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  1. Aproximately 380k admissions Yesterday in France. It is really underwhelming. French Opening Day: TFA: 619 020 TLJ: 503 727 TROS: 380 000 (-25% / TLJ -39%/TFA) Worst OD for the franchise since SW6 in 1983.
  2. Hard to say... It didn't really impact last week's releases but those were much tinier movies... Looking to the peripheric numbers I added to my previous post, it seems the strikes did affect the movie since those numbers are slightly better !
  3. Paris 14H numbers : -18% comp. The Last Jedi -33% comp. The Force Awakens Paris Peripherie : TFA: 36 360 (73 theaters) TLJ: 29 063 (83 theaters) TROS: 25 621 (114 / -29.5% / -12%) Important to note that Paris subway system is still exposed to important strikes that lead 10 metro lines to not working.
  4. Around 660k for French OD. EG : ~660k admissions (+63%) IW : 405k admissions
  5. I won't be able to post a thing . Will def try to do better in Year 3 :/
  6. I won't be able to post anything I think. My life as been a mess recently so I didn't really work on anything except for Oscar Pill and BGE a bit.. Maybe I will post these one.. I will see.
  7. Fun fact, I think it could be less frontloaded in France than TFA because TLJ's first week has 0 days of vacation whereas TFA had 2
  8. I had a difficult couple of weeks recently.. I think it's gonna be more calm now. I will try to do my best. My vacations are ending on Jan 8th so it would be perfect for me. But I guess Jan 1st would be good too.
  9. I can let the IMAX screens to Scavenger Wars And I think as Wan did when he released Conjuring; Muschietti should be able to direct 2 horror flicks the same year.
  10. Amazing DOM total for Quebert ! Just a bit surprised by how low the OS was considering Gone Girl did 55% OS.
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