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  1. oh okay, thought the first screening allowed in AUS/NZ was 10am? So they're adjusting them to the embargo drop, thx @fabiopazzo2 is that press screening in Italy or public? Google tells me Italy gets it 23:00 as well (midnight CET) Also this makes me wonder if the leak might get Disney to do some one night only fan screenings later this week. I know some UK cinemas have already started receiving it and arguably this would fix things for most of those who care most about the spoilers. Sure more will undoubtedly come out after those screenings but at least people would get chance to see it for themselves .
  2. Okay, so going by that and converting everything to GMT+1 (London): Tuesday LA World Premiere end - 05/06:00 China - 17:00 London Press Screening - 19:00 Embargo Lift - 23:00 New Zealand/Australia - from 23:00 Germany/France - 23:00 Wednesday UK - 23:59 and so on... So basically, China indeed gets it first, while the rest that are opening 24th are timed to the review embargo lift.
  3. I'd think Australia/NZ is getting it first on 24th. Idk when the first China screenings are midnight then they're first. Annoyingly, as I'm sure most people here know, it's not a synchronised day and date globally - which they should have done at least something around even as a one off event, like Matrix Revolutions. Disney's going for which opening day works best for which country - so Wednesday for Asia and NZ and parts of Europe, Thursday for UK and Western Europe, Friday (Thurs night) for the Americas.
  4. my personal theory - it was a film ratings board screening as they're all seeing the film this week to get age ratings in. I remember for BvS there were a couple of Middle Eastern YouTubers who went into one and then leaked images of Superman's death/Doomsday etc
  5. This thing is back on, trailer with Hellboy. Was previously due for France release last month but got pulled.
  6. Sounds more and more like basically Mendes going 'hold my beer' to Nolan by the second:
  7. Brand new cut of the film will see light of day thanks to....Scorsese. Really interesting story http://deadline.com/2019/04/the-current-war-alfonso-gomez-rejon-harvey-weinstein-martin-scorsese-101-studios-edison-westinghouse-battle-film-deal-1202586812/ tl;dr - Weinstein made the director rush a cut for TIFF where it got panned (33% on RT to date), Weinstein made his own cut after that then the whole thing as we know happened and TWC's new owners were gonna release it internationally...but then Scorsese steps in and the new owners give the director money for reshoots and recut
  8. set video from Norway, confirming IMAX, and the possible theory that https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1106974/James-Bond-25-photos-filming-video-Norway-Daniel-Craig-007-villain
  9. Photo from the set confirming something that I thought was no longer happening but looks like it's back on... https://www.reddit.com/r/JamesBond/comments/b6ersr/first_photo_from_the_bond_25_crew_shooting_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app Bond 25 is shooting select sequences on IMAX 70mm film 😮
  10. I'm almost certain we aren't getting one more trailer, not even a 90 second special look like Cap Marvel. At most a 60-second spot coinciding with tickets (which people are gonna call trailer 7 or something anyway because SEO)
  11. What the AMC stuff just confirms is that 182 minutes is indeed the runtime that Disney advised theatres to program ahead of ticket sales. We won't know the 100% final one until the film is actually fully delivered, that confirmation will come from ratings boards and/or Disney themselves

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