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  1. Ok, that Speechless song has grown on me. Not spoiling anymore original songs. Very impressed with Naomi’s voice!
  2. Based on the Thursday/Friday ratio, I’d say it’s fairly safe. But yes, you’re right. Not guaranteed
  3. Anyone remember It’s Thursday night previews number? I’m having a tough time finding it. Wanted to compare tomorrow morning.
  4. I can’t remember if I already said I’m in but I am gonna predict big. Getting vibes... $101.5m
  5. Looks like Boxoffice.com joined the club with $80m on their weekend forecast
  6. You’d think that WB would release a new trailer this week to attach to The Meg
  7. Where’s the trailer? Maybe with Unfriended?
  8. Out. But love to see Catching Fire’s box office back in discussion! im kinda missing HG...
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