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  1. Sony can also move Zombieland to MLK weekend and move Bad Boys to summer. Will Smith has Gemini man in October and Spies in Disguise in December. Three movies in 4 months seems like overkill for a big star like him.
  2. My bet is that both Terminator and Charlie's Angels will be better received by the audience and easily make a lot more money. This looks to be another Bad Times at El Royale.
  3. I have seen a lot of screening reports from journalists and reliable publications that turned out to be wrong. Remember when Deadpool 2 and Wonder Woman were disasters ? We'll find out how good or bad it is in November but I do think this movie has potential if it is decent enough and is well-marketed. Sony seems to have some confidence in it if they are investing so much money in its soundtrack and have test-screened it. (MIB was never test-screened)
  4. I counted almost 300 ticket blocks for Midsommar for the past 24 hours. That seems fairly decent for a movie like this.
  5. I don't care about test screening reports. They are almost always wrong about big movies but I think a Charlie's Angels movie has more potential than a Will Smith-less MIB movie. MIB has a very narrow concept and , like Terminator, you can't do much with it once you have gone through all iterations of that concept. MIB4 was going to drop big to $400-450 million WW even if Will had come back.
  6. Yeah, I just checked the presales since Monday morning and they aren't bad for a movie being released by a minor distributor.
  7. Pretty much every big movie going forward is going to disappoint. Spiderman , Lion King, Hobbs and Shaw. Spiderman is coming too soon after Endgame. You could see the interest in TLK drop after the second trailer was released. I am not sure a FF spin-off without the main FF cast will work all that great in the domestic market.
  8. The trailer seems to do justice to the book which is fucking terrible. It is also hilarious that Mike Flanagan went for The Haunting of The Hill House aesthetics for the movie instead of using the much superior aesthetics of The Shining.
  9. This makes more sense as a summer movie. They will also put some distance between Gemini Man/ Spies in Disguise if they move it to May/June.
  10. I'm pretty sure it had at least one test screening last summer but that was probably a very rough cut.
  11. I think a lot of things are in play here. A:EG is definitely having an affect. We see air getting sucked out of the room every time there is a mega blockbuster movie. Another issue is that there are just too many blockbuster movies being released nowadays. I think studios will soon realize that if you don't have a potential billion dollar grosser you have to keep the budget under $ 150 million. This would've helped movies like Dumbo, Dark Phoenix and Godzilla.
  12. Pattinson is a very good actor but his best roles are that of wormy, scum of the earth type of characters (Good Life, The Lighthouse, High Life, The Rover etc.). I think it is a valid to wonder if he has the Bale or Affleck type of screen presence to play Bruce Wayne.
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