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  1. Look at the CGI in Deadpool. That should answer your question. Also both Logan and Deadpool 1+2 are quite small in scope.
  2. Ant-Man beating Hulk+Thor? I don't see any way. What does this offer opposed to the first one, I don't think th eGA cares about the Wasp. IW and CW may have an effect, but I don't see them more than doubling the first ones OW. People comparing Ant-Man and its sequels to Thor are forgetting the first Thor came out where most people didn't even know what the MCU was.
  3. As usual after being depressed due to the first estimates, I am now euphoric. 200m OW here we go.
  4. And please don't start to cry when DP2's numbers are not thaaaat good. We'll be there for you.
  5. Just saw this. Not my cup of tea. I liked the action sequence with the train and the character interactions, but there weren't enough of them. The screening was in the morning and I only slept 5 hours, so maybe I am just bitter due to being tired. If Star Wars is going to become something like the MCU, this will be the movie we'll point to when someone asked, when it happened. Definitely teases other/new movies.
  6. Ha! We got no donuts, but a coloured one. I really love it. Inside the notes are some cute sketches too, I will definitly keep it.
  7. Fun fact: Here in germany it is called "Predator - Upgrade".
  8. about 7 hours. Tomorrow it's biology not ethics, sadly. But I may talk about cancer and his healing factor
  9. I still have to prepare the lesson for the fifth graders tomorrow, but I also want to write my review for Deadpool 2, it's like the worst moral dilemma ever.
  10. I watched that interview a couple days ago and was suprised no one had mentioned it here yet. Definitly firing shots, just like the movie itself.
  11. In 13.5 hours. I don't think it'll get rave reviews but I am positive on it getting that juicy fresh tomato.
  12. Maybe they weren't sure how the critics would react but honestly I don't get that embargo.Almost every critic here in german I follow liked it way more than the first.

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