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  1. I watched the replay of the Sixers/Raptors game. Embiid's ball IQ was subterranean and the Sixers coach is garbage for letting him play the way he did. How does a coach let his 7 foot center continually initiate his offense all the way out at the 3 point line? Why was this guy trying to dribble from the top of the key into the teeth of the defense and trying to make moves and shoot fadeaways as if he's a guard? He's not Dirk Nowitzki lol, not even close. Embiid acted like he was allergic to the paint. He should have been on the low block putting pressure on Toronto's defense forcing them to react and making life easier for his teammates. Ugly game and a hell of a shot by Kawhi. The lucky bounce at the end kind of signified this game. Nothing about this game was pretty, not even the game winner lol.
  2. Also, it's nice to see the midrange game isn't completely dead in today's game. Most players are predictable in that they either chuck a three or go all the way to the rim. CJ being a triple threat is difficult to guard because he can stop on the dime and hit a shot from anywhere. Someone needs to teach Harden that.
  3. I've never enjoyed Van Gundy or Mark Jackson. It's like they trying to steal the shtick of NBC's Steve "Snapper" Jones and Bill Walton and taking it to a 15.
  4. Houston is just a very dumb team. The turning point was the chance for the Rockets to go up 9 when they had a 3 on 1 fast break and instead of getting a layup they blew it looking for a 3. They screwed up that possession and it turned into an Iggy 3 pointer on the other end to cut the lead to four. That just killed their momentum. That team is conditioned to shoot threes even when they can get an easy two and that "chuck a three or bust" mentality bit them in the ass. D'Antoni basically either ISO'd James Harden and let him shoot every shot imaginable all year or he just had his players shoot threes as early as possible in the shot clock.. That kind of offense will never win a championship.
  5. I don't understand Philly's defense on Kawhi lol. I've lost count how many times they've just backed off the guy and let him shoot uncontested jimpers. He's been in a rhythm all series. The last thing you do is back off a guy and let him shoot in rhythm. Kawhi moves in slo-motion and has a weak first step. Jimmy Butler needs to be on him and up in his shirt pressing him to put the ball on the floor. The only time Butler pressured him in the 4th qtr Kawhi got flustered and lost the ball. After that they've just left him with a cushion to shoot lol.
  6. First the slip on the dunk attempt earlier in the regular season and now just getting rejected by the rim? Dude just needs to stop trying to dunk. Layups are safer for him.
  7. That Bryan Adams song is permanently seared in my mind thanks to MTV playing it so much lol. Back in the 90's they used to have movie music videos that played on MTV constantly. It was basically a free commercial for the the movie playing every hour. Just a few off the top of my head that will never leave my mind are the aforementioned Titanic/Celine Dion, Bodyguard/Whitney Houston, Robin Hood/Bryan Adams and my favorite at the time Batman Forever (Seal - Kiss From a Rose and U2's Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss me) videos. Those movie music videos also inspired me into editing my own videos which has become a hobby that's stuck with me lol.
  8. Cmon lol. Of course no soundtrack is going to be bigger than those mentioned. This is a different era. Point out the cable channel that plays a song 20 times a day like MTV did in the 90s lol.
  9. The last facial expression completely sold that scene. One of my favorite comedic scenes of the MCU.
  10. Isn't this the same for every large scale battle though? I didn't know where the hell everybody was in any large battle in the LOTR movies, except for Helm's Deep because that battle just happened to have a wall lol. I had no idea where everybody was in the final battle of The Last Samurai. All I know is the heroes were kicking ass. That's it.
  11. Most likely. Playoff Harden is back and his shooting percentages have taken their annual nosedive in the postseason. He could afford to shoot like crap against the Jazz but he can't do that against the Warriors. And Chris Paul has to avoid his injury curse,
  12. Act 1 is slow but Acts 2-3 aren't slow at all. Maybe it's because I watched Alien the night before (and that movie is truly a slow burn lol) but Endgame really doesn't feel like a 3 hour movie.
  13. I'm one of those people that when I experience a scene in the theater that strikes a chord in me it stays with me forever and I get the same feeling even on multiple re-watches at home. Just off the top of my head.. Superman '78 - Superman revealed for the first time with that John Williams score ROTJ - Luke goes crazy on Vader, again, with that awesome John Williams score The Avengers - "I'm always angry", Avengers Assemble, "Hulk Smash" Endgame definitely gave me some of those moments.... Cap wielding Mjolnir Cap standing alone against an entire alien army and then hearing "On your left" Stark "And I....am....Iron Man" snap I can't wait to go back again tonight for my third viewing.
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