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  1. They have ramped up the TV ads so if they don't postpone it within a week then it'll likely keep the date.
  2. Everything depends on whether there are journalists investigating these allegations or whether the woman in question decides to go the legal route.
  3. Yeah, this looks like Sony doing a favor to the theater chains by buying an indie film just to help theaters re-open.
  4. Not the same situation obviously but Spielberg didn't recast TJ Miller in Ready Player One. Although he was a minor character and they may have reduced his role to a bare minimum for all I know.
  5. They are probably running the trailer as a digital ad. It is very common and most studios do it.
  6. According to ispot.tv, they haven't started running any ads since the first wave of ads in May. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ZgSo/tenet-movie-trailer
  7. It'll be interesting to see if it gets to the breakeven mark of $500 million WW under these circumstances.
  8. There are so many unknowns right now that I think WB will take anything around $500 million for a mid-July release. They also need to release a helluva second trailer.
  9. Air-conditioning is a major issue in places like movie theaters. How can you not have air-conditioning in a closed place full of people but then the air currents make social distancing irrelevant. It doesn't really matter if people are sitting 6 feet apart if the air currents are carrying the germs. I think the intensity of pandemic will have to slow down considerably before theaters will open everywhere. Mid-July is going to be touch and go.
  10. There may be insurance issues with new film productions as well. I don't see many insurance companies taking any risks this year unless there is a well-documented cure and/or a vaccine readily available.
  11. This is ridiculous. Cinemas will start opening in many parts of the World within the next few weeks.
  12. I think they'll start opening theaters in June and the first big release should be in July.
  13. I don't think there will be a major second wave this summer as temperature definitely seems to be a factor in the spread but fall/winter can be brutal if they haven't yet found a readily-available cure/vaccine by then.
  14. Iceland is more well-connected to the rest of the world than India. That is a huge factor in the spread. I think it has played a role in countries like Australia and New Zealand not being hit as hard as Europe.
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