit and still save the day: proving to him he doesn't need to be in a can to be effective. If they ever end up doing an Iron Man 4, I want Shane Black back. Anyways time for the Thanos villain takes: The Mandarin Thanos thinks the Mandarin is an effective oral speaker who can use mass media in a very effective way. His attacks against the US are very effective as the US government can't even figure out how he does it or where he is. In many ways, the Mandarin is probably one of the most unique enemies in the MCU so far: he's serious, he's all business, and he instills fear even among his own people. Why Thanos wouldn't mind seeking an allian- ... WAIT A MINUTE. Trevor Slattery The Mandarin is actually an actor! A baffoon of an actor at that! One who can't even be trusted with real guns and does this work for drugs and women and living in a nice but badly maintained mansion! Thanos. Thanos must admit that this man is able to trick people better than how Loki tricked Thanos into thinking he was a real villain worthy of his time. Thanos could easily use Trevor Slattery as a mouthpiece if he ever needs one. Aldrich Killian The real villain of the movie is actually Aldrich Killian. Guy Pearce does an okay job but if it wasn't for the whole Mandarin twist, he'd probably be a forgotten MCU villain by this point. Sure he can breath fire (!!!) but his emotional reaction to being rejected by Tony Stark is to become a supervillain which is just sad! He does have a very smart plan of hiding behind the shadows while he makes money, is ruthless, and commands loyalty from his people. At the same time, Thanos doesn't like that he's so insecure he kidnaps a woman just so he could have a trophy. Thanos thinks Killian is kinda pathetic. It's better people fear your name than people fear someone else's name. Thanos isn't a coward nor is he insecure; he certainly doesn't care that other people think his plan of killing half the world's living organisms is nuts. (Next up tonight is the obvious worst Phase Two movie.)
  12. Man is the Avengers fun or what? Such a fantastic movie with an amazing third act, an entertaining second act, and a first act that sets up the rest of the movie pretty well. It keeps it's plot as basic as possible and depends on some familiar tropes but that's to be expected for a feature film with an ensemble cast like it does. Also, everyone talks about how great the circle shot is. Sure, but that long take in the middle of the battle featuring each Avenger? SO MUCH BETTER. Also Tom Hiddleston KILLS it in this movie. If it wasn't for The Avengers, Red Skull would be the best Phase One villain but The Avengers really gives Loki room to shine. But for the actual Thanos take: Thanos was wrong. Loki was lent a scepter (which had the mind stone) so he could retrieve the Tesseract (which had the space stone). Loki lost both, his army was defeated, and the so-called king had united his enemies against him. What a fool. Thanos was wrong to believe and trust in Loki. Thanos will have no option but to find Loki one day and kill him. There's one thing Thanos can't stand and that's failure.
  13. Okay time for The Avengers. The best MCU phase one film obviously. Something tells me that for Thanos will not be happy with this movie's villain for my Thanos villain thingy I'm doing.
  14. Right I meant in terms of Depp playing the same character over and over again and audiences getting tired of it. Depp is a better actor with actual range though.

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