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  1. Loved it. Just a treat to watch on the big screen too. What stood out to me is the character development of Ethan’s team, you really care what happens to them. Tom Cruise still has it. I hope they keep making these films, the last three have just been great action films getting better and better as time goes by. Watch it iMax too. Worth the money as it is quite the experience. This is my number 1 movie of the year.
  2. 32% drop for JW2 from last weekend, but thyrlos told me it had bad wom. What’s the deal?
  3. Only 76 million for Antman? Holy crap, came in way under the 90-100 mil people expected.
  4. My wife is a big Whitney Houston. We will probably be checking out the documentary this afternoon! Rip Queen.
  5. Not bad for a ‘disappointment!’ 😆 Campea had a video on this the other day.
  6. Theater report- crowd was really into the movie. 1st post credit scene drew a lot of gasps. Trailer reports. Dumbo- Quiet, no reaction. Nutcracker- Some chatter. Mission Impossible 6- Little bit of chatter. People seem to be curious about it. Robotic dog movie- can’t remember the name of it. No chatter. Sandlot 25th anniversary- Quiet chuckles and some chatter.
  7. Amatw. Pretty good. I recommend it for sure. Not as good as AIW for me, but better than BP
  8. Rate the planet of the apes movies. 1. Dawn of the planet of the apes 2. Rise of the planet of the apes 3. War for the planet of the apes
  9. Zoe Saldana acted her freaking ass off in IW. I don’t know why I’m even responding to you, but whatever.

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