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  1. To note - money's already been offered to independent venues in the UK (and the US relief package has the same terms), this is specifically pushing for AMC/Odeon, Cineworld/Regal, Vue...
  2. Also Many Saints of Newark moving to Sept. And I'm sure someone already mentioned it here - this will surely benefit Asia/Pacific
  3. SPC has been incredibly strongly against any sort of VOD forever throughout all this so yeah... Anyway, the 3-week IMAX window is interesting and I wonder whether 1. that's how they managed to get the OK for day and dating this and 2. Raya and any other Disney/20th will get the same domestically and 3. Whether it could be a test run of sorts for a possibility of Black Widow Premier Access? @lorddemaxus yeah Mulan didn't, and I'd imagine Raya won't. Hamilton also didn't... Anything that doesn't have a theatrical element at all (or Premier Access) will probably have the D+ or Hulu branding, like Soul. Also surely this would be such an easy launch title win for Star internationally. The film's currently set for March here in the UK and no way it's hitting that at this rate, and BAFTA eligibility is April 9 so they'll have to release it somehow...
  4. Apparently it's to position it in the awards race with fest debuts. However, I bet the possibility of fall films like this or Dune reverting to traditional release is also a big factor.
  5. "IndieWire has learned any decision to delay will not be made this week” https://www.indiewire.com/2021/01/blockbusters-leave-summer-no-time-to-die-what-that-means-for-theaters-1234608988/
  6. apparently they are hell bent on avoiding summer since License to Kill
  7. I'd have thought maybe the UK gov would be vaccinating fast enough to be able to begin easing things back by April but the talk this weekend of this lockdown continuing to the May bank holiday has shot all that and even chances of a Tenet like staggered delay to hell. It's definitely moving significantly...
  8. Sounds like UK cinemas might not reopen until May https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/shock-therapy-boris-johnsons-critics-say-cabinet-needs-massive-jolt-57ftdzd77
  9. Looks like we really might have to brace ourselves for a November move. First let slip in an interview by a major Dutch cinema owner... https://www.bndestem.nl/roosendaal/bios-niet-bang-voor-streamingdiensten-mensen-willen-dat-grote-scherm~a49e0452/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F along with this...apparently the product placement partners (Omega etc) are prepping for a fall launch
  10. at least they've admitted the vaccine is the only way out of this current mess (of their own making)
  11. In terms of the UK - we're looking at hopefully everyone over 50 and underlying conditions vaccinated by the time this comes out...unlike last April and November cinemas are actually probably gonna be open this time around. It's in the Tenet position at the moment of first big film after this lockdown that's starting today, and I'd imagine restrictions will be identical to August, but it should be in theory easy to beat it because 1. Bond and 2. vaccine giving a confidence boost to the public. Question is, do MGM/Eon/Universal just go ahead with that, or keep waiting until the whole world is ready...
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