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  1. Pretty interesting though how Skull Island’s main set pieces took place in daylight. I wonder if thats due to ILM being the main VFX vendor for the movie.
  2. I’d be glad if Wingard’s really still attached to the reshoots and not just there for P.R. reasons now while some ghost director takes over. The guy did The Guest & You’re Next, two genre films I really enjoy (very thrilling films I must add). Blair Witch was meh (but was a case of hopelessly trying to be a remake/reboot/sequel) while I’d argue for Death Note to be more problematic in its approach to begin with (with the producers being responsible for past American J-Horror remakes, multiple screenwriters) and less of the blame being on Wingard’s shoulders. So while he’s made some misses in mainstream cinema, his original works are enough to convince me that the man has talent that I’d wanna see translated to Godzilla vs Kong.
  3. In fairness that would be hard to do story-wise..given that Skull Island takes place in the 70's plus his character did get squashed by Kong.
  4. Just wondering, how reliable is this account as a source? Either way, fingers crossed! Edit: interesting tweet..
  5. I dig it! I thought the 2nd one was quite the drop-off from the first so Im pleasantly surprised to see this being presented as as more of a historical action thriller. Looks refreshing to me.
  6. As in scenes seem to have been edited/deleted? Just wondering...any behind-the-scenes stuff/test screening changes you know about this? 🤔
  7. I guess The Great Game as a subtitle seemed pretty vague and not very indicative of a prequel. Also, I hope the thread title gets changed to reflect the current release date.
  8. ^This. Given that the Godzilla film with the most tickets ever sold in Japan is still King Kong vs Godzilla by far (IIRC), I cant imagine any other Godzilla film doing better than that.
  9. Honestly...the direction in this seemed pretty bland to me as well. Nothing really pops out.
  10. I think its possible. Looks like theres a B.O. ceiling to giant monster movies, but ofc I cant help but wonder what if G14 maintained its $93M OW and delivered in a way the GA majority wouldve wanted. WOM & legs could have been very impressive.
  11. Just came out of this...I didnt really like it. The Thompson-Hemsworth chemistry (though a far cry from Ragnarok) & the comic relief alien sidekick were the only things keeping this afloat. The plotting & story flow just felt really by the numbers with the best shots being in the trailers (not much interesting imagery in this) and a twist that Im pretty sure wont surprise anyone. One particular joke had the whole theater laughing though. C
  12. I think most (if not all) of us here put forth WOM as the main reason for G14's weekend drops. If you look around the fandom as a whole, a good number were already aware of G14's reception among the GA as having the biggest effect on performance, and that awareness can only go up in the wake of KOTM.
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