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  1. Hate me for it, but they didn't. Maybe The Dark Knight deserved recognition in the BP category but other than that, I don't know of any other blockbuster in the last few years that deserved that honor and didn't get it. They were willing to nominate blockbusters and did it (Avatar, The Martian, etc.), but all the superhero movies everyone wants to get nominated just weren't good enough imho. Critics seem to agree, because no single one got more than 80% on metascore since TDKR, except for Black Panther.
  2. I always watch the Oscars. And I'm living in Germany, so I literally have to give up sleeping and go to work hangover to do it. The changes they plan are disgraceful all around. Disrespecting people working in lesser known categories, deeming popular culture not worthy of the "real" BP award. They may have just lost a viewer.
  3. In germany the press screenings are next week and I think there's no embargo so at least international reviews should drop then.
  4. Deadpool 2 didn't make 150+ on its OW. Also, it decreased. Incredibles 2 had the same hook Finding Dory had: Cashing in on the nostalgia of now grown ups. In addition to that, superhero movies are far more popular right now than they were in 2004.
  5. When a channel's name is "The ultimate guide to why the Last Jedi Sucks" I am not going to take that serious. Funny how he pitched his voice down to sound more manly
  6. I literally find it hard to watch, it feels really weird.
  7. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. Jurassic world will be released tomorrow in many countries. They simply can not longer embargo it. Of you consider international release dates the date the embargo lifts still strongly correlates with a movie's quality.
  9. The concept of bringing back Dinosaurs using their own and frog DNA makes no sense. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief if you do something interesting with your premise.
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