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  1. I think it will do great business in New York because of the Broadway connection. Everything else will depend on reviews.
  2. Lead is way too strong this year. I don't think Bale cares about being nominated or else he would've campaigned in supporting.
  3. I think everything in November is leading towards a Frozen 2 breakout. I am now thinking Incredibles 2 numbers.
  4. I have to question the premise that CA was a big franchise to begin with. Sony never completed the trilogy because the second movie didn't work. They tried to take it to TV but it didn't even last one season. They were smart to keep the budget low enough that it will probably break even at some point in the future. I also don't think casting bigger names would've helped all that much. There just aren't any actresses in that age range who have any track record of carrying movies. JLaw is probably the biggest name and her last two movies have disappointed/flopped. With her the movie would've cost $20 million more and probably earned $30 million more so you are back to where you started.
  5. This means FvF has greater PS than Dark Fate because you had that one at 61k (assuming the numbers were obtained at the similar timeframe).
  6. Trades are underestimating FvF. I know that the presales aren't all that great but Midway didn't need any presales to make almost $20 million last week and this is aiming for the same demo.
  7. ^^ Looks like TROS sales are going to cool down for the next couple of weeks.
  8. Old school starpower has been dead for a while. There are a few actors like Tom Hanks who can carry a $30 million movie on their name recognition. There may not be any who can carry a $100 million+ movie on their own except maybe DiCaprio and even then he needs all the help he can get - great directors, great reviews etc. etc.
  9. Do you have Charlie's Angels numbers for Wednesday previews ? I wonder if those are hurting its Thursday numbers.
  10. Yep. It will hardly have any screens left by mid-December. They should've released it towards the end of November to make full use of the holidays.
  11. Any horror movie that doesn't appeal to young female demographic has a problem.
  12. These preview numbers don't look good but I am pretty sure Doctor Sleep's numbers are taking a hit because of early access screening and Last Christmas tickets have been online for only 5 days or so. Both movies should over-perform these presales.
  13. Frozen was never going to match Avengers or SW9 on the first day of presale. I have it at around BATB OW numbers with a better multiplier and these very early presales are consistent with it.
  14. I liked the first five episodes but the rest of the show is very weak and completely misses the point of the book.
  15. So around $29 million for T:DF. Makes you wonder how high it would've gone if not for T5 being so bad. This is also a major fail for tracking. Even the studio believed in the $40 million number if they were expecting high 30s to low 40s opening.
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