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  1. I’m remaining optimistic instead of pessimistic. I think this thing will turn on the downside by early May
  2. 7 cases now in the area. Ugh. Hoping the heat kills this thing. Once we get to April stays in the mid 80’s here.
  3. Makes me sad to see what is transpiring in Italy. I am of Sicilian descent. Hope they get this under control soon.
  4. And I truly hope it doesn’t get that bad. My wife and I would most likely be ‘fine.’ Relatively healthy people in our early 30’s, but my parents both have a history of health concerns, it’d be very bad for them and people of their generation.
  5. You honestly wouldn’t have any idea anything is going on if you drive around OKC or Dallas. Had dinner in Richardson than left a short while ago.. The roads are crowded. Stores look crowded. Starbucks has a line out the door. In and out burger was chaotic. I mean if this thing is just floating around person-to-person we are all seriously f’d. Aside from museums, gov buildings, churches and Apple stores there’s nothing closed around here. That’s why I think shutting down movies and sports won’t solve anything. So stupid.
  6. Hopefully things get back to normal in a couple weeks. Things heat up, these cases will go down considerably.
  7. I wonder when, or if it's already started, folks going to the big box stores, unraveling the TP in the public restrooms, and sneaking it out of the store.
  8. They really need to shut down airports, buses, stuff like that as well. This country needs to go into lockdown. Making me think more and more of Contagion as time passes.
  9. Wow. So the NCAAs cancelled all spring and winter championships and events. Today’s self needs to go back in time and slap yesterday’s self hard. ‘Not an issue.’ Yeah right.
  10. So yeah, I am a believer now. This thing freaks the hell outta me. No more living in denial. I was supposed to be at the Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder game tonight. My wife and I were at the arena when they pulled the plug on the season with Rudy gobert getting sick.
  11. I’ll eat my crow. I didn’t think it would escalate to this point. Still think the media is way overhyping this sh*t.
  12. Finally got around to seeing Parasite. Holy fuck, what a movie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie quite like this one. Can understand why it got the hype it did.
  13. Shameless plug, but this is some of the best video game video ever. Could listen to it all day.
  14. Seems to be the theme last couple of years. Pretty good films win the award last couple of years. Shape of water, parasite, green book, moonlight.
  15. Well, at least we didn’t have TOG and his inane hated of Bohemian Rhapsody this year.
  16. Joaquin Phoenix to me gave a better performance in gladiator than joker, but whatever.
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