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  1. Hemsworth and Stewart both have strong draw power here. I think we are pretty neutral to the genre as well.
  2. This Means War has made some very impressive money OS, 101m is huge.
  3. I love how Denzel doesn't seem to stick to one studio, I'm just curious about how he gets his work, I wonder if he finds scripts and asks studios if they want to be involved or if the studios send him scripts in the hope that he picks one of their films that is probably tailored to his specific needs.
  4. I had similar thoughts. Looking at it purely from a BO perspective I can't help but think this guy could be huge if he gets involved in some sort of franchise potential films.
  5. Yeh very true, do you think he intentionally avoids anything that could be made into a sequel?
  6. So Denzel has never done a sequel? Is it his choice or have none of his films been 'big' enough for one?
  7. Bourne will drop close to if not just over 60%, TE2 will definitely have some sort of affect and if you also factor in the mixed WOM I definitely do not see more than 100m for TBL
  8. Domestically I do not see how Bourne can pass Safe House, but it can make up some ground OS mostly from goodwill and general interest remaining from the OT.
  9. I see Bourne closing out around 90-100m.Not impressive but not a complete disaster, we'll see if this finds an audience OS.
  10. Denzel is one of the few BO draws left and probably one of the most consistent.
  11. 2012 has 8 200m films vs 2011's 7 already. I'm just grateful this year has taken such a massive turn for the better.
  12. Didn't Inception have a B cinemascore? Shutter Island was a unique film with very mixed WOM which in the case of some films acts as an advantage, it forms into curiosity which can be as powerful as good WOM.TE2 will hurt it next weekend.
  13. That is huge for Bourne, didn't think it would be able to overcome rebootitis but 48m would be amazing and huge for Universal which is having an even better year than last year.
  14. 45% increase off of what I'm assuming will be a 3.7m Thursday should lead to 5.5m Friday or so based off of my head calculations.
  15. It's just normal, not overly impressive or disappointing.
  16. Most of us began on the BOM forums, some even joined in 2002 like baumer who still remains a part of the community. They shut the forums down and ShawnMR had set up refugee forums during Mojo days that we used when BOM crashed so we all decided to go there temporarily because well IMDb forums wasnt an option for us, then Shawn set up forums on his blog site Box Office Theory so again we all moved there and finally the forums became a part of BO.com.
  17. Just a random thought but does anyone remember how awesome September and October of 2010 were back in the Mojo days? I remember having so much fun tracking The Town, Easy A, The Social Network, Paranormal Activity 2, JA3D and Red. I hope we get something similar this year.
  18. Finally had a chance to see it and even though it isn't as sharp and coherent as TDK and definitely not as good Nolan managed to close the trilogy with an epic bang. The closing scenes similar to Inception's styled ending really gave me a sense of closure. Bane was a bad ass villain, not as good as the joker but every time he was on screen I was excited.A+Better than BB begins but weaker than TDK. Best movie of 2012 so far, probably the best blockbuster we have seen since Inception.
  19. Alot of interest but WOM seems mediocre.I'm seeing a 4.8m weekend with potential for more.
  20. Everything collapsed this weekend and any excitement I had for TDKR gross has been lost.
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