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  1. I’ve never understood all the love for New Nightmare. Maybe I need to try watching it again
  2. I mean Rings was obviously going to bomb. But Scream 4 and Blair Witch did surprise me.
  3. Any idea (or guesses) as to when the rest of us can see this trailer?
  4. Where is my Halloween trailer with TOD?!
  5. Seems pretty negative on here, but I’m looking forward to this!
  6. So wait, this isn’t a Horrorland movie? My TINY bit of interest may be gone.
  7. When is the review embargo supposed to lift? This seems pretty late for a Disney property.
  8. No way to know for sure. We’ll have to just take their word for it. But it looks like we are all but confirmed for at least 2 films crossing $100m
  9. Went and saw this last night at an advance screening. I really enjoyed it! Hope it does well!
  10. How had I not heard this song until now?! It’s good! I will say that the Fifty Shades soundtracks are always pretty high quality.
  11. How is nobody talking about the T-Rex vs kids in the Jeep from JP1? That’s my favorite scene from the franchise.

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