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  1. Eh about on par with it and Aladdin. The Lion King is the most technically impressive of the three, yet also the least interesting.
  2. A ranking of all the family movies I’ve from this Summer! 1. Midsommar 2. Toy Story 4 3. The Lion King 4. Aladdin havent seen: Far From Home, SLOP2
  3. Kids also liked Zootopia though. If you take your kid to see a movie and they get restless because it bores them, that’ll effect WoM more than what you think about it.
  4. I heard from Tele, he told me that the kids weren’t very engaged with this Lion King. Seems to coincide with my experience and restless kids in the movie.
  5. You seem to have an obsession with dog anuses and shining light on them. I can’t say I think about a dog’s anus much! But you do you, like what you like!
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