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  1. Since I joined telegram ive noticed my actual posts here have been less frequent
  2. My opinion on the rest of Thrones won’t change no matter how it ends. I’ll pretty much always regard Seasons 1-4 as peak television, and Battle of the Bastards + Winds of Winter as the best two hours of TV I’ve watched.
  3. I think it’s worth being repeated, Endgame’s shorter legs likely have more to do with it burning off demand much more quickly because of how everyone wanted to see it in the first week with no spoilers. At this point the majority of the people who wanted to see Endgame would have seen it.
  4. This thread is nonsense. I am the biggest pop star on the planet. Im so big China uses me as a foreign policy tool to reward its allies and punish those who cross them!
  5. News from Panda Studios: - Walter Goggins and Willem Dafoe have been brought on for ‘major’ roles in Brian Almighty - A large portion of The Orphan Master Son’s Star studded cast has been revealed, is seemed like The main roles cast were: Yoo Ah-in (Burning) as the lead character the film follows, Jun Do Jeon Jong-soo (Burning) as Sun Moon and Choi Min-Sik (Oldboy) as The Dear Leader Kim Jong Il John Cho (Searching) as The Interrogator Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) as Gil Randall Park (The Interview) as Q-Kee Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) as Commander Ga Cho Jin Woo (The Handmaiden) as Comrade Buc Margaret Cho (30 Rock) as Li Mognan Lee Byung-Hun (A Bittersweet Life) as The Captain Park Seo-Joon (Midnight Runners) as The Second Mate Bobby Lee (Pineapple Express) as Dr Song Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians) as Rumina Ha Jung Woo (The Handmaiden) as Sarge Jeff Bridges (True Grit) as The Senator Tim Kang (Rambo) as Officer So Amy Adams (Arrival) as Wanda Blake Lively (A Simple Favor) as Allison Jenson Katy Mixon (Hell or High Water), cameo Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), cameo Moon Sung Keun (Burning), cameo Linda Park (Star Trek: Enterprise), cameo There are more smaller roles that have been cast but yet to be announced.
  6. Given I often have to gather votes for the BOFFIES or the Top 250 lists, I don’t put anyone on ignore. Also, an ignore button being present isn’t an excuse to have free reign acting like an ass 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. No. That’s putting words into my mouth. I reflected on what we got, and saw it in a different light then in my blind watching. My core issue of Dany’s snap being a rushed moment remains my core issue with the episode, but it doesn’t feel as jarring to me now as when I first finished watching the episode. That’s how art works. You reflect on it and your opinions about it change as you discover new things that are present in it. Sometimes this reflection moves your opinion in a more negative direction, other times more positive. For example, in episode 4, I started out rather positive about it. And upon reflection found a lot of issues within the episode that made it a little sub-par to me. Your opinion of something is allowed to exist in a space of both positive and negative. There’s aspects of this episode that I really love, parts that I’m fine with, and other parts that I think could have been executed a lot better. You can have a nuanced opinion on art where you can focus on both the positive, negative and neutral of it. I actually think that makes for better dialogue than shitting on something and calling the creators “Dumb and Dumber, der” or just saying “WOW BEST EVER”
  8. I’ve had mixed thoughts on the episode, but it really doesn’t effect my enjoyment of the series as a whole. Most of the fans I think are overreacting about how “awful” it is. I think Thrones is probably too popular now for its own good. Meaning, everyone wants something different from the show, and it can only really deliver one thing. So, while there are some pretty big issues with a few episodes this season, I think those issues are getting hyperbolized by some fans disliking the direction the plot decided to take (that’s not to say some of the big complaints this season are or are not legitimate. The fans I’m talking about there are the ones petitioning for a remake of season 8 ) 😎
  9. I’ll be honest, my first reaction to the episode was pretty negative. But the more I reflect on it, the more I actually liked the episode. There’s quite a few problems that won’t go away (such as how rushed the development is, and the disappointment that Jaime’s character ends where it started after all of that development), but those don’t feel as show ruining as they did after the episode ended. Dany’s snap was hella rushed, but in some way that suddenness put you in the shoes of the characters and people who have the same “WTF?” reaction. She always had a paranoia when things weren’t going her way that she needed to make a grand demonstration to beat some fearful sense into people. I think when she hears the Bells, Dany makes a decision to to choose ruling through fear (out of her own fear that these people will never love her, and will simply flock to Jon or the next best alternative unless she cements herself as somebody to be feared). I think this moment needed more build up, and that could have happened if these last two seasons were normal 10 episodes in length. But, since this is what we’re given, I think the destination makes sense and I can better enjoy all of the brilliant technical and acting work going on in the episode. If we’re thinking about that foreboding “Winter is Coming” in the series, it’s fairly poetic for Winter to not just be an ominous, evil force that can’t be reasoned with. Winter is brought on by humanity’s own doings and desire to secure power. Imo, that’s probably where GRRM was intending to take his story thematically wise, and the books should hopefully be able to flesh that out in more detail. But the main points of this seem to come across in the episode to me.
  10. Breaking News: Ben Stiller fired from Brian Almighty, Daveed Diggs has been hired as his replacement to Star and direct
  11. The majority of that sounds much worse than what we're getting imo, minus Jaime/Tyrion killing Cersei.
  12. For some reason that hasn't stopped him from haunting the numbers threads with not cool reactions
  13. Hopefully I am doing this right J - 100m C - Spider-Man 7m away H - Pets 2 15m away A - Dark Phoenix 20m away D - Toy Story 25m away G - MIB 30m away B - Aladdin 80m away I - Rocketman - Yesterday 100m away
  14. Fun read, technically you could name your kid Khaleesi and just say “It wasn’t after Dany” since Khaleesi is a title.
  15. All of the acting and production value in the episode was phenomenal. My main gripe was the botched character development for Dany and Jaime. That leaves me pretty mixed on this episode because there were so many brilliant things done by the cast and crew that get overshadowed by D+D’s two big plot decisions there.
  16. What I got, was earlier in the episode she makes a comment or two about how “the people in Mereen rose up for me.” And then she mentions how she plans on breaking the old world to build a new one, or something to that extent There’s been a few moments throughout the show too where Dany threatens to burn cities to the ground when she gets angry (Quarth, Mereen, etc), and she’s given a speech to the Dothraki about tearing down the stone houses. It’s even more clear in the book Dany teeters on the edge of madness and kindness in her heart, and when she goes madness a lot of ugly brutality comes out. Prior to this episode, she lost just about everyone keeping her brutal side in check, had been getting more dismissive of Tyrion’s cautions to not burn everything to the ground and her ex-lover is a political rival who she feels no longer loves her. I get that she feels like a Targaryen alone in the world and is ready to really embrace the line “Fire and Blood” to make a fearful demonstration and try to force everyone to submit to her, since they weren’t rising up on their own accord. I think the big misstep on the show’s part is they rushed that snap to completely madness (which I think was clearly foreshadowed as being a potential for her) and so it felt jarring.
  17. I think this, there needed to be more time to show her descent to where you can believe she’s really ready to just burn everything to the ground. There have been moments in prior seasons where you saw that in her (her being ready to return Mereen to the dirt) but this moment that could have been brilliant felt jarring because they way rushed it
  18. I don’t disagree here. I do think that how Dany took out the fleet and scorpions was how the power level of the dragons should have been to begin with. What’s weird is I’m not against the plot point they took, it’s just Dany’s snap into total “Burn them all madness” just kind of happens and leaves you going “Wtf?”
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