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  1. https://www.facebook.com/pg/PhantomThread/about/?ref=page_internal
  2. Correct. Ready Player One is the most likely option for Fantastic Beasts 2, unlike FB1 which was an unknown quantity at that point. If anything being successful means they don't need to kickstart their marketing campaign as early. Even take SW - they had a year-out announcement teaser for TFA, but didn't for TLJ. And of course the DC example that was mentioned - they had theatrical teasers a year out for BvS and MoS, but then moving forward they had full first trailers 8-7 months out (except WW which was a more unknown at that point marketing wise property and they had good opportunity with SDCC). JL first look footage was if anything specifically targeted at press and fans disappointed after BvS, and SS was because of the leak.
  3. RT @EllenBarkin: “Take a pause” is not in my nature, fuck it... Thank you Quentin. May your full blown apology open the floodgates. https…

  4. https://www.trailer-track.com/2017/10/19/in-the-pipeline-first-trailer-for-paul-thomas-andersons-phantom-thread-is-almost-here/
  5. RT @Bitchuation: It just made me STRONGER.... https://t.co/rCE90NuAXL

  6. @4Sticksofgum @verotruesocial haven't seen 7P but on par with IB

  7. Full new title is ’12 Strong: The Declassified True Story Of The Horse Soldiers' http://alberta.ca/recently-rated-trailers.aspx
  8. Phantom Thread it is. http://www.focusfeatures.com/phantom-thread
  9. RT @filmtwiter: Want to Fix Hot Shots!? Give it Arrival's Ending.

  10. Not gonna lie, a short theatre-only like that at the end of Thor credits would be sweet, then official teaser trailer with TLJ/online late Nov. Speaking of BP - I will not be surprised if they place a 5-minute reel of footage (maybe the SDCC one, which did include a cut of the second trailer) to Thor in 3D and IMAX, like they did on Cap 2 and a few others
  11. Navigating around the competition when it comes to online releases is something that's done all the time....unless they've already announced it publicly, which they haven't. Think about it, have we ever had a Marvel and DC or Fox!Marvel trailer (not TV spot/featurette - major teaser or trailer) drop on the same day? it's not about being afraid, it's about diluted conversation. They want social media to talk ONLY about Black Panther all day as *the* trailer debut, not BP and NM.
  12. It was in theatres internationally, but TV/online only domestically. Was the second trailer released in Jan, before the full & final in March (IIRC?) Also the first Avengers technically had 3 trailers because of the first teaser as the post credits on TFA

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