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  1. Total Film scan! Courtesy of Gormaru Island https://mobile.facebook.com/GormaruIsland/photos/a.1519035668325512/2344550045774066/?type=3&refid=52&__tn__=EH-R
  2. Like whats been said here earlier, a departure from the comics isnt a bad thing by nature, its just a different take on the character. The MCU portrayals of Star-Lord & Iron Man have clearly established themselves as the go-to versions of the characters. Pratt & RDJ among others basically took some inspiration from the comics but made the characters their own. I guess Ragnarok's more upbeat Thor could be an example too.
  3. kaijukurt

    Venom (2018)

    Perfect example of a B-level superhero film. Tom Hardy with the ham, some neat action/VFX sequnces (though the quality noticeably drops in the finale), a dash of humor (some unintentional) and half baked subplots & supporting characters. Its not great, but its a decent way to kill some time.
  4. The animation is a thing of beauty.
  5. If the movie already has an official rating, doesnt that mean theres a final (or near-final) cut/edit the studio already has?
  6. kaijukurt

    The Predator (2018)

    Seems like it. Significant 3rd act changes and more if we go by this article https://screenrant.com/predator-movie-reshoots-changes-shane-black-fox/
  7. Just came from watching this since its opening day where Im from. Anddddd it wasnt very good for me. The comedy was the best part of the movie IMO. Gave the crowd a good laugh a couple of times. The action was just too dark or bland in terms of choreography/editing. Though theres one nice moment of pure terror involving the "Ultimate Predator" in the pine forest. Honestly, theres a lack of suspense to the Predators. Kinda takes away the gravitas when you see a Predator running on foot like he was in a 100 meter dash. Some moments out of left field too like a certain plot point with a Predator Hound and the ending sequence. Cast is fun to watch though...even if it disposes of some of them as if they were extras. 🤔 And if the comedy was the best part...then I guess the VFX was the worst part for me. The climax fell flat especially because of this, IMO. 5/6 out of 10. (For me, Predator would be a 9, Predators a 7) Edit: Apparently, the forest battle at night (my favorite action beat of the whole movie) was only added in the reshoots.
  8. kaijukurt

    The Predator (2018)

    It wasnt very good for me. Pros: -I liked the comedy, for the most part. Sure there were some misses, but a lot of the big humor moments landed nicely with the crowd and me. -Sterling Brown's character & the Loonies were fun to watch. -Theres a good amount of Predator screen time. You dont have to wait long between appearances. -Neat forest battle. Theres a moment of pure terror where they shine a flashlight on the Ultimate Predator finishing off a soldier. Cons: -Hopefully it wasnt just my cinema, but the nighttime scenes were frustratingly dark here. And there are a lot of nighttime scenes. -I think Ive been spoiled by the wonderful choreography of recent action films both big & small. The action here just wasnt choreographed/edited to be visually interesting. A couple of slashes here, there. Rinse & repeat. -Despite the characters being fun, the movie disposes of them pretty casually. Sterling Brown literally dies in a blink-and-youll-miss-it moment. -Some plot stuff are out of left field. The hybridization/invasion plot point is understandable, but the characters managing to tame one of the Predator Hounds by shooting it in the brain felt like it belonged to a more comedic film. -A lot of the effects were subpar, IMO. Wonder if it was cos of the reshoots. -The 3rd act is easily the weakest of the three. Rushed and with the weakest VFX in the film. -Kinda felt some stuff were left out in the editing room. Our introduction to Olivia Munns character seemed awkward...as if we were supposed to have already met her. Some other scenes just didnt...seem right to me too. Honestly, Im just prolly being nitpicky cos of how disappointed I was in the incoherency of the night time scenes and the blandess of the action. Should give this another go in a brighter cinema. 5/6 out of 10.
  9. Looks like loud, brutal B-movie fun. Really hyped now!!
  10. Im hearing that Crazy Rich Asians showings are doing amazing near me!!! The box office for this should be very exciting
  11. That ~4% CRA drop outside of the holiday period...amazing!!!
  12. I really liked it, and I think the 3rd act will push the WOM to astronomical levels (hopefully!!!) And concerning a certain scene in the trailers:
  13. Like a Purge-Purge: Anarchy situation right? People found the idea of a Purge inherently interesting, just like the idea of giant monsters on the big screen, so a killer marketing campaign could make the difference in convincing audiences to give it another go.
  14. I know right?? If there was one monster begging to be brought to life on the big screen, its him..

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