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  1. Jason was only bullied in that abomination Freddy vs Jason. I'm not sure if Jason was bullied in the original films as I don't remember Pamela mentioning it and he wasn't all that sympathetic to me being a brutal killing machine and all. I sure as hell wasn't rooting for him in Part 2, 3, 4, or 6 which all had likable (and resourceful final girls and guys). I think Part 7 and beyond is when Jason became a sort of anti-hero because that's when the supporting characters really started to get terrible.
  2. I don't think Michael is supposed to be completely mindless. He just has no conscience. He's a psychopathic voyeur/stalker, following and observing his prey until he can't take it anymore and then he just has to kill the target he's obsessing over. At least that's what I got from Halloween '78. Halloween 2018 took a radical departure from that and pretty much turned Myers into every brutal slasher of the last 30 years.
  3. I saw it tonight and sadly I have to agree. The movie was built on nostalgia and entertaining in parts but was wrapped around a lot of tired dialogue and "wtf" moments, one major moment which took me out of the movie for a good bit because it was so stupid and came out of nowhere. Aside from Laurie and her granddaughter (can't remember her name but she was my favorite) the characters were nothing to write home about, typical faceless horror fodder. While Michael's brutal portrayal was entertaining for the most part I didn't like My wife was also of the opinion that this was a mish-mash of moments of the Halloween movies before it with little payoff in the end. Anyhow, I had the same empty feeling leaving the theater that I had with Jurassic World. Yeah, it was entertaining and great seeing Myers do his thing with the familiar Carpenter score but didn't come close to living up to the hype. I rank it below H2 and H4 as far as Halloween sequels go.
  4. The amount of footage they showed in the 2nd U.S. trailer raised alarm bells for me. When a trailer shows that much of Michael Myers it looks like they're trying way too hard to sell it to get butts in the seat that first weekend because the movie may be shit and they're expecting it to fall off hard. I hope that isn't the case and it's just the case of a poorly made trailer. The international trailer was FAR better.
  5. I know locally I can go to Fandango and look at the reserved seating for the IMAX theater in my area and see which seats have already been sold.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised to see DS2 get a big boost at the box office. Infinity War did all kinds of favors for his character, especially showcasing his power.
  7. Great movie. The tonal shift in the end I think really caught people off guard and left an impact. Haven't heard a theater that silent since Infinity War and many people stayed in their seats through the credits. I had no idea that was Denzel's kid and now it makes sense that his voice and some of his expressions had such a familiarity to it that it was bugging me throughout the movie. I thought it was just the Spike Lee effect lol. I definitely recognized some musical cues from Inside Man. And was it just me or was that a re-mixed version of Shawshank's prison theme when Stallworth was going into the police station for the first time?
  8. The previous 2 billion dollar films had hype though. Infinity War had no hype whatsoever and audiences were suffering from Marvel fatigue.
  9. After my experience today I'm avoiding any times where there could be young children. I really liked the movie from what I saw of it but the children in my theater really ruined the experience for me. I don't know what the hell those parents were doing but they basically just let their kids yell and sometimes scream throughout. They couldn't keep quiet for more than 2-3 minutes at a time and there were loud sounds like someone was constantly kicking the seat a couple of rows behind me. I took my boy of course but other than a few questions he had during the movie he was just mesmerized by the movie and was a freakin angel compared to the rest of the rugrats in there today. Next time I see I2 it's going to be at a 10PM show.
  10. Well, Jurassic World was a shit movie and that still made a ton of money so I have no doubt Fallen Kingdom will do the same.
  11. I'm not shocked about the lukewarm reception of Solo. The trailers were mediocre and generated no buzz from crowds whatsoever, even IW and BP crowds that were already lathered up lol. Every time I saw that trailer play in the theater I could feel the apathy towards it.
  12. If it hasn't been done already we really need a gif of Thanos throwing shards of the moon...except replace those shards with showers of money lol.
  13. I would have rather seen Luke's between Jedi and TLJ first. Damn, what a great movie that could have been.
  14. For some reason Marvel released the Black Panther's trailers at the worst times with no fanfare whatsoever lol. I remember the 2nd trailer dropped out of nowhere on a Monday morning at 8-9AM. I don't think it even got to trending status on Youtube.
  15. I know what they were going for there but I couldn't get around the fact that the kid's dipshit mother has him in harm's way watching a huge rhino tank shooting bullets and missiles at cops like it's a spectator sport. I think right before this scene they showed the kid in the safety of his home playing with the wind turbine that Spider-man fixed for him which makes it even worse. It's like his mom said "Hey Johnny, there's a mad man shooting up the NY streets. Wanna go watch? Don't forget to put on your Spidey outfit." I don't know how this scene even gets past a rough draft never mind making it into the movie.

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