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  1. Recently rewatched the whole series. And man I was surprised when I ranked the Last Jedi below Attack of the Clones. My least favorite Star Wars movie. I wish JJ Abrams had done the whole trilogy now. I think Rian Johnson can still do a good Star Wars spin-off trilogy. But I think he was the wrong choice to follow-up The Force Awakens. My rankings: 1) ESB 2) ANH 3) TFA 4) ROTJ 5) ROTS 6) Rogue One 7) TPM 8) Solo 9) AOTC 10) TLJ
  2. You do realize that SAG minimum you still get paid. Why would his team hide paid work from him? Especially good paid work? They don't get paid if he doesn't get paid either.
  3. I umm think at the very least the lead actor of Aladdin should never have to do a non-paying opportunity again unless doing a friend a favor. I'm thinking he could like guest star on a few procedurals, maybe get a TV show opportunity, play a smaller but still significant role in big and indie movies. But I'm guessing the reason he isn't has more to do with the size of roles they are looking for.
  4. I wonder if he's only trying to go for movie lead roles. If so, yeah he's not going to find many. If he's looking for any role regardless of size then I don't buy he can't get an audition.
  5. Because the government didn't fund the movie. It's not from the Chinese government but from Disney. I hate the Castro government but I will watch movies set in Cuba. I hate the Russian government but I will watch movies set in Russia. I hate Trump and his government but I still watch movies set in America.
  6. don't blame me i didn't vote but if i had i wouldn't have voted the way you wanted me to
  7. Why are they acting like they hadn't read the fucking script? Anyways thought it looked fine but searching for a dead relative so soon after Coco? A bit disappointed. But looks like it could either be really fun or the fun is too forced.
  8. I might end up seeing this again with my brother-in-law since he's super into cars and racing.
  9. That was the case for the first year or so after it came out. But it's been six years lol. I haven't seen a little kid with Frozen merch or anything in years.
  10. Do you hang around areas where people talk about kids films like Zootopia? Like the people I frequent with didn't mention Frozen until marketing for this movie started to ramp up.
  11. I honestly have never ever bought tickets for multiple showtimes of a movie before I see it. If I end up seeing it in theaters more than once (rare occurence, I think last time was Age of Ultron), it's always after I see it the first time and have confirmed not only do I like it, I like it to want to see it again so soon after seeing it.
  12. Frozen II is made primarily for kids. Like it's fine to like something that's meant for kids. All the power to you, heck I like Zootopia and Inside Out. But I'm not hyped for Zootopia 2 or Inside Out 2 at all. I am excited to check out the Tom Hanks movie coming out this weekend. That looks interesting.
  13. That short was horrible (as well as the other one in front of Cinderalla?). It made me go being neutral to Frozen (a movie I have not seen) to deciding to never see it. Just terrible. Coco was good though.
  14. I'm sure it will be a big hit. I'm sure you will love the movie. Dont mind me lol. I go to the movies almost every single weekend. I'm pretty sure the only non-Fox Disney movie I've seen this year is Endgame and Captain Marvel. That likely won't change until Star Wars.
  15. I was speaking to a cousin who has three kids. She did not sound enthusiastic about taking her kids to see the sequel.
  16. The sale will go live in a bit when I get home. Lol at the idea of adults being excited for a sequel to a kid's cartoon though.
  17. Looking for a feature film to watch? I recommend Honey Boy if it's anywhere near you. But if it isn't or you have five minutes to spare check out the following short film: Here's what Dan Trachtenberg tweeted about it:
  18. A flesh-eating microwave haunts a house sitter! This short film played in 10 film festivals! Produced by me, directed by Jay, even @Plain Old Tele and Dexter of Subrubia helped out a bit! Please like, comment (on Youtube), share, and if you watch it more than once, refresh the page (on Youtube) so we can get the views! We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it!
  19. Lars Von Trier is triggered so hard right now.
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