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  1. @Porthos Atlantic League apparently trying new electronic strike technology today.
  2. Why Lakers? lol. By the fourth pick, the draft isn't really that strong this year.
  3. I have an Athletic sub. But I usually don't real baseball articles.
  4. I'm happy for you guys in Toronto. Even if it means Kawhi Leonard is doing well....
  5. How could they mishandle an injury when he doesn't see the team's doctors? If his knee was so mishandled by the Spurs, how did he have such a great season? All while complaining the Spurs didn't give him stuff he never asked for. Tony Parker isn't a liar, he has great character. Great guy all around. Big fan of his.
  6. So humble he gave up on his team for a whole year with a "knee" injury then asked to be traded from the team that believed in him and traded him all because he wanted more glory.
  7. Moderation: This is not a CBM thread. So stop talking about Shazam and start talking about Pika Pika.
  8. @Lordmandeep has been threadbanned for the rest of the weekend thread's life for trolling and stirring the pot.
  9. Oh that's a good point. I guess then yeah the movie did sell to the fanbase but it failed to expand into the GA at all.
  10. If it doesn't equate to sales, the marketing wasn't fine. At all. Literally, the point of marketing is to sell as many movie tickets as possible.
  11. At least movie theaters would. Cinema would move exclusively straight to Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/whatever. What a sad that's going to be.
  12. I was saying that all week about how the marketing for this movie sucked and people were mad at me.
  13. If DP had worked out enough to do a mainline game, the main character's main would probably be Eevee. He would eventually get Squitle/Charmander/Bulbasaur (since they would likely adapt Yellow over Red/Blue).
  14. Pokemon is bigger than life. It's a whole different ecosystems with animals that have special powers that often battle each other.
  15. Most of the mainline games sell around 15 million copies. Some less, some more, but I'd say that's the average. 6 million people saw it in theaters this weekend according to BOT's estimated ticket sales. Maybe way less thanks to 3D prices. I wouldn't take DP's box office haul as a sign that the fanbase isn't that great. I'd say people way overestimated how well WB's trailer hooked the fanbase.
  16. At least it won't be more CBMs. (I have nothing against CBMs for the record. I like a lot of them. But I want more than just CBMs all the fucking time.)
  17. King of the Monsters should do well but pretty much giant monster fights are the same spectacle as overpowered human being fights.
  18. If you're WB/Legendary, you aren't going to fund a mainline game video game based on DP's box office performance. We will get DP2 with a decreased budget, that will decrease, and then the franchise will be done.
  19. I have to agree with you there. DP was a big chance for a new IP to create some variety but of course, it's not a superhero movie so of course nobody wants to see it in theaters.
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