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  1. gonna guess PVOD in UK/Europe based on this unless they're happy to be the only way for folks here to see the film until May
  2. Just announced - UK cinemas reopening May 17 at the earliest, with drive-ins from April 12. last straw for Black Widow to move - precluding an unliely D+ Premier Access launch? F9 may stay for Asia/Pacific and just delay in UK/Europe/US? And now that means GVK and Mortal Kombat are not happening theatrically at time of US/HBO Max drops.
  3. New release date change - looking like they're going back to tradition with an earlier UK/international release. September 29-October 1. Russia first country to announce: That week was freed up as Dune moved forward to September 15-17 outside the US (where it's still October 1 with HBO Max same day, and NTTD on October 8
  4. Launching on D+ Star in Canada on April 9...which is the current UK release date (which if I'm not mistaken the latest theatrical date set for it?). Wonder if this ends up going to Star everywhere - UK, Australia, etc - on the 9th?
  5. WW84 *and* The Little Things have just been announced as both going straight to home ent in France - Blu-ray/DVD on April 7, VOD probably a couple weeks before. Sounds like 'delay for two months then screw it, take it straight to VOD' is the Europe-wide strategy for these WB/HBO Max titles. So at this rate, UK isn't gonna get Little Things until late March, Judas until mid-April and GVK until...late May, maybe cinemas open earlier and it comes out with reopenings.
  6. I think this idea is gonna really only gonna come into popularity, if ever, after September, once they hit the all adults being offered the vaccine deadline
  7. So just for a bit of realistic context - it means that things will basically be like last summer when Tenet came out - so same restrictions still in place in terms of audience capacity until the end of the year. But now with the vaccine out there, hopefully, more audience confidence. So, much like the last period in between the first and second wave. So the question is - will studios with big films due for a traditional exclusive theatrical release be okay with releasing into a still somewhat restricted environment? This is where probably looking at the Tenet data will actually bear fruit because - that's done really well in the UK and elsewhere in Europe/Asia given the circumstances. And that's without the vaccine out there. But on the other hand I've seen some talk Stateside about hoping for no restrictions at all come the autumn and that's...are you sure about that?
  8. to me - sounds like they’ll push. Raya they’ll get away with because a lot of Europe including UK will still be closed so that’s effectively just a D+ PVOD launch and Mulan and Soul happened. UK/Europe exhibitors are currently working out 20-30 day window arrangements with the studios - and while WW84 was a watershed moment, it was really one just for the US and Canada. Theater owners elsewhere appear to be fighting tooth and nail to keep any such moves just to the U.S. and Canada this year. If Disney could take this to D+ *only* in North America, maybe it could happen, but they won’t do that, it has to be everywhere the service is active.
  9. Some movement on international implications of the HBO Max thing - in Germany, WB agreed to a new 28-day window with exhibitors (once they reopen of course). Judas and The Little Things confirmed to head to Sky following their theatrical release, while WW84 is abandoning ship and dropping on there next week, with cinemas still being able to play it later. (first country where the HBO titles are going to streaming/cable as opposed to PVOD)
  10. 32 70mm prints have been struck...inb4 they have to destroy all of these
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