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  1. Couldve even been higher if screens werent removed to make way for the MMFF
  2. kaijukurt

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

  3. From USA Today's 2019 movie preview! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2405746002
  4. I really like the 2014 film for its indie sensibilities & visuals and how it has that Toho spirit to its plot..but considering the fact that it was a franchise reboot.. Im still surprised that Legendary took this very unxpected path when thinking "ok how do we reintroduce this character to a global audience." At least the marketing for KOTM looks to be very in line with the what the movie aims to deliver.
  5. I think the trailer has some weird editing, but Im liking the footage shown so far.
  6. I think we'll be seeing the Genie in at least 2 forms: his classic blue form when he's first released (the unfinished form as mentioned in the article) and a human form that we'll be seeing as he interacts with the rest of the movies cast to not give away his genie identity ("Prince Ali" and how in the EW pic they seem to be talking in public). So Im guessing the EW look is gonna make it on screen, its just that its one of the Genie's many assumed forms.
  7. Didnt expect that to be said, but I think it would sound better if given more context/time to expound. Even without clear nuclear allegories, most films in the franchise at least pay lip service to the whole "how nature points out the folly of man" theme. But in a way, every monster movie does that so not sure what Dougherty was aiming for. Either way, we can at least chalk it up to his passion for the series, even if the wording seems pretentious.
  8. I can see where youre coming from. Just caught up in the hype right now XD At least design wise, the monsters are on point.
  9. Just like how Godzilla's fins light up blue when charging his atomic breath.. Looks like Ghidorah's necks light up yellow when charging his gravity beams!! (Take a closer look)
  10. Rodan doing a barrel roll to take out a jet squadron is my favorite shot in the trailer.
  11. Hmmm I think its the prominent blue aura which gives it strong animation vibes..not the character model.

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