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  1. Asking people to not congregate on the Fourth of July is like asking a bear to not sh*t in the woods. It ain’t gonna happen. Now, that the ‘let’s look everything down’ people have been proven wrong repeatedly, people are sick and tired of listening to it and are doing their own thing now. Tried to tell you people that, but you just wouldn’t listen. 

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  2.  I think it's a foregone conclusion that there will be an increase in infections. The thing that will give the "it's too soon" crowd legitimate ammo is if the increase is enough to overwhelm the state's medical resources. Short of that, it'll be easy (and, I think, justified) to write off anyone who continues to argue "too soon" as somebody who's fixated on unrealistic "COVID-19 eradication" goals to the exclusion of everything else. In any case, having to wait on the order of a month to know the effect of today's actions is rough.

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  3. A/A+


    Little Women is a captivating movie from start to finish. I don't usually like Period dramas, but I really got hooked and drawn into this movie with the sensational performances, terrific sets, magnificent costumes, and awesome score. They truly did make me feel like I was back in the 1800 hundreds with the sets, costumes, and production design. Hats off to Greta Gerwig and her team. Couple weeks since I've seen this movie, and I can't get out of my head how good this movie was. The costumes, THE COSTUMES! So so good. The editing style, AMEN!


    There's been other retellings of this story adapted into movie, but I don't see any of them topping this.


    Could not be more thrilled with this movie.

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  4. When you lose trust, conspiracy theories are what you get. Many governments at all levels have lost trust, including some at state and local levels that entered this circus with broad tolerance if not outright support. The public was sold on “n days/weeks to flatten the curve.” There was broad bipartisan acceptance of massive disruption for up to a couple months for the sake of getting the health care infrastructure up to the task.

    Now almost every hospital outside NYC sits mostly empty, furloughing workers and at risk of closing. Hospital ships? Unused. Field hospitals? Deserted. And we’ve learned that most patients who need ventilators—and presumably almost all of those in the highest-risk groups—never come off of them alive. There are of course no shortages anyway, but if there were, the death rate wouldn’t spike as we were told at the outset.

    I think people see the horizon starting to perpetually retreat. We seem to be approaching the “hospitals ready” exit ramp without slowing down, and as long as possible treatments are being pooh-poohed as unproven with no seeming urgency to prove or disprove them, the only other exit ramp we know of is 1.5-2 years down the road. Panic and rebellion are not justifiable. The vaccine endgame is not viable. In that kind of time, skills are lost. A generation falls irrecoverably behind in their education—disproportionately, of course, the children of single, poor, and/or uneducated parents. Lifestyle changes plus stress plus avoidance of routine health services equals mortality. And by the 10th or 15th round of stimulus checks, it’s only a question of whether the Senate majority or inflation rears its head first. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Cap said:

    It is the only effective way we have to stop the spread of the disease and save lives. I am so sorry if that “bullshit” Is boring you. 

    Actually, this might end up being a ‘great thing’ for me. My wife and I are both essential workers, so we’re not having to stay at home. $2400 richer, and one step closer to having my student loans absolved being a med lab tech. If it gets my 40k student loan debt forgiven, we can be in ‘social distancing’ a few weeks longer.

    It’s just dang boring.

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