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  1. Yeah SW won't be getting 1570 so they won't be precious with it format wise. All depends on the Mouse, apparently Disney was the reason Dunkirk's didn't play all IMAX locations.
  2. Next week is the week it seems https://www.mi6-hq.com/news/no-time-to-die-teaser-trailer-planned-for-release-191127
  3. Yup, this is absolutely 😮😱 Believe the hype, Deakins is definitely coming for Oscar numero dos and Newman's score is utterly incredible...in so many ways it feels unashamedly like a response and contrast to DUNKIRK, similarly experiential and visceral and yet does everything that film chose not to do..more old-school in its structure and approach to character and ultimately, the boots on the ground POV just as immersive as the epic scope of IMAX there. Atmos + Dolby Vision really suck you in here - Dolby Cinema is the way to see this. As easy it might be to get into arguments over which film is betrw they are ultimately, I'd say, companion pieces complementing each other almost perfectly. It's apples and oranges, different wars aside, they are ultimately different approaches to achieving this immersive experience. Cast is as good as you'd expect but again, it's all about the overall experience, intensity and craft. Though Though it does fall into the same 'issue' of the big names ultimately being not much more than glorified cameos, but the story isn't about them, it's about MacKay and Chapman and they are brilliant. A few other random thoughts: - if it wasn't already obvious enough, Dolby Cinema / Atmos > IMAX - now we know why that second trailer was...like that - if this isn't proof a DEATH STRANDING movie going all in on those fetch quests could kick serious arse.. - shades of Apocalypse Now - again, Deakins and Newman just steal the show - Oh, and, there's an image (because you can't really say shot lol) in this that's gonna generate so many OMG CINEMATIC PARALLELS MENDES WAS CLEARLY INSPIRED BY MARVEL tweets 😝
  4. Should be the last word for now - thankfully, not happening
  5. This is, for lack of a better word, a sledgehammer of a film... Joaquin of course amazing, it's unsettling and frankly terrifying. Fantastic craft work - the score especially (can't get that chilling riff out of my head) and the cinematography, they really help elevate it all. I loved its take on Gotham's mythos - for all of its tonal 'elevation' above the CBM genre (hell, zero mention of DC except the end credits) it very wisely and interestingly integrates those wider universe elements (that I wouldn't be surprised if they come into play in the future). IMO though, it needed a subtler and more careful hand on it all, it got very much overbearing at times...but really dug what they attempted here and they almost got it there. Would love more out there films like this from WB/DC and the genre in general.
  6. For those wondering about RT Watch(TM) timings - embargo is up 7:15pm Central European time which is when the premiere screening begins. Social media reactions are officially under embargo too but some will always leak out so expect first word in around an hour and a half
  7. IMAX had nothing to do with the Tenet teaser, it was just assumed it was exclusive to IMAX screens when in reality it's just a case of WB wanting it so secret until the first US Hobbs and Shaw screenings that they only sent it to cinemas themselves mere hours beforehand. And of course when a trailer comes in like this last minute, when cinemas would have already programmed their trailer reels a few days beforehand (this is why Deluxe does the US and Canada national trailer shipments at the start of each week) only a few cinemas will actually go - hey maybe we should program this. Hobbs isn't a WB film so in these sorts of cases cinemas can just tell them to flip off. And that's what happened. WB only sent it out widely through the proper channels after the first weekend. Not to mention only rolling it out to international markets a couple weeks later in time for Tarantino. Anyway from what I understand and heard, the plan is indeed to have it cinema only with It 2. Then a longer online trailer in time to play with Joker. The trailer classification came from Germany which means unlike Tenet they do want to have it with It 2 in as many territories as possible from day 1. And because it's a WB trailer in front of a WB film, cinemas are far more likely to play it. Really short/little footage teasers like Nolan's or the Disney live action (they only do it because they can, just look at even how some here reacted to Aladdin for instance) or SW teasers don't have enough to make an online event splash. These two pieces (one from yours truly lol) break it down. Unfortunate but oh well. https://www.google.com/amp/s/trailer-track.com/2018/11/12/editorial-toy-story-4-and-are-teaser-trailers-dying-out/amp/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2019/08/19/chris-nolan-tenet-trailer-hobbs-shaw-star-wars-toy-story-aladdin-dark-knight/amp/
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