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  1. One thing really nagging at me, would that fantastic UK opening have been possible with distancing still in place... On the one hand, fantastic for the business. On the other, uhh...guess we'll see in two weeks? While measures were still in place I'm def buying the "zero cases traced to a cinema" stat but now...this will be an actual test (remember that as far as cinemas are concerned it's no masks and no distancing in most places, zero chance of vaccine passports here, and seems Europe has caught up with us on vax %s)
  2. yes. In fact best to watch all the previous Craig films as this is a direct sequel to SP and, though they have only now started highlighting it in marketing, meant to tie up the whole story starting from Casino
  3. Yup. But still, first sold out full capacity and no masks (well mandated that is) screenings since the start of all this... Curious how they're handling press screenings as it's really down to each distributor. For the Albert Hall premiere vaccine/negative test is required and masks encouraged.
  4. On the one hand GET HYPE and with my work hat on I hope to god it performs as well as it does and it's as much an event as it seems it will be about getting people back, on the other this is the first title where, like with Tenet back in the day (and we were proved wrong), we could genuinely begin to get worried re: COVID? The vaccine coverage here (82% of over 16s double jabbed, 67% of total population) is our only wall of defence ATM because otherwise it's no masks and no distancing at most places and everyone opposed to vaccine/neg test passports...ended up booking extra seats just for dist
  5. 40 mins. Also it turns out that DOM will have 3D shows....
  6. wow the OLS is genuinely looking like it will sell out Thursday night...almost scary to see a full capacity no distance screening like this - thank god it's a big venue and there's good distance between the rows in stalls. ended up splurging (though not as much as one could thanks to Limitless) for an extra seat on the side just for distancing (which I also did for Manchester after I saw the prices - 10.99! and the BFI IMAX in comparison is 29!) fuck I've been waiting for so long for this, gonna be kinda shameless here - whatever it takes for the safest and best experience. still k
  7. UK and internationally from the 13th. Probably same DOM too.
  8. tickets seem to be going on sale globally from September 13 - Germany, Korea and now UK all confirmed https://twitter.com/universaluk/status/1432730296055648262
  9. The US trailer is back up - and another international one is live!
  10. as it didn't launch officially yet, just kinda 'leaked' on their YouTube. Link now private
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