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  1. Easily one of the best films of the 21st Century. And quite possibly the greatest revenge story every told on the big screen. A must see.
  2. Has this been done before? If so I apologize! Which JJ led 'soft-reboot' movie did a better job, Star Trek '09 or The Force Awakens? Both are great films in my opinion but overall I'ld have to give the edge to Star Trek because of how it cleverly reboots the franchise without pissing on 45ish years of history compared to TFA which copies from its source material more.
  3. Weren't people predicting a much smaller budget after Star Trek into Darkness did what it did? Glad to see that prediction worked out well for ya all. It still has a reasonable shot at 200M Domestic. It's going to be just fine. This franchise is a merchandising juggernaut.
  4. Where's the laughter? Wheres the laughter!?! Where's the wit! Where's the wit! Why am I repeating everything twice? Why am I repeating everything twice? 3/10 I am surprised that Leslie Jones was the best part of this film though. Kudos to her. Also surprised at the love for Hemsworth. He is basically a worse version of Jason Stratham from Spy. Just like this movie is the worst version of a Paul Feig movie so far.
  5. Batman vs Superman is a flawed movie for reasons that everyone has listed here before me but in short its a convoluted mess that tries to to jam too much into its runtime. With that said, I left the cinema excited to see Batman Solo, excited to see a Wonder Woman solo movie and excited to see the Justice League movies so the movie must do something right to elicit that response from me right? And yeah Rukio is a hardcore Man of Steel hater. His opinion on this film is worthless to anyone who enjoyed that film.
  6. Its really hard for me to rate this film. As a comedy its one of the funniest films in years. As an actual coherent film it lacks somewhat. But thats okay because its so damn fun.
  7. BOF December 2015 - "I'm loving the Star Wars run but its really going to be hard to get excited for another Boxoffice run for a long time given just how amazing its doing." BOF February 2016 - "HOLY FUCKING SHIT FUCKS DEADPOOL 100M+ OW"
  8. Due to political reasons at the time (Mao's 'Cultural Revolution'), Star Wars was never released to cinemas in that country until recently so it never built up a fanbase. Now that they have been exposed to it it will be very interesting to see how Episode 8 plays over there.
  9. I agree with the general sentiment of the first movie needing to focus on Anakin in his late teens. My general idea would be something like this. At the start of the movie in a series of flashbacks we establish that Anakin was "A Virgin Birth' (I like the idea of a Sith manipulating the force to bring a powerful force user into the world for his future use), and that he is a nice kid who is very protective of his mother (Basically the Phantom Menace in 5 mins), then in the present time we see his Mum murdered by some group. Perhaps she owed money to a Hutt and couldn't pay so they murdered her, so he flipped out and kills a lot of them in return before stealing a starship and blasts into space to escape where he bumps into a ship with Obi-Wan Kenobi who is under attack by several ships. Turns out Obi-Wan Kenobi has been sent on a secret mission to determine unusual activity reported on Kamino that is worrysome to the Jedi (i.e the Clones Plot). Palpetine/Sidious isn't ready for this particular pawn of his to be revealed tries to assassinate Obi Wan. Anakin stumbles across him in space and not being an asshole defends Obi Wan and succeeds in defeating the enemies but not before his Ship is crippled. So not having much of a choice Obi-Wan and his pilot (the not at all special), Padme who Anakin immediately takes a liking too, get Anakin to join the mission and use his ship to investigate Kamino. Meanwhile Obi-Wan is like Holy Fucking Shit Fucks I've never felt such power coming from a person before, he has a lot of anger in him but I am confident I can overcome that and turn him into a Jedi. By the end of the movie they have discovered the clone army, Sideous is forced into launching the Seperatist attack earlier than anticipated but feels that Anakin being introduced to his presence is worthy compensation and hatches a plan to turn him to the Dark Side and Yoda reluctantly agrees to let Obi-Wan train Anakin despite thinking it's incredibly risky given the Anger that is contained in him. I think this gives a good base to build upon in the next two movies.
  10. Saw the title of this thread and said out loud: "No way, No fucking way." GF looked at me like i was crazy and then I explained why I said it and now she says I am crazy.
  11. Putting aside the issues of Rey being able to match it in a lightsaber duel with Kylo (which for the record, I feel is plausible), My God did I love the light sabre battles in this one. The Prequels just felt like choreographed dancing while TFA just felt so much more....brutal. This Vs So much more brutal, More emotional, more engaging, more betterererer.
  12. If your list is any different to the following list then you have a terrible taste in films and are probably a terrible human being to boot! 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. / 4. (Swappable) Return of the Jedi / The Force Awakens 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. / 7. (Swappable) Phantom Menace / Attack of the Clones For my list personally its, 1. ESB (One of the few popcorn films ever made that transcend its 'popcorness' into genuinely great film making) 2. ANH (Perfect Popcorn Film but lacks the depth of ESB) 3. Jedi (It's highs equal or beat anything in the Saga [Emperor vs Luke vs Darth / Best space battle going around] but its Lows are very noticeable [Ewoks]) 4. TFA (Extremely competent popcorn film, just wish its plot was as fresh and as interesting as its new characters) 5. ROTS (The best of a bad prequel bunch. It's biggest problem is that too much of the heavy lifting is left to this movie i.e Anakin going from good to killing kids in 10 mins of screen time, would be better if Menace and Clones did what they were meant to do. Still at least stuff does actually happen in this one.) 6. PM (Shit. Has a cool light sabre fight). 7. AOTC (Shit....and Boring)
  13. JJ did it folks. We finally have a worthwhile film in the franchise for the first time since 1983.
  14. Has enough time passed yet that we can all agree that this movie's hype and BO Performance blinded BOF on this movie and that this movie is, at best an average film? Or do we need to give it another 6 months?
  15. I'll take Tony Scott's body of work over Ridely Scott's.
  16. I'll say this for both Interstellar and Mad Max. Both movies at least attempt to serve up something different to the generic big budget affair that are typically on at our cineplexes. I can't hate any movie that attempts to try something different. Fury Road is the much better put together film however. I always considered the first hour of Wall-E as the best 'mainstream' example of fully exploiting a visual medium to tell a story and Mad Max quite honestly tops it for me. Interstellar by contrast just drags under its own exposition. A common problem in almost all Nolan films to be frank. But it still holds interesting ideas within that are worthy of thinking upon IMO.
  17. Next up we compare a bowl of fruit salad to a Hippo.
  18. Remember the good old days when this movie called Terminator was released and it had this really simple plot about a guy being sent into the past to protect someone important to the future of the human race whilst being attacked by a killing machine? How did that movie morph into this super obtuse plot with multiple timelines and blahdiblahblahblah. I didn't hate this movie. It was nice seeing Arnold back on the big screen in a big budget movie for perhaps the last time, and he really is the best part of this movie. The movie is dumb, the movie is stupid, but I wasn't bored watching the film which was an improvement over T4. But ultimately, like all the Terminator sequels (yes, including T2), the movie was incredibly unnessesary and can be safely avoided unless you get hard/wet at the thought of seeing Arnold back on the big screen.
  19. Do you think there are too many explosions in Mad Max for it to be considered popcorn entertainment?
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