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  1. This just reminded me during the movie I commented to my wife "I want that coat" during one of Evans' scenes lol. It was a brown 3/4 quarter length coat that caught my attention immediately since I'm such a coat fiend. Now I have to go look for it.
  2. It was alright. The leads were likeable and the movie overall had some pretty good moments. It just got really hokey in the final act after a really good build-up.
  3. And this is why it's a good idea for Disney to give X-Men a much needed 4-5 year vacation before rebooting. Similar to what Sony did with Spider-man Fox ran X-Men into the ground.
  4. Or there are some like me that was really disappointed with both movies. Both were one and done for me. I'm a character-driven viewer. You get me on board with the character(s) of your movie and I'll sit back and enjoy the ride no matter how stupid your story is lol. If the story is a good one that's just gravy. Both Godzilla movies absolutely FAILED in the character department. KOTM failed in just about every aspect. Couldn't even get the action scenes right.
  5. Edwards is Nolan 2.0 where his sterile lifeless characters are as interesting as watching paint dry.
  6. It took me a while to get used to the pudgy look but GMK Godzilla is still my favorite of the modern era mainly because he was a force of nature that just couldn't be stopped. GMK delivered on what Godzilla '14 trailers were trying to express.
  7. It's funny you mentioned Freddy vs Jason because the first time I saw that movie I recognized so many parallels to the original King Kong vs Godzilla movie. Godzilla/Freddy = villain Jason/Kong = good guys Kong = on an island not doing anything until he's disturbed. Jason = resting/dead at Crystal Lake until he's disturbed. Freddy = wants nothing more than to kill Godzilla = wants nothing more than to cause destruction 1st battle between the title characters... Godzilla fries Kong with radioactive breathe (characters in movie sympathize with Kong) Freddy kicks Jason's ass and turns him into a vulernable little kid (characters in movie sympathize with Jason) Characters in both movies figure out..."hey, let's get these 2 monsters together and maybe the lesser of the two evils will kill the more evil monster. Characters drug and transport Jason/Kong to get rid of more evil nemesis Freddy/Godzilla 2nd battle between superpowers... Characters cheer/help the good guys (Jason, Kong) Jason "the good guy" comes out the water as the victor and he's back home on Crystal Lake. Kong "the good guy" comes out the water as the victor and he's heading back home to his island.
  8. That's the worst thing that could happen if it turns out like that movie. I hope KOTM doesn't do the "Michael Bay" routine where they have dumb characters and so many explosions that I'm numb to the action halfway through the movie and then have to spend the remaining hour thinking how much longer can this shit go on? You don't simply watch a Michael Bay/Bruckheimer movie. You survive it.
  9. The marketing has turned me off somewhat. Being a huge Godzilla fan since I was knee high I have tickets for IMAX-2D on Thursday already but man I cringe at the corny dialogue and characters in the trailers. It reminds me too much of the typical Roland Emmerich movie. I hope KOTM is the opposite of Godzilla '14 where the trailers were awesome but the movie was sub-par.
  10. That Bryan Adams song is permanently seared in my mind thanks to MTV playing it so much lol. Back in the 90's they used to have movie music videos that played on MTV constantly. It was basically a free commercial for the the movie playing every hour. Just a few off the top of my head that will never leave my mind are the aforementioned Titanic/Celine Dion, Bodyguard/Whitney Houston, Robin Hood/Bryan Adams and my favorite at the time Batman Forever (Seal - Kiss From a Rose and U2's Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss me) videos. Those movie music videos also inspired me into editing my own videos which has become a hobby that's stuck with me lol.
  11. Cmon lol. Of course no soundtrack is going to be bigger than those mentioned. This is a different era. Point out the cable channel that plays a song 20 times a day like MTV did in the 90s lol.
  12. The last facial expression completely sold that scene. One of my favorite comedic scenes of the MCU.
  13. Isn't this the same for every large scale battle though? I didn't know where the hell everybody was in any large battle in the LOTR movies, except for Helm's Deep because that battle just happened to have a wall lol. I had no idea where everybody was in the final battle of The Last Samurai. All I know is the heroes were kicking ass. That's it.
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