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  1. Nah, they’re gay and that’s okay. I mean cause hey, I like them anyway Because you see, if it were me, I would fee free to say that musicals are gay They are queer, and I’m still here, year after year, because they’re dear to me And I know that they, would accept me too, if I was gay (but I’m not gay) Musicals are gay, and I shout hooray, and they are here to stay As they say, it’s in their DNA, they’re gay!
  2. The worst directors to win Best Director? Tom Hooper Oliver Stone Sydney Pollack John Schlesinger Kevin Costner Barry Levinson Mel Gibson Ron Howard Tony Richardson Robert Redford Warren Beaty Richard Attenborough
  3. I know these are probably being said with an intention of being negative, but I read every phase of this in a good way.
  4. This isn’t true. Avengers and AoU didn’t even have trailers with a Marvel movie. And an Infinity War trailer being attached to Black Panther certainly isn’t the reason Black Panther grossed more than IW, if anything BP boosted IW. Not a knock on avengers, but attaching a trailer to a movie doesn’t boost that movie in an age where you can watch the trailer any time on YouTube. This was only possibly true around the 90s when TPM was releasing. Also, TFA is a bad comp trailer wise as its first teaser was over a year before release. First trailer was around march/April. There was certainly marketing prior to October, that’s just when it kicked into third gear. Not saying IW2 needs be advertised like TFA, it doesn’t as they’re completely different movies.
  5. PANDA

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. The Hate U Give 2. Roma 3. If Beale Street Could Talk 4. Widows 5. Mary Poppins Returns 6. Us 7. Detective Pikachu 8. Vice 9. The Favourite 10. Bohemian Rhapsody
  6. PANDA

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    They should just push Michael B. Jordan as lead for Black Panther, then he'd have that nom LOCKED
  7. PANDA

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    This is going to get delayed again, probably to Late August or early September Bad test screenings!
  8. In DFW, if it even began to snow traffick would suddenly become the worst in the country (literally) and all schools would be cancelled. Some areas of the US have some crazy reactions to what’s considered minor weather in other areas.
  9. It’s a great movie. It often makes me conflicted because it’s also a subtly racist one (even though on the surface it acts like it’s not).
  10. Very serious and not a film quote!
  11. Lol. At the new movie theater in my town they also have escape rooms, an arcade, laser tag and bowling. When I walked by the escape room part I thought, “They’re bound to turn this into a horror movie at some point.” Lookie here
  12. PANDA

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
  13. To all on this forum: You are loved. You are worthy of love. You are made of love and from love. You are love.
  14. Ant-Man 2 didn’t do poorly though. It increased from Ant-Man by a decent amount. I think the 300m predicts were a tall order for MCU’s smallest character (literally and figuratively)

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