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  1. I could see that. Offshoot sequel to a movie nobody really cared about. With a character nobody is wanting to see again.
  2. Thor love and thunder is so f’ing who wants to see boring ass Jane Foster yield mjolnir? Not quite the same impact as Captain America being worthy to yield it.
  3. 13 million views in 16 hours is pretty strong numbers for a movie that supposedly according to this forum is doa. 😅
  4. Trailer looks very good. I’m just excited we finally got another MCU trailer. It’s been quite awhile!
  5. My God at this movie’s dominance in the Asian sector!
  6. Saw knives out. It was just okayish to me. Murder mysteries aren’t really my cup of tea. I could see the ending coming from a mile away. I’m sure others will like it more than me. My favorite rian Johnson movie is still Looper.
  7. Goddamn this movie was fycking brilliant. Saw it last night. I’m not a huge race car fan, but this movie really did it for me. Probably go see it again this weekend.
  8. Spider-Man into the spider verse doesn’t fycking belong anywhere near the top 10. What an overrated piece of crap. At least TDK is top dog.
  9. Yikes, so awesome trailers aren’t going to hide this pos movie. US big hit movie a total dud. Didn’t see that one coming.
  10. Regal going to be taking more losses. AMC’s A LIST is so much better. Regal bought out the recent theater we go to, and it’s basically gone to sh*te since then. Regal’s acquisition of Warren theaters was a catastrophic failure.
  11. It’s silly to me people considered this movie ‘to have had an impact’ on the film industry. They should be laughed out the door.
  12. Hilarious shit the last few pages. Very very amusing to see what has transpired.
  13. TLK OW is definitely below what most people predicted, but I still find it silly people are disappointed with a near 185-190 mil ow. This just shows how much of a beast Endgame’s OW was. We’ll never see anything like that again!
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