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  1. I really liked it, and I think the 3rd act will push the WOM to astronomical levels (hopefully!!!) And concerning a certain scene in the trailers:
  2. Like a Purge-Purge: Anarchy situation right? People found the idea of a Purge inherently interesting, just like the idea of giant monsters on the big screen, so a killer marketing campaign could make the difference in convincing audiences to give it another go.
  3. I know right?? If there was one monster begging to be brought to life on the big screen, its him..
  4. Didnt think about it that way....but now that you mention it 🤔
  5. Thats a lot of action from the looks of it Looks like theyre treating the monsters more as gods/majestic creatures to be in awe of rather than actual threats, which Im down with
  6. I think the fact that its a 40 second trailer tease (not even an actual first trailer) speaks for itself. It says a lot about the lack of relevancy of the goofs (if there was even any in the 1st place) once the weekend is over. Were there errors? Yup. Was there corrective action taken? Yes as well. Legendary took down the clip from their YT page and Dougherty uploaded a proper version to his Twitter. So its very clear the goofs are mistakes from the cutting room floor/marketing campaign rather than anything that we'll actually end up seeing on the theater (so its basically impossible to judge the films quality from those goofs) I know you have reservations about Legendary's take on Godzillla & Kong but I just hope Ive made my point clear.
  7. By "pushed it back" or "shelved" Im sure Jay didnt mean a cancellation or a release date change but rather they just took a break from all active post-production and editing on it as of the moment. Theyre taking their hands off it in the editing room and letting the marketing team do their thing instead rn. I think its gonna help a lot if you take a breather and go back to Jays posts. From the start, its clear from the use of context that Jay doesnt meant "iced" or "shelved" to mean cancelled/delayed.
  8. This is more straight up superheroics/suburban family stuff than the first film, and the villain is nowhere near as good as Syndrome. You can see the identity of the "mystery villain" mile away. That being said, just because its more on the superhero side of things doesnt make it any less entertaining. The action sequences are absolutely jaw-dropping (train chase and Screenslaver's hideouts being technical marvels!!!) and we get to see more of Helen/Violet this time around. Great stuff. A
  9. The vid was by Darren Wallace (he has a lot more parody vids on his youtube channel), whos described on Vimeo as a "freelance VFX artist."
  10. Well they used to be called Divisions but they adopted the Conference title in the 70s I think. Plus the Conference aspect kind of applies to those sets of teams regularly "meeting up and coming together" in the All-Star games/playoffs.

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