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  1. I checked the website and it shows 11:00 to Noon.
  2. None of the new movies are in MT Top 5. 27.7% War for the Planet of the Apes 26.6% Spider-Man: Homecoming 12% Despicable Me 3 4.6% Baby Driver 4.3% Big Sick, The
  3. B+. The last scene is my favorite movie scene of the year but does anyone else think that Assayas used two diverging storylines at the end because I can't explain the hotel/elevator scene otherwise.
  4. My take on CBMs is that there is no super hero fatigue among the people who watch it but at the same time these movies have peaked with bystanders. WW became a cultural event and may still fall short of $800 million. Logan did well but it didn't break out of the X-Men sandbox in terms of box office. GOTG2 had only a minor increase even after the last one generated massive goodwill. SMH is a breakout but it probably won't match Iron Man 3 despite Iron man being a part of the movie.
  5. The Ankler http://mailchi.mp/theankler/the-ankler-up-the-academy-june-30-2017 I am all for 85 minutes long movies but this seems a bit short for an epic LOTR type of movie that is setting up a franchise.
  6. Good Time | A24 | August 11

    First trailer is so, so good especially the soundtrack. This is now one of my most anticipated movies of the year.
  7. A crazy , campy space opera starring Dane DeHaan beating a dark Christopher Nolan movie about WWII will be the greatest thing to happen at the Box Office this year.
  8. I don't think people care about Will Ferrell in a role like this. He should stick to wacky, over the top characters.
  9. Baby Driver looks like a campier version of Drive based just on trailers. Drive also had great reviews but it didn't do all that great either.
  10. Disney/Lucasfilms have a few issues to contend with in spite of the fact that the their last two movies combined for $3 billion. They have replaced directors two years in a row. That's not good. They made a huge push in China that failed. Nothing catastrophic obviously given how huge the brand is but they have a lot invested in the continued success of this franchise.
  11. Apparently "weak acting" is one of the main complaints. You can't fix it in post so expect extensive re-shoots. I have always considered this movie to be a stupid fucking idea so meh.
  12. A lot of people smoke to keep their weight down and to relieve stress. It makes sense why actors/actresses would smoke even if it is a harmful thing.
  13. Actually if you look at 2016, Conjuring 2 also had a 80% Friday jump followed by a less than 10% Saturday jump. Father's day numbers were also all over the map with Warcraft dropping only 4% and Conjuring 2 dropping 40%. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2016-06-17&p=.htm
  14. Wonder Woman is a much bigger brand historically than any of those Marvel solo characters. A well-reviewed solo Superman movie with a lot of hype should do a billion worldwide. Same goes for a solo Batman movie. The female Superhero factor is legit but aside from that $650-700 million WW seems about right in this day and age of peak CBM movies. Universal's Monster Universe is in a completely different space. The Mummy is a misstep and there is no way they will be able to greenlight a mummy sequel.
  15. She isn't box office poison but boxoffice.com has the movie doing John Wick 2 numbers which seems a bit too high to me. Maybe a $20 million OW with the final total depending entirely on the WOM.

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