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  1. They tried to salvage The Predator. There were reshoots and the marketing was fine for the kind of movie it is. It is just a mediocre to bad movie and let us be honest, general public hasn't really cared about a Predator movie in 30 years.
  2. That's not how it works. If they make a decent movie and market it well, it will make money. The general public's love/hate for actors is so over-rated that it is funny. It is mostly IP and the quality of work that determines how a movie will perform. Stephen King's It was a TV mini-series that they re-booted with a bunch of unknown actors and it made more money than any non-existing IP, purely star vehicle in the 21st century.
  3. Stephen King's It was released in September and its sequel is scheduled for next September. There are no longer any dump months given that studios have reduced their mid-budget outputs and are making more expensive movies.
  4. Edge of Tomorrow wasn't an easy movie to sell.
  5. She is a former child actor. None of them have great techniques, even the ones internet salivates over , like Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling. I doubt a Charlie's Angels role will be that technically complex. If Drew Barrymore can do it so can Kristen Stewart.
  6. Elizabeth Banks is a better director than McG so that's a plus. It will be interesting to see how well Sony' strategy of rebooting well-known IPs for cheap will work. They have a ton of such movies in the pipeline. The Girl in the Spider's Web is their first test this year. They are also making the MIB movie for cheap by cutting out Will Smith's big salary/back-end.
  7. They should move it up to X-Men's vacated slot on November 2. Harry Potter spin-off is in two weeks but that is probably a $80-90 million opener at best so it won't matter.
  8. Visuals seem fine but what's up with the story ? They couldn't even come up with something original for a movie set inside a fucking ocean.
  9. So $100 million OW is not happening for Ant-man. I think this leaves us with only three possible $100 million openers for the rest of the year - Venom , Aquaman (if it moves to November) and Fantastic Beasts 2.
  10. Hell or High Water is very good. Wind River is a TV movie and I have no idea why it was praised so much.
  11. Its Tuesday-Wednesday jump isn't that bad but it will probably need Incredibles 2's levels of walkups to get to $135 million+
  12. Doctor Sleep is so far removed from The Shining that I think a lot of people will be disappointed.
  13. JW2's Monday presales (9310) are quite a bit lower than Solo(13688), Deadpool 2 (23134) and Incredibles 2 (20872). http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/Fandango_track.txt
  14. Fandango Presales Volume. Date Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday 04/06/18 A Quiet Place 2177 4003 10665 04/06/18 Blockers 504 1106 2931 04/13/18 Rampage 705 1508 4109 04/13/18 Truth Or Dare 385 760 2133 04/20/18 Super Troopers 2 2825 3447 6811 04/20/18 I Feel Pretty 871 1610 4423 04/27/18 Avengers 3 49836 54892 68826 05/04/18 Overboard 84 409 1044 05/11/18 Breaking In 727 1204 2899 05/11/18 Life Of The Party 587 1310 3010 05/18/18 Deadpool 2 23134 28896 41212 05/18/18 Show Dogs 6 128 369 05/18/18 Book Club 836 1599 3283 05/25/18 Solo : Star Wars 13688 15855 28533 06/01/18 Action Point 17 48 197 06/01/18 Adrift 63 308 1268 06/01/18 Upgrade 9 119 522 06/08/18 Hotel Artemis 28 177 507 06/08/18 Hereditary 669 1201 3108 06/08/18 Oceans 8 3048 4429 11225 06/15/18 Incredibles 2 20872 23430 39337 06/15/18 Tag 314 660 1448 http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/Fandango_track.txt

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