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  1. This has been an odd oscars. I wonder if the academy is intentionally tanking the ratings?
  2. Oscars being split amongst all the movies. Probably be a long time before we see another ROTK type of sweep.
  3. Jumanji 3 is a beast! Headed for 320 million dollars and 5.33 multiplier. Not bad for a follow up to a movie which crazily over-performed back in 2017.
  4. Not surprised to see the Dolittle movie do bad numbers. The Eddie Murphy one that came out in 1998 is quite good. The 2nd one with the two bears is good too. Recommend those over this sloppy mess.
  5. I’m a huge fan of bad boys 2. Lot of good action and humor in it. I especially liked the highway chase scene with the boat, and the revolving camera shootout at Haitians hideout. The soundtrack is awesome too. Remember bumping Shake Ya Tailfeather all summer long in ‘03. Catchy song.
  6. It’s weird to keep hearing about little women. My sister used to watch the 1990’s version all the time. Got tired of it. My wife loves that movie too. ’90’s version is good, we didn’t need another.’
  7. Hmm that’s curious about La La land. The whole backlash thing. La la land was not only one of my favorite movies of the year it came out, but also in my top movies of this decade. There hasn’t been a movie that has been as good as the one I’ve seen in the years since it came out, and I’ve seen a ton of movies in the theater. Still felt like it was robbed by moonlight.
  8. Good list of nominees. Only a few quibbles. Adam Sandler and Christian bale being left out. Frozen 2 not in the best animated category. Strong year. 1917 will clean up.
  9. Just realized that TROS might not even reach the worldwide OW Endgame hit at 1.2 billion dollars.
  10. Since Phantom Menace ive noticed a pattern. Geeks line up and watch and freak out at how great it is. The second wave goes and kinda goes along for a bit. Normal dude then goes out and announces the emperor has no clothes. The narrative shifts and soon society at large agrees the movie was average at best. Every single time.
  11. They should adapt shadows of the empire. It’d make a ton of money, and not piss off a bunch of Star Wars fans.
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