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  1. Wonder Park must be skewing older if it is showing up this soon on MovieTickets.
  2. Mid-October is not a good release date for a family movie like this. This decision makes very little sense to me.
  3. Captain Marvel must have received a good boost from Oscars given that the actors were presenters. Did they also run an ad for the movie during the telecast ?
  4. The biggest issue with Ghostbusters franchise is that it just isn't a hot property outside of North America and a handful of other territories and the 2016 did the franchise zero favors in the International markets. They will have to keep the budget low for this one and make sure it doesn't become another lightning-rod like the last one.
  5. TLK

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    There is no way this is coming out on May 24th. Even Gray said it himself that he doesn't think he will have the movie ready by then.
  6. TLK


    Solo is a bad comparison for Aladdin. Star Wars is driven by older male fanbase that is very finicky. Aladdin will appeal to kids and younger demographic males/females who aren't as likely to be influenced by social media meltdowns. I don't see why it makes less than $300 million DOM based on that trailer.
  7. I can't read all 16 pages but is there any real news about this project or any credible rumors ? Thanks.
  8. It seems like Tom Rothman has been able to fix some things at Sony. Things aren't as dire as they used to be back in 2015-2017.
  9. TLK

    Mary Poppins Returns OS

    Are there any other major markets left because I don't think it will get to more than $335-340 million WW from the existing markets.
  10. Out. The trailer is pretty good but the scope of the movie seems too narrow to reach $300 million. IT reached $300 million but it had nearly 200 million views in the first 24 hours.
  11. Correct. I don't think US trailer will match It's numbers.
  12. Trailer is killing it on twitter but it is a little bit more subdued on facebook and youtube. I don't think it will come close to It's 200 million youtube online views in the first 24 hours.
  13. Really good trailer and I can see it doing AQP/Get Out numbers domestically.
  14. Disney is going to have a crazy year in 2019 but their biggest challenge by far is going to be their streaming service. It has to succeed.

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