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  1. I prefer hope with a little bit of scepticism over pessimism and negativity, or downright trolling.
  2. Apparently, next month he'll be at the Silicon Valley comic-con (how many are there?), together with Arnold and Robert Patrick. Chance for some snapshots.
  3. If it's half as good as the first two it's guaranteed movie of the year.
  4. I get that, and realistically, having more appendages is probably an advantage? I dunno. Still, sometimes it feels like filmmakers trying to reinvent the wheel or top what has come before. Or maybe that's just me old geezer talking...
  5. Pretty cool... but what are those tentacle "monsters" in the future? Give me this(!): Don't fix what isn't broken...
  6. Apparently so. To be honest, dunno if that's good or not lol, considering his supposed real life woes. Does he look the part? Can he act? Maybe it helps to get his life back on track, then at least some good has been done. It's probably just a cameo, though, given that he's not even mentioned in the cast. No idea what their plan is with the character of John Connor...
  7. EW actually has multiple (short) articles on Dark Fate... Linda Hamilton on why the post-Terminator 2 films haven’t worked Linda Hamilton explains why she's finally back for Terminator: Dark Fate Linda Hamilton on reuniting with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator: Dark Fate
  8. I don't believe writing him out or reducing his role has much to do with Furlong. I mean, in the movie he would be in his forties, wouldn't he, anybody could pass as John Connor. The grown up Connor in the beginning of T2 didn't look that much like a grown up version of Furlong either, if at all.
  9. Sure, without the baggage it would have had an easer time but a good movie will hopefully reverse the downward trend.
  10. I'm trying to say that previous few movies have no bearing on how this one will turn out. It's pretty obvious.
  11. Yes, they usually bear the same name. Maybe you should have payed attention to the rest of my statement, too.
  12. The last two movies have absolutely nothing to do with this film other than bearing the name of the franchise. Fine, keep ignoring any positive signs...
  13. How about Linda Hamilton's first appearance since 1991? The R-rating might indicate the first unneutered Terminator since... you guessed right, since 1991. Did it ever cross your mind that this might be actually good? People who have seen more or all of it seem to think so. I won't even mention Cameron's involvement since apparently approving of Genisys in some stupid ad negates everything this man has achieved. Gosh, the negativity on this board is such a bummer sometimes...
  14. The same event where it got reported that people were amazed at the footage? Who's right?
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