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  1. TimRiggins sounds like a Cameronstan troll. Downplays the success of Endgame!
  2. Ghost and the darkness is a very underrated movie as well!
  3. Goddamn, these reviews are not so good. Expected it to be at least in the 80’s. Aladdin and TLK with middling reviews. Even BATB only got 71%. Guess Disney just wants to print money, and doesn’t give a hoot about creativity.
  4. Ranking Spiderman 2 Spiderman Homecoming Spiderman Spiderman into the spiderverse The amazing Spider-Man Spiderman 3 Spider-Man Far From Home The amazing Spider-Man 2
  5. Are we really acting like Avatar made a cultural impact? Hahaha! Strongest laugh I’ve had in a while. What impact has it had besides have good visuals and predictable plot? Story is lame AF.
  6. Yep such a ‘lame club.’ Less than 1 percent of all films released in a year make a billion dollars, but those movies who do make it are total losers right?
  7. Got back from Soiderman FFH. Mysterio saved the movie for me. Very very mixed on it, leaning towards positive. No spoilers of course, but I felt like they played too safe with the movie, and didn’t take enough chances. After Endgame, they needed to take more risks. Not as good as Homecoming. It’s definitely in the bottom half of MCU movies for me.
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