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  1. Ocho

    Wednesday's Numbers

    98% of the general public wouldn't know if 700 million is good or bad for Black Panther (and don't care). I told my wife last week that Avengers 3 was going to come up short of 700 million and she said "I guess they won't make another one."
  2. Agree on Transformers One. Really like the parts on the island in JW2. It's when they got to the mansion everything fell off the cliff.
  3. Even bad movies can make bank... I'm talking to you too Transformers!
  4. Ocho

    Tuesday Numbers l JW2 $18.4M

    I need to see AIW again before it leaves theaters.
  5. So we'll have Planet of the Dinosaurs instead of Planet of the Apes with Blue being the new Caesar.
  6. Agree! Once they got off the island.....the movie became a disaster. Chris Pratt taking on mercenaries with ease....really? The auction scene where people are bidding only millions for live dinos. Full scale sets of dino bones go for millions. It had to of cost hundreds of millions to put the operation together with ships, helicopters, underground storage, trucks, a scientific lab, etc.....but the bad guy is happy with 125 million. He could of just stole that from the old man. Very disappointed....
  7. Just because James Gunn will be done with them......there is no reason we couldn't see a Star Lord, Rocket, or Drax in Avengers 5. Nebula Forever!!
  8. I hope we see it a bit higher 22.8m so that Thursday can still start with the number 2.
  9. When did earning money and employing thousands of people become a bad thing. I hope they make 15 billion. It's not like they'll sit on the money......they will start new projects and employee even more.
  10. Not sure why.......but I love this movie
  11. Exactly 10 million So......without me Solo wouldn't have done double figures this weekend.
  12. Saw it a 2pm est today....the theater was 80% full. We also had a good bit of clapping. Haven't seen that at an animation flick since TS3.
  13. Ocho

    Wednesday's Numbers

    Why wouldn't it.....Solo is still outselling everything else. Plenty of other films to drop. As Disney would say "number one movie in the world"
  14. Funny thing is...... Solo is a lot like The Lone Ranger movie. How an iconic pair got together Train robbery scene Twist at the end

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