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  1. As with most modern movies, the SFX are fine. These complaints about CGI in trailers for seemingly every SFX heavy movie these days are ridiculous for the most part. T2 looks way worse in some parts, like obvious CGI or fake Arnold puppet but you know what? Nobody gives a shit because the movie is amazing.
  2. High quality version of the trailer for download... If anyone finds the international trailer in good quality, let me know. Don't know why they compromise picture quality so much. Youtube videos can look great, just don't be stingy with the bitrates. You want your movies to look good, don't you?
  3. So you want them to spell it all out for you, basically spoiling the movie? I mean, the story is pretty simple. How everything will fit in you'll see when you watch the movie, as it should be. What tweets?
  4. Number one: you are like a broken record. Number two: you are wrong.
  5. The story of an assassin and protector from the future we have seen many times before, yes. Hopefully it's at least another great take on that. If i had any say i would have done a future war movie but apparently Cameron has no interest in that, which i find odd. See, even though being a Cameron fanboy i don't agree with him on everything. As for PG-13, at least the international trailer has nudity, swearing and some violence. Anything more is not allowed to be shown in a trailer for all audiences. For suspense and foreboding you don't need an R-rating. I thought the short teasers they posted a couple ours ago had some of that quality. Sure, the trailer is more boom boom action.
  6. It's not one for the ages like JJ's 2009 Star Trek trailer but it's an improvement...
  7. Hopefully. I do not wish for the Chinese audience to get a castrated version but if that's what it takes....
  8. If this doesn't come out in China like it's alluded to in the article because of its R-rating what are the odds for a sequel? It'll have to do good business anyway but it might also need to offset the loss of a huge market. Hmm, tough...
  9. Without any teasing from the likes of the official twitter account or people behind it? Hmm…. Anyway, hopefully they step up their game in terms of marketing.
  10. Unfortunately, no. It's something they did just for the collectibles line.
  11. When seeing this i'm just sad. Sad that we'll probably never see movies like this again by Fox or what is left of them...
  12. Nah, i bet the majority doesn't know what Dune is. And something can't be dead if it never was really alive. It all comes down to how cool it looks to the average joe.
  13. Which is no guarantee that it'll be awesome but yeah, this is different.
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