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  1. I didn’t like it. Same cliche horror story/slasher bullshite we’ve seen so many times before. The people in this movie are complete tools. Nothing has been able to capture the frightening suspense of the first one. I liked H20 and Halloween 2 more as sequels then this one. Please stop making these films. JLC was the only good thing about it. She rawks.
  2. Very good movie. One of my favorite movies of the year. One of my good friends, his girlfriend worked on quite a few of the songs for ASIB. His girlfriend’s dad was also one of the co-producers of this movie. We’ll definitely check it out again this weekend!
  3. FilmBuff

    Tuesday Numbers.

    Always think of Hercules with ASIB.
  4. Just like the lieutenant from die hard, every time you open your mouth something stupid comes out. You’d be better off not talking.
  5. Got to see Venom last night. Not as bad as the critics are saying Imo. It’s a B/B- movie for me. Tom Hardy was hilarious. I thought they got the Venom character from the Comics pretty good. Much better then in Spider-Man 3. I’m excited for a sequel if Sony does one.
  6. Pretty good track record on becoming a superhero in the MCU, if you’re an Air Force pilot.
  7. I wonder how people can come up with nonsense like; ‘marvel missed their window to make a stand-alone female led superhero movie!’ When the movie is already all over social media, trending on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems most of the GA liked the trailer. Granted I didn’t think it was a great trailer compared to Thor Ragnarok, Volume 2, or BP. But it’ll still get people more hyped for Miss Marvel.
  8. Cmon dude, this is just a silly comment. Missed the train?? 😆
  9. Geebus, this movie is blowing up on Twitter. I laugh at the people who think this is only doing AMATW numbers. Very similar to Ethan’s AIW ‘has no hype’ thread.

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