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  1. TLK

    Mary Poppins Returns OS

    Are there any other major markets left because I don't think it will get to more than $335-340 million WW from the existing markets.
  2. Out. The trailer is pretty good but the scope of the movie seems too narrow to reach $300 million. IT reached $300 million but it had nearly 200 million views in the first 24 hours.
  3. Trailer is killing it on twitter but it is a little bit more subdued on facebook and youtube. I don't think it will come close to It's 200 million youtube online views in the first 24 hours.
  4. Really good trailer and I can see it doing AQP/Get Out numbers domestically.
  5. Disney is going to have a crazy year in 2019 but their biggest challenge by far is going to be their streaming service. It has to succeed.
  6. The Favourite is very closely tracking Birdman so far. $40 million is still on the table if it wins big at Globes.
  7. That's because of the two week deal Universal and other major studios have with major exhibitors. A December 7th movie gets dropped on the 21st but a December 14th movie gets to stay over the Christmas timeframe.
  8. Trailer says it is opening on Easter. Does that mean April 19th or is it still keeping the April 12th date ?
  9. Mortal Engines seems like one of those few movies that could've been helped by a more recognizable cast. It has an interesting concept but the lack of bigger stars may hurt the promo when stacked against the competition it is going to face.
  10. A lot depends on the movies themselves. The Favourite opens next week. I am expecting it to have a pretty good PTA but will it expand well ? It is probably the kind of movie that needs a Best Picture win to go over $30 million. A lot of awards season hyped arthouse movies this year just don't have great box office potential.
  11. FB movies are fillers until they greenlight the inevitable sequels to Harry Potter and this is doing fine for a filler movie.
  12. TLK

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Maybe the movie needs more work (special effects , reshoots). If it is reshoots then the delay is understandable given Brad Pitt's schedule. He is apparently still filming the Tarantino movie.
  13. First Man's presales are low but this is a movie for older male crowd so there is really no reason why it shouldn't have strong walkups.

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