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  1. The biggest thing supporting this ATM, aside from as I mentioned previous Russian distributor runtime leaks like BR2049, is that there have been clapperboards spotted with scene numbers reaching 250. By comparison, Spectre and Casino Royale final scenes were around 205.
  2. ‘No Time to Die’: A Rare In-Depth Interview With the Keepers of James Bond https://variety.com/2020/film/features/james-bond-no-time-to-de-barbara-broccoli-michael-wilson-1203466601/
  3. Same thing. Basically Zimmer writes the actual themes and records long suites/'sketchbooks' for them as well as general guidance...and then he gives it all to people like Balfe/Mazzaro/Wallfisch etc to adapt it all into cues to picture
  4. Blade Runner 2049 had their composer switch at almost the same timeframe and that turned out okay... Zimmer apparently has been working on this since late November already and the score is actually being recorded as we speak.
  5. Only that Dan Romer is indeed out. Last name mentioned was Benjamin Wallfisch but nothing solid, though the guys who broke the Romer news have heard it is indeed not Zimmer but one of his Remote Control Productions people.
  6. It was initially announced by MGM/EON for the 8th, then I think in October it officially moved to the 10th. Just that MGM for whatever reason didn't bother to ask BOM etc to update
  7. Aside from the Fandango thing, it was on all the official MGM/UA press releases when the trailer dropped. UK now set for April 2 as well.
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