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  1. My brother and I really really like the first Thor. Like we're always down to finish it if its playing on tv. Branagh is the man for making the royal family drama elements work The scenes where Thor argues with Odin and ends up being banished and the Loki stuff are great.
  2. Valerian (2017)

    The creative action sequences and impressive eye candy were enough for me to let the dialouge slide by. Plus the plot (not the dialogue, but the plot as a whole) was enough to keep me interested. 3/4
  3. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    I was thinking they would be all hyper-organized apes as well...with all the references to the original movie, I thought they were ready to show us apes in human clothing who were even more organized than Caesar's colony. (Like to show that the apes had indeed usurped humanity at this point)
  4. Dunkirk (2017)

    Good stuff. Well-shot, well-directed with some very intense moments. The aerial photography (okay practically all the plane scenes) was the best part of the film for me. Liked how the 3 main storylines overlapped at different points, and especially how youre just dropped right into the thick of things. However, sometimes I felt they tried to make a lot of the scenes seem "epic" with the the accompanying soundtrack (which did sound great and was very noticeable) and I felt they were too on the nose in some moments. Idk exactly how to word it, but Ill just say I thought it made some subtle, low-key scenes something they werent. Gotta admit was sad when Hardy got captured at the end In the end, I liked it, and nothing in the film really felt mediocre. 3 or 3.5/4 (Depending on my mood)
  5. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    Hey same here!!!!
  6. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    Huh I was thinking more of Abraham but a Messiah comparison makes wayyyyyy more sense with Reeves vision. Sits alongside "Moses Caesar" pretty well too.
  7. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    Ohhhhhh thats a very good analogy. I like that..thanks for bringing it up!!
  8. I dont think the accuracy of the apes' reproductive capabilities is having a dramatic effect on the B.O....thats one of the last things the GA would notice (and complain) about the movie. Besides the GA clearly doesnt mind inaccuracy as everyone basically acknowledges the over-the-topness of the Fast films and the implausibility of Peter gaining spider powers after being bitten by a spider... The last film being too bleak to attract lots of the GA makes sense from a box office point of the view but the movie's adherence to real life science having a BO effect seems like too much of a stretch.
  9. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    I liked the movie, but yeah this is the main reason why I give Rise & Dawn the edge over this. I thought going into the movie, that this would be Caesar's defining moment..in the sense that he would do anything it takes to save his colony. But in a way, its Maurice & Rocket who deserve most of the credit for getting them out of there, and Caesar happens to save the apes from the gunfire since he just notices the situation after going to the Colonel's base to (try to) finish him off. Most of the movie Caesar tries to accomplish his own personal vendetta but its the moments that all the other apes see (him standing up for the Orang-utan & him tossing the grenade) that immortalizes him in ape history. So in short Caesar seemed to be more focused on his personal vendetta and happened to find himself where he could stand up for his fellow apes. It really feels different from Rise and Dawn wherein Caesar is the driving force behind the Golden Gate Bridge standoff and in the human diplomacies/Koba confrontation. Caesar seemed more like an "ape hero" in those films. Its not a big fault, but it just came across as something very odd to me, now that I think about it.
  10. Ive always found Orang-utans the most fascinating of the great apes and I liked how Maurice's wise and compassionate personality was shown whenever he was on-screen. Plus baby orang-utans!!!! (I think thats the first time the series has had them??) And I found it a great touch how Maurice .
  11. I think they gave away a lot of stuff in the trailers, if I remember correctly.
  12. Just came from watching it. I loved the technical and dramatic aspects of it (no surprise regarding the VFX), and a lot of times Id just watch in amazement at how real they looked. I even think they outdid Dawn this time. Caesar is the MVP, and Maurice/Rocket/Bad Ape were standouts to me as well. These apes go through some hard stuff damn. The movie actually had moments that were clearly meant to be amusing or even outright funny..didnt expect that after the previous two. Those moments didnt seem forced though. Some things I werent exactly fond of, though: The movie moves at a really nice pace until it kinda slows down during the Bad Ape scenes (IMO, plus I heard snoring at this point ). But it picks up shortly after. It kinda wrapped up too quickly and neatly for me too. I think those few slow scenes and the lack of onscreen depiction of an actual "War" may have a big effect on the GA, especially here in my country. Most of the audience in the theater were also middle-aged. Most minors were babies or toddlers clearly brought along with their parents. I dont think I saw any teens. I really like this movie, but I think Dawn still edges this out. 3.5/4

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