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  1. There only miss this year has been RIPD
  2. I hope WWZ passes the 200m mark. DM2 should be able to hold well over the next month and gross over 340m.
  3. Sherlock will definitely see a third movie, a half a billion dollar franchise per movie isn't something WB will sideline, I'm sure the moment RDJ has a slot it will be filled.
  4. Great number for Gatsby, very happy for LeoD
  5. This was initially a club and just turned into THE HOBBIT OS thread naturally, changing the title is easy all anyone has to do is PM me there requests.
  6. Saw it today, great characters, great story, the film really hit the emotional spots for me. A
  7. My favourite was the Summer game when I first joined Mojo, then I took a real interest in Survivor, but for me the best game has definitely been BOA, it isn't too much work, is interesting, has a team aspect, can get really exciting and has some challenging BO questions which is really important.A while ago on Mojo I ran a Tournament game which was pretty fun as well, maybe I can bring that back sometime.
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