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  1. How is the Zoo's final tally in Japan looking now? Any projections?
  2. Don't worry, it won't stop in 990s. Disney will do everything to take it over 1B.
  3. So are these numbers, exceeding expectations? Or as expected? Or below expectations?
  4. This is the 7.00 pm show today (Friday) here in the best theater in Sri lanka, Savoy 3D. Into the second weekend and having amazing WOM. Two and a half hours prior to the showing, amazing hold for a Friday evening. Far better than what BvS did here. This will be a full house with another long queue waiting outside the theater. Below is the gold class they call it. More expensive tickets for that. Its like a balcony, above normal seating. Nice place. Pretty much all booked for the same showtime as the above.
  5. BvS's engines are failing, while Zoo's engines are still up and running. Zoo will soon overtake BvS in Dailies.
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