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  1. I know it's dramatic, but I feel pretty personally hurt by this, as if an old friend of mine has moved out of town or something. I know it's still there, and much of the same data is still there, albeit in a very impractical manner, but it's not the same. I probably won't be using BOM anymore, and I hope that enough people feel this way that either BOM brings back the old design, or someone with enough passion and data collection experience makes a new site. And if that site has forums that are as fun and exciting as these forums, I would even pay to have it all. But for now, farewell BOM.
  2. Where did all of these new theaters come from?
  3. Not quite yet. AWE is at $654.0m OS and $963.4m WW, according to BOM.
  4. In the summer of 2013, when I worked at a movie theater, my coworker and I made a bet. Iron Man 3 vs Man of Steel, me for Iron Man, him on Man of Steel. Whichever movie grossed more was $20 for the winner, and an additional $20 for every $50m over. I won $60 from the bet ($20 for winning in general, an additional $40 since Iron Man made 118m more). Homeboy gave me $60 in pennies. Needless to say, my bank was not ammused.
  5. I don't think TF3 would have ever held the record. DH2 beat it to 1B, so it would've gone straight from ROTK to DH2.
  6. What if, just what if, the MTW scenario is like TFA where all three days saw roughly the same number of people attend and Wednesday gives us an increase from Tuesday? Does anyone else think it's a possibility?
  7. What are the odds the movie finishes with something like 850/2000/2850, becoming WW champion, TFA stays DOM champion, and Avatar stays OS champion?
  8. Just bought tickets for Round 2 tonight in IMAX 2D on a whim simply because my friends told me they were going to see it again. I think walk up business (or I guess non-presale business) will still be pretty strong.
  9. So what are we looking at for final overseas total? Is $1.5B locked? "Only" a $130m increase from AIW seems simple enough at this point.
  10. Part of me wants this movie to outgross Civil War, but part of me wants it to do between 1B and 1.1B so every MCU movie over 1B is in a different 100M range. (1.0 CM, 1.1 CW, 1.2 IM3, 1.3 BP, 1.4 AOU, 1.5 TA, 2.0 IW)
  11. I dunno if anyone has talked about it, but are we actually expecting International Women's Day to have a big effect on Friday? It's not like people get work off for it or anything, and anecdotally, a lot of people I know don't even know it's a thing. I don't think IWD will have any noticeable effect on Friday, and I don't think that CW will be any more or less frontloaded because of it. What are your thoughts?
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