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  1. I'm guessing US tickets on the 21st. FYI - new poster and Australia is getting advance screenings...on the 22nd. Next weekend!
  2. France getting 'previews' from the Monday (Aug 24) and there's been a couple DOM venues saying 'sneaks' from Mon Aug 31
  3. Indeed but America may be the only country where they have to do this in the first place due to the situation there.
  4. 3 things with that Tenet PVOD thing 1. Will major chains go for it? Any discussion of it now would require a similar deal to Universal/AMC, which Regal publicly told Uni to fuck off with basically and Cinemark is ambivalent. Now if Tenet underperforms below even the COVID adjusted expectations in open states on Labor Day.... 2. WB's release plan for the US - it may very well end up taking *longer* than 3 weeks for NY/LA to get it. What's the point of putting it on PVOD before the major markets get it (given the positioning of the release as an olive branch to cinemas) 3. Nolan - seems to believe in the 90+ day as a matter of principle. They could also just...do what Universal and others are doing - PVODing it through iTunes, Amazon etc. Only Disney has set the watermark by doing PVOD on their own SVOD service. And perhaps only just in the US while rest of world gets it traditionally.
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